Cloud Hosting: 7 Reasons why Cloud Hosting is Important to Your SMEs Business

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If you’re an SME owner looking for a modern approach to handle your business needs, you’re at the right place! In this article, we’re going to talk about cloud hosting and why it is essential for your businesses.

Today’s rapid development of technology has provided many alternatives and solutions for companies to run, develop and increase the security of their businesses.

Hence, more and more companies are starting to take part in cloud computing, as it is a new trend in data centre management, especially in Southeast Asia. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud computing is more than just a smart solution, but its relatively new business model is applicable for any company and has more functions than just as a back-up for system running. Cloud hosting makes websites and applications accessible using cloud resources.

Traditionally, companies would access the software by installing it on their computer or via the Internet. However, with cloud computing, companies can now log on to applications through a network connection anytime and anywhere.

All these applications and websites are hosted on a cloud server rather than the physical server in the company. It usually works from sharing virtual and physical resources instead of deploying only a single software and hardware.

Now that you have some idea on what cloud computing is let us give you 7 reasons why cloud hosting is so important for your SME businesses!

7 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting is Important to Your SMEs Business

7 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting is Important to Your SMEs Business
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1. Flexibility

Cloud hosting is ideal if your business is on-to-go, especially on smartphones and tablets. Cloud computing provides your company with 24/7 and on-demand services to allow you and your employee to stay up-to-date with real-time information and data. 

Plus, you can also access this information from any computing devices anytime and anywhere across the globe.

If you’re wondering what some examples of cloud hosting are, Google and Dropbox are among the popular cloud drives to store your information, and so easily accessible; offering you and your employees with great flexibility in your work practices.

2. Cost-Saving Solution

Another reason why cloud hosting is so vital for SME businesses is the tremendous cost-saving solution associated with it. Now, SMEs don’t have to spend as much for the purchase of inventories such as hard disks, IT infrastructure and hardware updates. They only have to bear a low cost for regular compensation per month or according to the agreed service package.

That is because cloud computing covers acquisition and installation of hardware and software, maintenance of servers, license renewal and management of IT issues.

With that said, cloud hosting is so essential for you to focus your time more on your core business activities. You won’t have to worry too much about what goes on with your data.

3. Scalability

Another significant benefit of cloud hosting is its scalability. Growth is a vital goal for every business. Hence, it is crucial to meet customers’ever-changing demands and needs timely and efficiently.

Therefore, a cloud hosting service can offer network stability that is customized to a business’ changing requirements.

IT resources such as hardware and software along with network users can be added or removed from the network without wasted investment and time to scale. The transition from current infrastructure to a comprehensive cloud hosting service can also be efficient and seamless with ease of implementation from the right provider.

4. Increase Security

It can be overwhelming to handle large volumes of data, especially with the susceptibility to corruption or being lost with the presence of computer viruses. With that said, by securing cloud hosting of your company’s software programs and data files, you can significantly minimize threats of cybercrime.

Not only that, but some cloud hosting providers also offer a secure portal for clients to connect and share information with the company. Cloud computing also comes in handy as a remote storage device and safeguards your data from loss.

5. Provides Mobility

This fast-paced and ever-changing marketplace has brought a change into how we do business. We need mobility more than ever to enhance productivity, communication and flexibility.

Cloud hosting services provide that for you as cloud solutions offer an in-office desktop experience which includes files, apps, software and permission that can be accessed from any device through the Internet.

Instead of being tied to the physical office, employees can now work from anywhere. That can bring about an increase in productivity, efficiency and overall work satisfaction. Not to mention, SMEs can also cut down on utility bills and rental property size.

6. Disaster Recovery

No matter if you’re a large-sized or an SME business company, every company should invest in durable disaster recovery. There are lots of risks to data and information with traditional servers. By making use of cloud hosting services, companies can mitigate many physical kinds of damages.

Plus, cloud hosting also eases virtual back-up. Instead of creating and storing physical back-ups, data can be copied on any time interval you want, from hourly, daily or even weekly.

These back-ups can be stored on different servers, or other locations to give you an extra layer of protection.

7. Help Companies be Competent

Following the rapid changes in the marketplace, it is only vital for your business to be more practised and quicker to respond to changes in the market. Cloud computing or cloud hosting services can help SMEs to be more agile in running their businesses.

Hence, SME businesses must invest in cloud hosting to boost efficiency, competitiveness and differentiation. That way, SMEs can also stand out and match up with other larger firms and organizations.

We’ve come to the end of the list. Are you ready to integrate cloud hosting in your SME businesses? We hope these reasons are enough to compel you to do so!

After all, there are way too many advantages and conveniences brought by cloud hosting that will greatly benefit you, your employees and your customers.

You don’t have to get worked up with monitoring your business needs and the technicalities of your data and storage. Cloud hosting will always be there to provide you with technical solutions.

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