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Walk Production is a content marketing company based in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We offer a full content marketing services including content strategy, content planning, copywriting, keyword research, content management and SEO services for your company to build an exceptional digital presence.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing content that engages your audiences on various platforms. With relevant and exciting content, brands gain the ability to attract and connect with audiences.

In the vast realm of the internet, brands have to compete to be heard and remembered in the hearts of their target audience. This is where we come in. As content marketing experts, we play the part of storytellers to help craft compelling content that engages consumers.

When you engage us, you engage an experienced content marketing agency committed to understanding your business and help set your brand apart from the rest. Interested in working with us? Talk to us to begin improving your brand’s image and digital presence.

Our Content Marketing Approach

As a one-stop content marketing agency, we endeavour to help brands get real leads that convert. Tailored to your needs, our content marketing services create content that drives your bottom line.



We deliver a content marketing plan driven by data. Our team analyses your industry, your competitors and your brand to make you stand out from the crowd.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy services give you a direction for your future content, created with deep audience insights to align your content to their needs.

Keywords Research

Our keyword research services help you discover the content your audience is actively searching for and improve your ranking in search results through strategic keyword placement. 

Topic Ideation

By utilising our invaluable insights, we develop original and compelling topics that would resonate best with your audience.



Walk Production is a content development partner who understands your business needs to create content that will deliver results.

Content Writing

Our content writing services are designed to communicate, convince and inspire action. We are a team of SEO strategists, creative writers and editors. We turn our careful research into concise and engaging copy with keywords and important SEO guidelines that your copy needs to rank.

Content Creation

We understand that not all marketing campaigns are the same. Our content marketing specialists can produce different types of content based on your brand and specific marketing goals, such as infographics, blog posts, creative content, images or tutorials.

Content Management

We provide a full content management service, including infographic and image sourcing, content calendar arrangement and scheduling uploads.



Whether on your website or blog, lead generation, or keyword positioning, our content optimisation service helps you achieve your business’s goals. Our team of SEO specialists are trained to help you rank high on search engines.

Onsite SEO

Our onsite SEO services optimise your website to improve its visibility in search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines. We focus on meta titles, taglines, headings and more while ensuring that your content appears natural and intuitive.

Offsite SEO

Our offsite SEO services to help our clients boost their online presence and rank higher in search. Our SEO team will work on the offsite SEO by building and managing backlinks for your website and blog to speed up the crawling process.

Analytics & Reporting

We provide our clients with reliable insights to guide their digital communications. We track keyword ranking, impressions and leads as well as analyse reports to optimise our content strategy accordingly.

Content Marketing Funnel

A content marketing funnel represents the stages a customer experiences with a brand.

Businesses use the funnel to attract potential clients, visualising the journey they may go through, from the first interaction to conversion to payment.

At Walk Production, we break it down to 3 main stages of the funnel: Awareness. Evaluation. Conversions.

Top of the Funnel: Awareness

The top of the funnel is the starting point of the client journey, and it is the most populated stage. Here, most people are not ready to buy and know nothing about your company. Your goal is to attract their attention and offer the best answers to their questions before introducing them to your brand.

You can use content types such as: (1) blog posts, (2) social media posts, (3) infographics, and (4) videos.

Middle of the Funnel: Evaluation

In this stage, the number of people interacting with your content is smaller, but they are much more willing to interact with your business. Here, your goal is to accompany the potential customer from an initial idea to an in-depth understanding of how your solution helps.

You can use content types such as (1) case studies, (2) white papers, (3) emails, and (4) useful resources or downloads.

Bottom of the Funnel: Conversions

The last stage of the client journey is where your content can set your brand apart from your competitors and accelerate the purchase. The content you produce should answer specific questions about your product or service, for example, how it works or what skills are required to deal with it.

Benefits of Content Marketing

The Important of Having a Content Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Generate Quality Leads

One of the content marketing benefits is to increase your brand presence as readers visit your website, translating to brand awareness and potential leads in the future.

Boost Website Traffic

Consistent and quality content will help to enhance your website’s ranking on search engines and ultimately lead to higher visibility and web traffic.

Build Up Brand Loyalty

Content that is relevant and engaging will make readers feel more connected to the brand. With relatable and genuine content, your brand will start to gain a loyal following.

Increase Brand Credibility

Purposeful and valuable content builds your readers’ trust when it provides actionable advice and insightful facts. That way, readers have faith in your expertise and exceptional solutions.

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Content marketing Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a content marketing expert?

With a content marketing expert, you can be assured of consistent, high-quality content that helps you create a cohesive brand voice and message.

What is the length of the blog posts or articles you write?

Typically, a blog post should contain between 500 and 1500 words to rank well on search engines. The length of blog posts varies from client to client, as some prefer shorter and more frequent postings while others prefer long-form articles for monthly postings.

What results can I expect from a content marketing plan?

This depends on your business’s needs and goals. But generally, you should observe an increase in brand awareness, search visibility and customer retention once your content marketing strategy has matured.

When can I expect results from my content marketing plan?

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. As your content can provide value for many years to come, consider it an asset to build customer loyalty, generate leads, and drive sales far into the future.

How can I get started?

We are happy to help. Get in touch with us via email ([email protected]) or call us at 010-2213765. Our consultants are fluent in English, Malay and Chinese.


Why Choose Walk Production?

In-House Content Marketing Team

An informed strategy and content marketing plan is compulsory to improve user engagement and conversion rate.

We are a team of SEO strategists, content writers and editors with industry knowledge to provide well-thought-out pieces of content—from content strategy to full blog management —to increase your business’s brand awareness, generate qualified leads, nurture interest and drive conversion. Every step of the way, our  content marketing team works with clients to ensure total client satisfaction.

Dedicated Project Manager

From inception to the final stage in your content marketing strategy, our project managers ensure that your content contributes to improving your online presence.

With a result-driven approach and years of  experience, our dedicated project managers lead the development of your content marketing strategy. The responsibilities of a project manager include preparing and monitoring project schedules, completing SEO deliverables and evaluating the success of the content marketing strategy.

Proven Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing is an effective method for a business to grow its audience engagement, develop its brand presence, and drive sales.

Walk Production offers a comprehensive range of content marketing services to improve your digital marketing strategy. Coupled with our advanced SEO practices and experienced content creation and strategy teams, we use a data-backed approach for our clients to connect and build relationships with their audience.

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walk production

Walk Production is a full-service creative agency based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Our experience in strategy, branding, copywriting, website development, SEO and content marketing translates directly to increasing your bottom line.

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