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Booklet Printing Services in Malaysia

Walk Production provide managed booklet and report printing services in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We offer managed booklet printing services for annual reports, sustainability reports, product catalogues, company profiles and coffee table books.

Our managed printing services started with a printing consultation and final artwork review by our publication designers. Next, our dedicated project managers will supervise the printing production and deliver the books to your office doorstep.

We prioritise our customer’s needs to ensure customer satisfaction and are capable of handling quick turnaround and complex printing projects.

Booklet Printing Solutions

We offer complete booklet printing solutions for annual reports, coffee table books, catalogues and more.

Annual Report Copywriting

Annual Report Printing

An annual report is a document detailing a company’s activities and financial performance throughout the year to its stakeholders and interested parties. It can also be used as a marketing tool to highlight business goals and objectives for the future, demonstrate key achievements and share memorable moments with engaging visuals.

sustainability report design malaysia

Sustainability Report

A sustainability report presents a company’s environmental, social and governance matters to its stakeholders. It helps improve an organisation’s operations by identifying risks, avoiding compliance issues, and enhancing its reputation by showcasing its social and environmental contributions.

company profile printing

Company Profile Printing

Company profiles are generally used as a marketing tool to leave a long-lasting impression on their readers. A corporate business profile offers a quick look into a company, allowing viewers to learn about its products and services, target market, unique strengths, track record, and more.

catalogue printing

Catalogue Printing

A business catalogue is a printed document that lists a company’s products or services alongside their description and prices. A catalogue with an attractive design and tailor-made content help to promote company and generate new customer leads.

coffee table book conceptualisation

Coffee table book printing

A coffee table book is an oversized, hardcovered book displayed on a table to entertain guests and inspire conversation to pass the time. It grants business owners the ideal platform to present their brand with stunning imagery and typography.

ESG report design malaysia

Handbook printing

A handbook is often used to provide reference and guidance to its reader. Most businesses print handbooks to address a variety of specific needs, such as user manuals, employee and company handbooks, and repair, maintenance and technical manuals.

Managed Booklet Printing Services

A hassle free printing solution.

Printing Consultation

We provide printing consultations by suggesting the suitable paper material, paper thickness, binding and finishing options based on your design objective and budget.

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers will help you to plan and oversee the printing timeline. We also manage all the vendors, deliver the books to your office and ensure all deliverables are met within the due date.

Final Artwork Review

We offer final artwork audit and review to ensure the artwork fulfill all the printing requirements. Our publication designers will cross check on the safety margin, colours, file formats, line weights, images and graphic resolutions before sending to printing production.

Printing & Delivery

We only work with a few prominent publication printing houses in Malaysia to produce high-quality print products that deliver value to our clients. Our delivery partners provide fast and secure delivery services to ensure your booklet arrive on time and in good condition.

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Types of Booklet Cover

hardcover booklet

Hardcover Printing

Our hardcover booklets are robust and built to last. They are the ideal choice to make a statement for your business with their professional look and feel. Hardcover is recommended for coffee table book, photobook and premium booklet.

softcover booklet

Softcover Printing

Our softcover booklets are made with modern binding techniques. They are highly durable, so you can be assured that your booklet will last. Softcopy is recommended for company profile, handbook, catalogue, sustainability report and annual report.

Booklet Cover Finishing

Matte Lamination

Matte lamination produces an elegant finish that provides a softer and more natural look, making it easier to read the printed piece.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination produces a shiny appearance that enhances the colour and ink on a cover and adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping applies pigment/metallic foil to paper. This process adds a shimmer and richness to a booklet cover’s text or design elements.

UV Varnish

UV varnish is a type of coating that is cured by exposure to UV light. They are applied to booklet covers to enhance their appearance with a glossy finish and to add a protective coating.

Spot UV

Spot UV is used for specific areas of a booklet cover to stand out. It is typically applied on top of a matte lamination so that the area with the spot varnish will have a high-gloss shine.


The embossing process is used to raise an image, design, or text on the back of a booklet cover. It produces an eye-catching 3D effect on the cover for a decorative and textured appearance.

Types of Printing Paper

Art paper

Art Paper has a semi-smooth surface that is best for artwork reproductions and digital graphics.

Simili paper

Simili paper, also known as ‘wood-free’ paper, is strong and suitable for ink absorption.

Premium Paper

Premium or speciality paper allows for double-sided printing that does not show through and enhances tactile interest.

FSC Paper

FSC-certified paper is made from sustainable resources and assists consumers in making informed choices.

Booklet Binding Methods

saddle stitch binding

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitched binding is a common and cost-effective form of bookbinding where printed sheets are folded, nestled together and then stapled through the fold line.

perfect binding

Perfect Bind

Perfect binding is a process where pages are bound together with an adhesive to create a clean, crisp and professional printed product.

thread sewn binding

Thread Sewn

In thread sewn binding, the pages are sewn down the centre into the cover and then folded to produce the finished book and make it more durable.

wire-o binding


The wire-o binding method utilises pre-formed pairs of wire loops inserted and compressed through holes punched into the book’s cover and pages.

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