Small Business Ideas Malaysia: Ideas For Inspired Entrepreneurs

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Are you interested in starting a small local business, but you’re lacking inspiration? Don’t fret because there are almost endless amounts of small business ideas!

Newsflash, they’re incredibly doable in Malaysia too!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant contributor to the startup of many small businesses. After all, many people were pushed into unemployment and lengthy periods of nationwide lockdowns.

People worldwide transitioned from their busy lives into life with too much time on their hands.  Thus, what’s better than trying out a new hobby that could turn into a small business?

Moreover, the rising global presence of TikTok encouraged the world further to try out or establish new hobbies and small businesses. This combined impact was so influential that people worldwide are still inspired to try out new ideas despite the mellowing of the pandemic.

Therefore, it’s not surprising for interested entrepreneurs to scour the internet for small business ideas in 2023. Whether it’s purposed as a side venture or a potential main business, there is no loss in profiting from a skill that can benefit in the long run.

5 Small Business Ideas To Get You Inspired! 

As aforementioned, there are numerous ideas for small business ventures. Although these ideas may not resonate with everyone, they will inspire you in the genre of small business you’d like to potentially run. 

After all, everyone possesses different interests, skillsets and talents. What may work out for someone may not work out for you.  

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1. Handcrafted and Homemade Goods Manufacture

Are you artistically inclined with a passion for crafting? Handcrafted and homemade goods are one of the most popular choices for small businesses.  

It is also one of the most flexible ideas because anything can be handcrafted. The options are almost endless, whether it’s candles, pottery, earrings, jewellery, bookmarks, or homemade sauces!

For instance, there is a demand for designer lace-making.  Although lace is commonly produced, handmade lace is more valuable and sought after by luxury brands.  

Anything can be handcrafted as long as you have the inspiration, materials and skillset.  It is never too late to learn, even if you don’t have the respective skillset.  

Slime-making is one of the most lucrative trends born from TikTok and YouTube. The rise of ASMR videos resulted in the popularity of slime videos with various textures and colours. 

The trend of slime videos inspired many entrepreneurs to start their own slime businesses due to the simplicity of the ingredients.  Moreover, the flexibility of slime in terms of texture and colour made it an incredibly creative venture for endless inspiration.

In addition, the presence of eCommerce websites such as Shopee, Taobao and Lazada encourages handicraft businesses further as a convenient platform.

2. Online Classes

Do you have what it takes to teach? Everyone has a set of skills they excel in, especially if they specialise in something.

Online classes that cross the boundaries of traditional classroom settings are an international trend on the internet.  Maybe you’d like to teach a language or run a drawing class?

Anything can be turned into an online class, whether it’s something cognitive such as mental healthcare or specialisation, such as bookkeeping 101.

However, you should ensure that you are qualified for the task of a teacher.  Your skills and advice should be genuine, trustworthy and reliable.

Don’t forget; you also need to know how to teach! But if you’re prepared to be an online tutor and possess the necessary skillsets, it is a great idea.

You can run your online classes whenever you’d like and still effectively engage in your main career.  There are even numerous online platforms that facilitate remote learning, such as Skillshare and e-Latih.

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3. Translation Services 

A majority of Malaysians grew up being either bilingual or trilingual due to multi-language curriculums during schooldays. After all, Malaysia is a multi-cultural country with three main languages.

Most Malaysians are likely able to communicate in multiple languages. Therefore, being bilingual, trilingual or more is a skill that most Malaysians already possess.

Unfortunately, not every local citizen is apt in every primary language.  Thus, translation services exist, and it’s a hidden underdog that can potentially yield a lot of profit.

You can take requests for something as simple as a form translation or elaborate as a book. The best part is that you’re in full control of your working hours and accepted commissions.

However, you should ensure that you’re truly qualified for translation services or else you will struggle to find clients. You might even submit a highly faulty job and drive your side venture into an irreparable reputation.

If you’re confident in your language, there are many ways to prove yourself. You can supplement your qualifications by showcasing translation samples and showing receipts such as a certification to prove your fluency.

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4. Homecooking 

Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cooking up delicious food? If you’re not aware, self-delivery services for homecooked food exist.

It’s a great small business idea, especially for housewives who spend most of their time in the kitchen. In fact, many locals enjoy the taste of homecooked food over commercialised restaurant flavours.

Moreover, the best part is that any dish can be a homecooked food side venture, and your menu isn’t set in stone. You can change your menu to suit availability or marketing strategies.

Full-fledged dishes aren’t the only food eligible for this business either. Many housewives make homecooked goods such as local biscuits and snacks as a side business.

Numerous homecooked businesses also escalate into full-fledged catering services when met with great success.

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5. Freelance Writing Business 

Freelance writing businesses are one of the easiest side ventures to start, especially if you’re fluent in writing! Whether it’s a local or foreign language, all you need is fluency in content writing and proper grammar.

Moreover, the expansion of the internet makes it an incredibly profitable industry. Your clients can range from local businesses to internationally renowned brands.

Although it is a competitive industry, there is always a market for copywriting as long as you can write well. In fact, you can also specialise in a particular field to write about, so you’ll have an added advantage!

Let’s say you’re passionate and knowledgeable about pets and animal care.

Brands and businesses engaged in pet care would likely commission you over a “jack of all trades” writer with no specific specialisation.

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