10 Classic Ways to Showcase Your Corporate Identity

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Are you a company owner looking to start or expand your business to a larger scale? 

Well, this article is for you! From our previous articles, (you can check them out right here!), we’ve talked about a few fundamentals on growing your business—from brand-building, designs and marketing strategies!

One of the first and essential principles to grow your business is establishing your corporate identity. It is one of the many steps that a business owner should look into before doing anything else.

With a clear corporate identity in mind, it can significantly help every business owner in the direction he should go, what strategies he should take and how he would convey it to his target audience.

What is Corporate Identity?

A corporate identity includes the visual aspect of your company style and personality. These visual elements range from logos, social media, product designs, packaging, stationeries and more. The core of having a clear corporate identity is to help differentiate you from other competitors and achieve a company’s corporate goals.

The development of corporate identity should be strategically planned to match the company’s mission statement. With that, the company can be consistently presented to the customers and employees through visual identity, organizational behaviour and corporate communication. 

Let’s say you have already established a corporate identity with your team. The next step would be to convey it to your customers. Hence, here are ten classic ways you can do to showcase your corporate identity!

10 Classic Ways to Showcase Your Corporate Identity

Showcase One Logo, Name and Style

1. Showcase One Logo, Name and Style

It is so vital that business owners do not confuse their audience with multiple designs and identity. Hence, one way of showcasing your corporate identity clearly and professionally is by having a consistent use of style, design, logos and names.

You would only ever need one logo, name and a specific style to make yourself memorable and leave a lasting impression.

Your logo, name and design should be available and printed across various marketing materials and content. Not only that, but this should also be applied across your social media posts, website, blog posts and other platforms you may be using.

Companies should not look down on the importance of this point as your corporate identity will be easier to recognize when you carry the same identity throughout.

2. Make Use of Social Media

Social media platforms are one of the best tools to showcase your corporate identity.

After all, what better way to reach a broad audience than showing up in their socials? It’s simple, free and convenient in tapping into the mass global audience when done right.

Business owners can use these free-of-charge platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to build their brand and promote themselves to the audience. With unique, clear and engaging content, you’ll be able to attract customers and spark curiosity in them to know about you more.

It can be challenging to keep up with your posts, profiles and content. After all, companies should always stay relevant and engaged with the audience.

Hence, if you ever need some help in showcasing your corporate identity through socials, then hit us up for our comprehensive social media marketing services.

3. Invest in Promotional Merchandises

Another classic and great way to showcase your corporate identity is through promotional merchandises. Small gifts are a great way to reward your customers and reinforce your brand at the same time.

Business owners should be intentional with investing in this method as it involves some cost, effort and time to design and produce the products.

However, the return of this investment will be worth it! Companies can reinforce and promote their corporate identity through their logos and design; printed on pens, notebooks, tote bags and more! The more impressive the design, the better; the more unusual or personalized the gift, the better! That is because your customers may tend to post about your unique gifts in social media, thus enlarging your influence even more.

4. Organize Events

Business owners can promote and showcase their corporate identity by exhibiting themselves. After all, how would your audience know about you if you stayed behind the curtain and not showing yourself to the public? With that said, exhibiting can be a highly effective way to showcase your identity to your target audience.

There are many ways in how you can exhibit yourself, such as organizing a giveaway, competitions, live events and workshops! Holding events can give you a valuable time to interact with your potential customers; and giving them a chance to experience your company’s look and personality.

Also, business owners can attain a more significant impact by going further than attracting customers but keeping them long enough to discover your identity and hear your message.

5. Content Marketing

We cannot emphasize enough how important content marketing is for every business and company. There are so many benefits that can be attained through content marketing, such as reaching a wider audience, increasing web traffic flow to your site, engaging and informing your audience about who you are and what you can do.

If you’re looking to build awareness about your corporate identity, then blogging would be an ideal strategy for you! Blogs are perfect for in-depth content, especially when you want to convey what your company is about—its values, mission, vision and purpose etc.

Not to mention, your content should also be impressive and engaging enough to attract and keep your audience long enough to read about you.

Hence, content marketing is the way to go, offering customers with helpful information about you and your company, and increasing their confidence in you when you create it professionally and creatively.

With that said, if you ever need some help in keeping up with your blogs, then check out our blog management services; or our content writing services for your other content marketing platforms!

6. Partner with Other Businesses

If you can identify other businesses who share the same values and target audience as you; you can work it to your advantage. Instead of brainstorming ways on how to showcase your corporate identity on your own, why not try to partner up with these other businesses, and complement each other in expanding your business reach?

By partnering with other businesses, you can expand your reach even more, especially if you’re partnering with companies that are bigger and more established. However, there is no wrong in cooperating with local small businesses as well.

That way, you can help each other enlarge your influences to the target audience. You can also gain the confidence and trust of the consumers when your business partner is already deemed credible and trusted among the audience.

7. Explore Video Marketing

Majority of people are visual learners. We enjoy impressive designs, images and videos that stimulate our visual experience. Take a look at Youtube; this booming industry is packed with tons of videos for every company and consumers’ needs, ranging from entertainment, educational, promotional and more. Hence, video marketing has continued to rise in popularity. 

If you can produce great and engaging video content, not only will you spark the curiosity of your customers; but other social networks will be happier to show your video to their users as well. You can post these videos anywhere, from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.

Although it takes some effort and time to explore video marketing, the return of investment can be worth it; especially when you can convey your message about your corporate identity in a short and simple video.

8. Work On External Corporate Communication

Besides making a good impression on your customers, it is also essential to make sure other business partners have a good perception of you as well. If you’d like to work together with other companies or invest in B2B relationships; you would need to make that first step and introduce yourself and your intention with the company. 

As you interact with other business owners, at times, it may involve exchanging of letters and formal documents. Hence, a consistent and beautiful template or design on your letterhead and envelopes can not only show your professionalism, but it can also gain credibility from other companies. Business partners will even deem you as an established entity and wouldn’t mind getting to know about you more.

Want to know more about marketing to B2B companies? Check out our articles here for some tips and strategies on B2B relationships!

9. Extend Your Corporate Identity Beyond Logos and Design

We’ve discussed how essential it is for a business to have a consistent style of designs, names and logos. Now, business owners can take it up a notch by showcasing their corporate identity outside of digital posts and printed media. With that said, business owners can explore extending their corporate identity through their office designs, uniforms and vehicles!

Your corporate identity can extend to your physical offices and vehicles. If you have an on-site location for your businesses, then showcasing your company identity through your office design can greatly help; especially in impressing and gaining the trust of customers that may visit your entity.

Besides that, what better way to let everyone on the road know about you than having a vehicle designed with your identity? If you can’t afford a billboard, try it with a vehicle! Uniforms are also a great way to promote yourself too with your employees representing your company and what you do. 

10. Launch a PR Campaign

A public relations campaign is another excellent way to showcase your corporate identity.

A PR campaign has a clear objective in raising awareness of a product and informing the public on what the company does and offer. PR campaigns use strategic messaging to communicate to a broader audience and improve a brand’s reputation.

Hence, gaining press coverage is like getting free advertising, only it is better because the editorial has more credibility and can convey in-depth messages to convince potential customers about you.

Maybe you have a great story to tell about why you started this business, the values behind it or the purpose you do what you do. You can convey it all through PR campaigns, reaching out to mass audiences and letting them know about you. 

Well, that is the end of the list! We hope these tips will be able to help you in showcasing your corporate identity, thus expanding your business wider in reaching out to your audience! 

With that said, here’s one last tip for you! As mentioned, a clear corporate identity should represent your company style and personality.

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