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Our translation services have fulfilled the linguistic needs of thousands of clients in Malaysia.


We provide our clients fast and competent translation services in Malaysia in a wide range of domains, be it technical translations, such as finance and health sectors, or general translation of web content, articles or essays as well as translation of standard documents.

Translation services are available in a vernacular languages of Malaysia, such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and other languages. All translation Malaysia services quoted would include proofreading by a second translator. In most cases, the translation process can be summarized as follows:


  1. Translation (first translator)
  2. Proofreading (second translator)
  3. QC (back to first translator)
  4. Release to client

Our team of translators, based in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world, are native speakers and all of them are highly qualified professionals specialized in different fields.

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Translation Services Are Important For Businesses

Influence Purchasing Decision

75% of non-native English speakers surveyed said they prefer to buy products in their native language. It shows the influence native brand experiences can have on purchase decisions.


Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Translation improve comfort level for purchasers, which will help you keep a leg up on the competition as you expand into other markets.

Improving Native Brand Experience

Business translation is a major component of making foreign companies comfortable with your brand and ultimately build a strong reputation in a new market.


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