The right digital tools for your business will see your business firing on all cylinders. But a new report has found the majority of Malaysian small businesses are dismissive or tentative about using digital technologies to assist their business.

In fact, the majority of micro, small and medium businesses don’t value digital tools, despite the significant time savings and the revenue benefits they offer.

Some reports found that businesses also lack the know-how to use digital tools effectively – but could boost their yearly revenue and save hours of effort per week if they start using digital technologies more effectively.

So, what’s stopping your business from taking advantage of the digital revolution?

If you’re looking for inspiration to get digital savvy, consider these great ways that other small businesses bring digital thinking into the fold.

Get a user-friendly website

A company website that’s easy to navigate was critical when bold furniture and homewares retailer, Chia set out to update its website.
“We knew that we needed to be really easy for customers to come to our site and easily find what they’re looking for,” founder Chia says.

Even for a corporate website or a simple landing page, it has to be desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly. Else, your potential clients will find your website confusing and exit your site straight away. A business owner will not only lose potential clients because of an old-designed and not responsive website, but it also drew a bad corporate image to your clients as well.

Utilise social media

Social media has enabled small-medium businesses to put forth products and services to the world.

Most customers stem from Instagram and Facebook, creating a domino-effect, which has allowed small-medium businesses in Malaysia to promote their brand out there and connect with a relevant audience.

To integrate internal processes, business owners can either manage their social media presence by themselves or engage an affordable digital marketing agency to help them. Social media will not only help a business to raise awareness, but it will also bring in new leads to your business. A landing page is another digital tool for you to capture their contact information so you can do a follow-up call.

The ability to connect with customers across social media for a range of tasks hasn’t been possible until now – showcasing how digital tools are being further leveraged to benefit the customer.

Bring it to clouds

Being able to access all business functions from wherever you are, can transform your business.
Business owners can access their cloud online store portal, email and WhatsApp from anywhere making it easier to run the business on the go.

It changed the entrepreneur life as now they can work from anywhere in the world and still have access to all functions of their business. Also, doing the online business means you’re making just as many sales online as you do offline.

Automate where you can

Automating back-end business functions helped speed up business processes and improve efficiency for online retail site.

There are lots of digital tools and apps on the market, so look for opportunities to trial solutions before you buy. This can be a great way to get a feel for whether it’s the right tool for you.

Automating functions can help to improve your processes and give you the chance to see whether they’re scalable and work well with other technology within your business.

Grow your business with data

Companies are leveraging data-driven insights and customer segmentation to send targeted email communications, which has bolstered revenues. Unlocking data within your business can enable you to target your marketing like never before.

Content is king

When you are talking about succeeding as a small business owner in Malaysia, engaging a good copywriting service can make a huge difference in your business especially in the digital world.

Content marketing is the new way to promote your business online. For instance, blogs, social media posts, long-form content like ebooks, prospecting emails, and the text on your website are all examples of content marketing.

When done effectively, content writing can impact your business in a significant way especially in the digital world.

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