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We are a Malaysia branding agency in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor that provides a complete corporate branding service that showcases your company culture and engages consumers.


We Craft Brands

Walk Production delivers bespoke branding services, including branding strategy, brand persona, brand manual, a full set of brand design, and rebranding services. We focus on developing a compelling brand design that uniquely portrays the essence of your brand. Sure to leave a lasting impression, our exceptional branding services spring your brand forward and cultivate brand loyalty.

Branding Design Services

Total branding design solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Brand Guideline

Brand guidelines establish how your brand is represented. We deliver a complete brand guideline that sets the standard for brand name, corporate identity, logo, typefaces and design elements for future creative and advertisement use.

Brand Logo

As the heart of your brand, a logo provides a visual representation that captures your brand identity. Our logo designers specialise in custom logo design that helps companies communicate brand culture to their clients.

Stationery Set

Incorporating graphic design into stationery items creates a captivating image and fortifies brand credibility. We have extensive experience designing stationery sets like name cards, letterhead, envelopes and more.

Company profile

A company profile provides relevant information such as company history, mission statement, and future goals. Engage us for an effective company profile design to enhance your brand image for tender, investment and partnership opportunities.

Powerpoint slides

A PowerPoint enables you to achieve greater visual impact via slides design that resonates with your brand. We develop cohesive PowerPoint slides and templates to keep your audience engaged and interested during your presentation.

Product catalog

A product catalog ensures accessibility and convenience, as it consolidates your offering in a single repository. We offer top-quality catalog design services, including product image touch-ups, layout designs and copywriting.

Brochure Design

A brochure is a strategic tool that publicises your business and attracts new prospects. Our creative designers deliver eye-catching and stunning brochure designs that are sure to boost sales.

Flyer design

A flyer is a powerful tool that enables you to express your brand purpose to a broader audience. We provide professional product and corporate flyer design that artfully and effectively conveys your message.

Label & packaging

Having appealing and high-quality labelling and packaging is vital in attracting customers. From product packaging design to signs and labels, we utilise the latest design trends to create visuals that drive your brand’s success.

Annual report

An annual report is a critical aspect of corporate branding, providing a comprehensive report of a company’s affairs. We create professional annual report design concepts, layouts and illustrations that will enhance the impact of your annual report.

Furniture Catalog Design

Coffee Table Book

An impactful coffee table book highlights your business and accentuates the distinctive appeal of your brand. We craft a premium coffee table book design that aligns with your brand’s story and objectives.

Calendar Design

Corporate Calendar

A good corporate calendar keeps you on track of dates while instilling a strong brand impression throughout all 12 months. Invest in a calendar design that benefits both your brand and your customers.

Web Design

Website Design

Foster a robust online presence and boost sales with a responsive and user-friendly website. We design a corporate website from scratch and develop the perfect corporate layout to represent your company to the digital world.

Social media

Experience better engagement and improve brand recognition with a meticulously crafted social media visual. Generate custom social media posts that establish an engaging and strong online brand identity.

Digital Banner

Digital banner ads help to attract customers, offer better brand awareness, and generate leads. We help you create banners that compel visitors to click and read more with various website banner designs.

Branding Portfolio

Every brand design uncovers a special story. Explore some of our latest work.

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Types of Branding Services We Offer

Addressing your specific branding needs.

New Business Branding

Branding is crucial for new companies and SMEs, but building a brand is no easy task. To help growing companies, we strive to realise their dreams by developing effective branding components such as logos, stationery sets, websites, and company profiles.

Full Corporate Branding

A full-fledged branding actively encourages business growth for new and established companies. We create appealing designs that reflect your brand identity, including logo, stationery set, marketing collateral, brand guideline, company profile, and website.

Rebranding Service

Keep your company up-to-date and breathe new life into your brand by performing a brand overhaul with a rebranding design partner. We provide rebranding and complete branding development services to enhance your brand with compelling branding strategies.

Digital Branding

With the latest digital branding strategies, companies can explore vast possibilities and create a greater brand presence online. We deploy digital branding tools to ease a company’s digital transformation journey, from SEO to social media, videos, websites, and more.


Developing the right branding for your business foundation.


Information gathering

Behind every successful brand is an in-depth understanding of a company’s overall business strategy. Tell us relevant information about your business, including your offerings, achievements, and missions, by completing our branding questionnaire.

The questionnaire becomes a guiding document for us to formulate and execute an effective branding strategy. You are also able to divulge or clarify any ideas you have for your brand to help us provide a branding service that matches your aspirations.


Brand Production

After you have completed the questionnaire, we will conduct a kickoff interview with you to understand your direction and preferences. Next, our branding team will translate your ideas into creative branding assets to efficiently deliver your brand message to a wider audience.

The budget, deliverables, and timeline vary depending on the type of package you initially chose. Throughout the project, expect constant conversation as we need your opinion to ensure we are doing the best we can for your brand.


Review & Revision

While we constantly endeavour to meet your needs and requirements with our first drafts, sometimes we have to go through the draft again to offer branding solutions that accurately reflect your company.

