Top 9 Tips to Prepare Property Award Submission in Malaysia

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Calling all real estate moguls!

This is the big time.

The Asia Pacific Property Award is one of the most prestigious events in the property realm, where significant players in the industry are celebrated for the best projects, innovation and design.

Every year, our country’s finest developers come together to be honoured at the extravagant gala hosted by PropertyGuru, receiving awards for a diverse range of categories, such as property development, architecture, real estate and interior design.

The awards programme is well respected and holds immense credibility, fairly judged by a panel of field experts and supervisors from BDO, one of the most extensive auditing and accountancy networks in the world.

Want a piece of that?

Read on to discover how you can prepare for the Property Awards submission right here in Malaysia.

How can I enter?

Easy. All you have to do is register your company in the Awards Entry System at, no fees required.

After you’ve created an account, you can begin entering any eligible property you want.

You can take your time filling the form as the server will automatically save your information.

When you’re done, press ‘submit’ and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Your entry or entries will be processed and submitted to the panel of judges for a transparent evaluation. 

In the events that your entry is shortlisted for a particular category, you will have the financial authority to purchase an Awards Marketing Package.

This package grants you the right to display an Asia Property Awards logo and your award details for online use, along with Gala Dinner footage rights and other superlative marketing privileges. 

If you win the Best of the Best recognition at a local level, you may purchase tickets to attend the gala dinner for the regional grand finals.

For more information or enquiries, you can email [email protected]

How can I create a winning submission?

How can I create a winning submission

Imagine introducing your business as the Best Developer in Asia, or having your diligent efforts officially recognised—what a colossal achievement that would be.

But how can you ensure that your submission is in the bag?

There’s no paying your way into the winning rounds.

An excellent application should contain an extensive compilation of elements that accurately represent your project, from succinct descriptions to detailed photography.

Here are a few tips to adhere to when contriving a flawless Property Award submission:

Follow the criteria

Everyone knows that sticking closely to what the judges are looking for is the surest way of upping your winning chances.

It might sound straightforward, but many applicants neglect this cardinal rule.

You shouldn’t drone on and on about unrelated facts about your company; instead, you want to pay special attention to each respective category and how your descriptions fit with the criteria as clearly and precisely as possible.

That’s what the judges will be assessing, after all.

Not your long list of testimonials, however impressive they may be.

Make it attention-worthy

In the case of your Property Award submission, dressing to impress applies. Submissions that harbour a certain flair always catch attention.

Stand out from the massive heap of competitors by incorporating videos or well-designed supporting imagery.

You can even form a central theme if you’re feeling extra fancy, and make sure that your choice of fonts, colours and graphics are consistent.

Having attention to detail really makes a difference in making your submission appear more elegant and professional.

Always proofread

So you’ve created the perfect Property Award submission, equipped with just the right amount of visuals and narration; but what’s that?

A spelling mistake?

You might as well toss in the towel.

Don’t let a minor detail such as a grammatical error ruin your thoroughly-crafted submission.

Always remember to proofread or get a third party to review it before you send it off to oblivion.

Once you’ve ensured that the tone and presentation are impeccable, only then should your cursor come close to the ‘send’ button.

Prioritise facts

Your powerful claims are gratuitous if they’re not substantiated by hard facts.

Data and figures are your best friends when it comes to measuring success and backing up your work.

By including this information, the judges can easily see the scale of your accomplishments.

You may even showcase any increase in reach, exposure and followers, as well as numerical data expressing drastic changes in your online profile.

There’s no paying to win, but there’s no arguing against numbers either.

Submit in more than one category

Go big or go home.

Don’t submit in one category and sit back hoping for the best.

The more categories you apply for, the larger your chances will be to get recognised for an award.

As long as your projects qualify, submit them!

Craft an eye-catching description

Obviously, a remarkably written and edited description does a lot to help your verdict.

If you’re an architect or manufacturer, try using emotive words that depict how your building makes its occupants feel, for example.

You want your proposal to leave a lasting impact on the jurors.

Invest in professional photography

A winning submission wouldn’t be adorned with weak images that don’t do the illustrated projects justice.

Consider engaging the services of a professional photographer, or outsource for visual design expertise to illuminate your projects in their best light.

With these beneficial tips in mind, victory, recognition, and growth will all be within your reach.

The Nest Residence

Walk Production collaborated with The Nest Residences in producing their Property Award submission book, offering assistance in content writing, design and strategy planning for execution of the material.

Our team of experienced property writers have an unmatched track record on developing winning submissions. 

We were tasked to create three Asia Property Award books for Netcon Development’s first property project in a tight timeframe.

The primary objective was to come up with the right copywriting and design that highlighted the project’s unique selling proposition.’

As a result, all three submissions bagged the prize in their respective categories! 

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