Credit Rating Institution Annual Report Design

Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad is a credit rating financial institution that provides public and private ratings on companies and their debt instruments. 

We were commissioned to produce an annual report design for the financial company with a significant amount of information comprising data tabulation and statistics. We managed to complete the report within a very tight timeline and the result was a comprehensive reporting with simplified and accurate presentation, clean editorial layout with legible arrangement of content.


Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad

Financial Company Annual Report

Cover Concept & Design


The cover image depicts the diamond, which is universally associated with stability and hardness. It represents MARC’s resilience and robustness as an intermediary in the capital market. The diamond also acts as a symbol of sustainability, tying in with the theme for MARC’s Annual Report 2019.


We were tasked with producing a concise report and incorporate a significant amount of tabulation and charts to display their data in a clear and consise manner. We also had to adhere to their strict brand guideline throughout the entirety of the project.


As a result, we completed the report within the tight timeline while ensuring the utmost quality in our work. We managed to produce a comprehensive report that represented their statistics accurately with an organised layout. 

Financial Company Annual Report Design

Corporate. Simplified. Legible.

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