Establishing Brand Identity with Creative Packaging Design

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Undoubtedly, huge brands like Apple and Samsung have established a strong reputation.

Not only that, they’ve also figured out how to display their products in unique and innovative ways.

It can be said that a brand’s packaging design can significantly influence the customer’s experience.

However, many businesses, especially SMEs in Malaysia, are unaware that product design and branding are inextricably linked.

When a product is not planned, created, released, and sold with the brand at its core, it might destroy its own success.

Otherwise, the people may lose their trust in the product and branding and subsequently confuse the market.

Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss about packaging design and its importance in establishing your brand identity.

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What is Brand Identity?

A brand identity is a collection of characteristics that a company uses to convey the correct impression and image to its target audience.

In the minds of consumers, brand identity is a set of visual features of a brand, such as design, colour, and logo, that will identify and distinguish the brand.

One crucial thing to note is that brand identity is not the same as brand image.

To put it simply, brand identity is what shapes your brand.

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Power of Packaging Design

Power of Packaging Design

Packaging design is a powerful instrument in helping you to develop your brand identity.

You must never take the effect that packaging design may have on your business for granted.

Since your packaging is frequently the initial point of contact between your consumer and your goods, it is also frequently the first time they interact with your brand.

Thus, you should carefully evaluate your packaging in addition to the time and money spent on product design.

Create packaging that evokes feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, or awe.

Your brand exposure and recognition will gradually improve once you’ve produced packaging that quickly resonates with your consumers.

Additionally, as more and more businesses are now selling their products online, the packaging is becoming more relevant.

Hence, branded packaging, which comes in different forms such as bags and boxes, may add value to your product while simultaneously improving your brand’s image.

The Importance of Packaging in Creating Brand Identity

As mentioned before, packaging definitely impacts how a brand is perceived or valued by consumers. Below are some of the purposes of packaging:

  • A Form of Expression

If a product or brand is a leader in its area or category,  the packaging should reflect it. 

In today’s competitive markets, high-quality printing, unique design that fits the brand strategy, and distinctive materials can better persuade customers and distinguish a brand.

  • Establishing Relationship

Packaging is an essential aspect of establishing a relationship between a business and its customers, even after the sale has been completed.

Packaging for toothpaste or commercial office supply products, for example, has an impact on how the brand is regarded every time the product is used.

Here are some questions for you to ask:

Is it visually appealing?

Is the package making things easier (or harder) for you?

A pleasant user experience can truly enhance product loyalty and raise the amount customers are prepared to spend for that said product.

  • Communicating and Informing

Indeed, information is easy to find when the package is well-designed.

On the other hand,  a package does not meet the customer’s expectations if its vital information is challenging to find, read, or utilise. 

To elucidate, the packaging for commercial cleaning products does not have to be designed to sell the product on a store shelf.

However, it must clearly describe the product, how it differs from other goods in the line, and how it should be used (often in multiple languages).

Developing a packaging design that communicates and informs your customers is a surefire way to increase brand loyalty.

  • Safety and Protection

The number one purpose of packaging is always to ensure the product is safe and protected.

Yet, sometimes this significant purpose is forsaken due to the desire to create creative or innovative packaging.

The safety and protection of your packaging design are extremely crucial as when a product reaches a customer, its state or appearance has an impact on their image of your brand.

A damaged, broken, and even out of shape package will tarnish your brand identity.

Packaging design provides an opportunity for you to influence customer brand perceptions.

When you employ packaging design to its greatest potential, it can help your brand develop its identity and retain its competitive edge.

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