However, fret not, as we will revise the drafts based on your feedback. Remember to always give us your raw and honest feedback, so we can provide better work that conveys your brand essence.


Final Artwork

Once the branding is finalised, we will share the final artwork, rationale deck and working files to you. By the end of our branding services process, you can put out a brand that communicates your message to the world.

Branding Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the corporate branding design package?

We are offering one of the most competitive corporate branding design packages in Malaysia. Also, we can custom-make a branding design solution that fits your requirements and budget. Contact us for a branding quotation today.

How long will I start receiving the branding designs?

The entire branding design will take around 20 to 60 working days, depending on the project size. Each amendment will take approximately 1 to 3 working days.

I will need a corporate website and digital marketing services. Can you help with that?

Yes, we provide website development with web content writing and custom UI/UX that match your brand identity. Also, we provide digital marketing such as SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing that drive quality leads to your business.

Are there any hidden or additional fees after order placement?

No hidden fee. You will get all the features mentioned in the quotation. You can certainly buy additional services (if required) at any time in the project life cycle.

How can I place an order for branding services?

Contact us via email ([email protected]) or call 010-2213765. Our consultants can speak English, Malay and Chinese. Get a custom branding quotation within 3 working days.

Branding Price & Packages

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Branding Benefits

Why Branding Is Important To Your Business?

1. Better brand credibility

When you effectively convey your brand message and provide excellent offerings, your customers will become your brand ambassadors. Happy and satisfied customers will repeat your brand story to the people around them, proving your brand’s credibility.

2. Elevate Financial Value

Companies equipped with a strong brand often has better financial value as they can distance themselves from price competition. This means they can charge more than their competition while enjoying a strong market share.

3. Expand Brand Recognition

Brand recognition sits on a higher level than the brand awareness stage. Strong branding equates to better brand recognition, indicating how well your customers can distinguish your product or service offerings from others in the market.

4. Enhance Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is defined as an effect of repeated satisfaction and positive experience, which then influences brand perception. Customers prefer to spend money on products they trust, which means that good branding is imperative.

5. Establish Better Advertising

Advertising and branding go hand in hand; incorporating branding into your brand advertising will improve recognition. In order to ensure better advertising for your business, you must first have solid branding.

Brand Development Solution

Translating challenges into engaging branding concepts.

Brand Strategy

No brand is similar to another, so a unique, actionable plan is needed to accurately encapsulate a brand’s character. Our team meticulously plan and execute a consistent branding strategy to set your brand apart and ensure successful branding.

Brand Identity

The foundational elements of a brand identity typically include a brand name, tagline, logo, graphic styles, colours, voice, tone, typeface and more. We develop a brand identity that matches your brand perception to create authentic connections with your consumers.

Brand Communication

Brand communication is an important aspect of brand management, encompassing every instance of a company’s interactions with its clients, partners, or stakeholders. Our designers create designs that can precisely communicate your message through multiple communication strategies such as social media and company websites.

Brand Activation

Brand activation refers to the action of generating brand awareness and fostering customer loyalty through specific interactions, events, or campaigns. Our in-house team delivers ad copywriting and design and manages digital campaigns on social media to improve overall brand awareness and generate leads.

Branding Practices

Reinventing brands with 4 reliable practices.


Determining Your Target Audience

First, we conduct target market research to understand your buyer personas. In order to ensure successful branding and generate brand awareness, recognition, loyalty, and revenue, we make sure that your brand resonates with your audience.


Researching Your Industry

Analysing and learning from your competitors is essential in creating an effective brand. This enables us to get some inspiration as well as keep us current with the trends of your industry niche.


Identifying the Brand’s Fundamental

While this may be obvious, this step is important as it establishes the framework of your brand identity. Understanding your strengths allows us to create a strong brand that defines your unique qualities.


Staying True to Your Principle

Branding consistency is key as it is integral in forming an accurate brand voice and brand positioning. We ensure that our branding services portray your brand consistently to differentiate your brand from competitors.

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Why Choose Walk Production?

In-House Branding Team

We do away with unnecessary processes and focus on delivering reliable solutions for our clients.

We provide a complete in-house branding team comprising brand strategists, creative designers, copywriters, UI/UX designers, website developers and project managers to craft various branding and rebranding projects.

Our experienced branding team work with agility and flexibility without compromising on quality. We ensure efficiency in creative production and offer full branding services at a reasonable rate.

Dedicated Project Manager

Rest assured, each project will be assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process and achieve success.

From consultation to executing your new branding or rebranding project, our project managers are closely involved in every decision. With a clear vision, they mediate conflict, oversee complex processes, and ensure projects are delivered on time.

Proven Branding Agency

We have helped SMEs, corporates and MNCs to build brand value and enhance their branding. Backed with technical and industry knowledge, we take pride in our work and go the extra mile for our clients.

As a trusted and reliable branding partner, we are ready to cater to your branding needs. To know more about our solutions, check out our branding portfolio.

walk production

Walk Production is a full-service creative agency based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Our experience in strategy, branding, copywriting, website development, SEO and content marketing translates directly to increasing your bottom line.

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