Branding vs Marketing: Difference Between Branding and Marketing

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As a business owner, you may be slightly familiar with these terms: branding and marketing.

Alternatively, you might be a new entrepreneur who needs to bring attention to your company but does not know where to start. 

Fear no more.

This article will guide you to get acquainted with branding and marketing, as well as further illustrating the distinction. 

What is Branding? 

What is Branding

Branding is to give an identity to a company or an enterprise. 

A strategic branding plan can attract loyal customers and stakeholders by providing products or services on par with what the brand promises. 

There are various approaches to shape a strong company brand, with the basics including company naming, logo design, and corporate identity.

Generating the company’s vision, mission, and core values can help customers glimpse on the company’s culture. 

Branding also encourages gaining recognition in the industry and the achievements throughout the years.

With the existence of corporate websites and company profiles, the company’s brand is visible to the public.

They are also portals to showcase your brand’s reputation in the industry.

What is Marketing? 

What is Marketing

Marketing is the action of promoting and selling a company’s products or services to attract customers.

It further reinforces the company’s brand and increases the company’s sales revenue.

Marketing strategists will first undergo intensive research to understand the trend. 

Then, they will develop approaches to promote the company’s product or service that appeals to the public.

By collaborating with the creative team, they design a campaign

Today, there are various marketing methods to increase visibility. There is traditional marketing such as flyers, brochures, and newspaper ads.

With the rise of digital marketing, the standard strategies include content marketing, SEO, YouTube video ads, and more.

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Branding vs Marketing: The Differences 

After knowing the definition of these terminologies and their basic procedures, this is the part where we further explain the differences so you can have a clearer understanding. 

1. The Role They Play

The Role They Play

Similar to a company’s organisation, branding and marketing are your business partners with their respective roles. 

Branding defines your company’s name and reputation. It works to give your company an image for recognition. Meanwhile, marketing channels its product or service to increase sales. 

2. What Comes First

Some people view branding vs marketing as a chicken and egg question. Here, we explain why experts agree that branding comes before marketing. 

Branding is the core of the company’s image.

You need to give your company a concrete form and function so people can know what you understand better about your company and what you offer. 

Once you have settled on your company’s brand image, marketing will play as an extension. It amplifies what your company serves or produces. In return, you can receive sales revenue. 

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3. Types of Attention 

Every company needs to gain the attention of consumers to enjoy their services and stakeholders to invest in the company. This is the part where branding and marketing come into action. 

Marketing is a process by which you try to gain attention from the public.

As stated earlier, strategists need to conduct market research and consumer study to create eye-catching advertisements or campaigns.  

Branding helps to maintain the company’s visibility in the industry.

It is the company’s responsibility to withhold the customer experience, product quality, and business integrity. 

4. Duration


Companies organise their marketing campaigns periodically.

Whether for seasonal promotions or annual sales, these campaigns only last for a short period.

There is a need for, marketing strategists need to create new ideas to attract consumers ceaselessly. 

However, a company’s brand is long-lasting. Successful brands can last for more than a century, giving the condition that they still provide the same quality service for generations.

There will be modifications once in a while, but there is no interference in the overall company brand. 

You may look at Dutch Lady, a Malaysian milk brand that has become a household name.

Since its establishment in 1963, it has become a dairy product powerhouse with its high-quality milk production.

Besides, Dutch Lady earns its sales revenue through various time-limited period campaigns, promotions, and advertisements.

5. Impact on Consumers

Impact on Consumers

Although their primary goal is to attract loyal customers, branding and marketing give out different emotional impacts.

Good branding can capture customers’ emotional attachment and loyalty. If a company can withhold its promise and values, people will trust its products or service. 

Creating a brilliant marketing campaign can enhance the consumers’ desire to purchase the products or services on promotion.

It needs to be engaging enough for consumers to resonate with the product or service. 

Now you have gained the basic knowledge of branding vs marketing.

Even though each has its distinctive features and function, they are equally important for your company’s visibility. 

You might ask these questions: How can I create an excellent and concrete company brand to attract loyal customers? How do I plan a marketing campaign that stands out?

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We provide well-crafted and affordable branding and digital marketing services that gain public attention.

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