SSM Business Name: 5 Tips Choosing a Business Name in SSM

Naming your new business is like naming your newborn child.

It is a brainstorming process that sets sail your entrepreneurship voyage. Giving a good name shows a prosperous beginning for your business.  

This article explains the rules before playing the name game for your business. Knowing what to do will ensure a successful business registration to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). 

Personal Name vs Trade Name: What’s the Difference

When registering your business through Form A (Borang A), you will notice a requirement for a Personal Name and Trade Name. So, what are these naming categories?

If you are applying under Personal Name, your trade name has to match the name on your identity card.

It is a more straightforward naming approach than Trade Name. You can straightaway fill in Form A without going through a name approval process. 

Trade Name is your generated business name that has no relevance to your legal name. Fill in the PNA.42 form with a list of desired names for SSMs name approval.

Once SSM has approved your name list, you can only pick one name for your Form A submission.

After registering your business, it is required to pay an annual fee for your business name. A payment of RM 30 yearly if you list your business name under the Personal Name category.

As for those who register under Trade Name, pay an annual fee of RM 60.

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Trade Name: What to Note

Trade Name What to Note

There are conditions when applying your business under the Trade Name category. Your trade name must adhere to the Malaysian Business Name Registration Guideline.

We will pick out some of the crucial elements as a reference during your naming process.  

1. Mind the Words

Although you may boost your creative juices, remember SSM prohibits certain words or names for your business name, such as

  • vulgar words
  • religious terms 
  • generic names (e.g. Technology Sdn Bhd)
  • offensive phrases
  • names related to governmental departments, members of the Royal family, or Royal titles (e.g. Princess)

Besides, SSM permits a limited range of 5 symbols that business owners can include in company names, which are:

  • and “&” 
  • dot “.”
  • hyphen “-”
  • brackets “()”
  • apostrophe “’” 

2. Reflects What You Do

Like curtains match their windows, your business name should correspond to the industry. It gives customers a clear impression of what your business is all about. 

When you see names like ‘Hot Cross Buns’ for a bakery, you will instantly think of the freshly baked buns and fluffy loaf bread on the display racks.

Otherwise, confusion arises if naming a fashion boutique ‘Fresh Fishes’ or a floral shop ‘Mr. Pineapple’. 

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3. Language Fusion 

You can blend English and Malay in your name, like ‘House of Orangutans’.

The only condition is to apply the correct grammar for your business name, so it does not come out as ‘House Orangutans’ or ‘Orangutans House’.

Some entrepreneurs use foreign languages to name their business, which displays more individuality.

However, you need to provide a meaning for any language other than English and Malay.

Online research on the definition and pronunciation is essential before deciding on using a foreign name for your business.

4. No Abbreviations

SSM prohibits anyone from using abbreviations in their business name registration; even your business is affiliated with an organisation.

You can only find abbreviations for governmental agencies, higher education institutions, and multi-national companies. 

Yet, you can put a series of randomised alphabets into your company name.

As long as the alphabets are not the shortened phrase, random words like ‘JILO’ can apply to your business name.

Also, you can incorporate numbers into your business name, like ‘H1 5’. 

5. Identical Business Name

There is a possibility that you have generated a name that had already registered. 

You can create an SSM’s e-info account to counter this problem to conduct a name check (You can read our step-by-step guide here).

The name-checking system helps you avoid trademark violation and gives some inspiration to generate your business name.  

Besides, avoid registering a name that is identical to your business competitors.

It is better to shape an original brand name that shows more visibility in the industry.

Spelling Check 

Before submitting your name proposal to SSM, widen your eyes and check for any misspelt word or grammatical issues.

So be extra careful when filling in your form. 

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Change Your Business Name

What if you have regretted your name choice or come up with a better name after your business registration?

Of course, there is another procedure in which you can change your business name. 

According to SSM’s name replacement guideline, you have to email your proposed name for SSM’s approval with a fee of RM50.

Afterwards, you may submit the following documents and a RM 100 payment:

  • a copy of the application and reservation for the availability of names
  • a copy of the email for the approval notification of the reservation of name
  • a fill-in copy of the application for change of name

The final step will be waiting for SSM verifying your new business name within one working day. 

As long as you play by the rules, your naming process will go smoother than you could ever imagine.

We hope our guide has inspired you to produce a perfect name for your business. 

A great company name should pair with a professional corporate branding. Contact us today if you are looking for a professional branding service.

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