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Definition of Web Design

Web design is technically a process of creating a website which includes web layout, content production and graphic design. It encompasses a variety of skills and discipline especially in the production and maintenance of the website.

Web design can be a complicated field to get into, unless you are familiar with the whole discipline.

In the era of digitalisation, we can see that web design has becoming an essential practice especially in business. Many businesses have started to build a website in order to fulfil their specific goals.

An effective web design can help in creating positive impacts for your audience

For example, a website’s graphic design can help in expressing the state of a business as well as its messages. A good graphic design can also enhance audience’s user experience as it will ease the audience to scroll and browse through your website.

Your Own Website

A website reflects a business’ identity.

In other words, your own website is equal to your own identity. An outstanding website simply means that your business are outstanding and provides outstanding services.

The best way to posses a high-end website is by hiring a terrific web designer to create the perfect website for you.

However, it is important to take note on what makes a website a good website. Since developing website is considered as an investment, you need to consider what is worth your money and what is not.

It is also essential to identify on what to focus and what to toss out the window and most importantly, what matters and what is not for the business.

Therefore, make sure to give yourself more time to think before jumping into decisions.

Tips on Hiring the Best Web Design Company

Web design plays a leading role in business, functioning as a tool to gain more customers or viewers. Hence, it is crucial to have a good website design which matches the essence of your business.

Hiring a great web designer can help a lot in improving and enhancing your web design.

Web designer is responsible in creating a vision for the website’s appearance. Hiring an experienced web designer means that they have the right set of skills to attract audiences to the website.

There are a few tips we could share in hiring a great web designer.

  1. Experience is important, of course, but try to filter your candidates based on the characteristics that you want in your working environment. Among ideal criteria to look into are their persistence, curiosity and determination.
  2. Pick a designer with aptitude, not just a particular skill set. Since skills outmoded every two years, you should choose a designer who can adapt to new technologies quickly.
  3. Try to not use trivia questions about programming as a measuring tool as it is not the best way to measure someone’s ability.
  4. One essential tip is to hire slow and fire fast. Take your sweet time in searching for a web designer and dismiss them once they were proven to be unbeneficial to the business.

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Things to Consider Before Asking For A Web Design Price

The price rate for web designing can be vary. It might cost you lower or higher, depending on how many problems you encounter to run your business.

Before asking for a web design cost, there are a few things you need to consider first, and they are;

  1. How many web pages are required?
  2. The selected design is a template-based or a custom-designed?
  3. Do you possess your own logo?
  4. Do you need the Search Engine Organization (SEO)?
  5. What is your expectation of the traffic monthly?
  6. Do you require a speedy website?
  7. Do you need a dashboard system?
  8. Do you need any other exclusive functionality?

Make sure to ask these questions to yourself first.

If you have the answers ready, now it is now time to proceed to the next step which is DEALING WITH THE WEB DESIGN COMPANY.

How to Calculate the Cost of Web Design

Web design are not only limited to building the website but also includes the process of maintaining and managing the site as well. Therefore, there are several components that you need to consider when calculating the cost.

The sum of each component is the total cost web design you need to pay for.

Each element are usually calculated based on the time period, which is either yearly or monthly or even hourly.

Below is the list of the components along with the standard suggested price for each web design company;

  1. Domain name [RM100-RM150/year]
  2. Website hosting [RM400-RM1,500/year]
  3. Content management system [RM0-RM60,000+/year]
  4. Website design or theme creation [RM0-RM80,000+]
  5. Website content writing [RM1,500-RM20,000+]
  6. SEO [RM1,000-5,000+/month]
  7. Multimedia design [RM1,000-RM40,000+]
  8. Database integration [RM20,000-RM100,000/integration]
  9. On-going website maintenance [RM300-RM10,000+/month]
  10. Staff-hour [RM150-RM1,000/hour]

Generally Acceptable Prices for Websites in Malaysia

There are several types of websites in Malaysia. Worth to note, every type of the website has a different price rate depending on the company that offers the service.

However, in Malaysia, there is a standard of the acceptable price for the different types of website.

Listed is the fair price for each website;

1. Microsite [From RM3,000]

Microsite with several sections like a landing page which is suitable for small business.

2. Multiple-page website [From RM5,000]

Multiple-web pages structurally organised, SEO friendly and scalable solution.

3. Custom-made website [Up to RM100,000]

Specially designed for you complete with unique functionality    

Why Some Web Designs are Offered at Cheaper Prices

There are cases in which companies are playing around with the numbers when presenting their services. Try to not get easily fooled with them, given that the numbers does not represent the quality of the final product.

If you find yourself in a situation of RM150 per month vs RM1500 per year for a web design service, make sure to ask yourself the following question:

“Which one is cheaper?”

In every way possible, it is no doubt that RM150 seems lower than RM1500.

However, RM150 per month equals to RM1800 per year. While RM1500 per year equals to RM125 per month. The crucial aspect to look at here is the time period for the service.

Try to not get fooled by the lower price offered. Instead, read carefully and think wisely before making any decisions.

Affordable Web Design Prices in Malaysia

Looking for a perfect web design service with an affordable price?

With unique and top-notch service, our team at Walk Production provides the best web design service for our customer.

Adhering to the standard web design prices, surprise yourself with our high-end web design and prepare to impress the world with your customised website.

Available Web Design Packages at Walk Production

With the mission of satisfying our customers’ needs, there are three packages for you to choose from. Here at Walk Production, we provide microsite, basic corporate website and enterprise corporate website for our customers.

Each of the website development package covering website structure planning, web content writing, custom web design and cloud hosting.

1. Microsite

  • One page scrolling microsite
  • Professional web content writing
  • Fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Contact form/inquiry form
  • Cloud hosting integration
  • Amendment and maintenance (3-months)

2. Corporate Website (Basic)

  • Custom 05 to 15 web pages corporate website
  • Sitemap planning and content structure
  • Professional web content writing
  • Fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Google Map, Waze and social media integration
  • Stock photo, illustration and icon (subject to availability)
  • Contact form/inquiry form
  • Onsite SEO on all web pages
  • Cloud hosting integration
  • Amendment, training and maintenance (3-months)

3. Corporate Website (Enterprise)

  • Website art direction and master concepts development
  • Custom web pages corporate website
  • Sitemap planning and content structure
  • Professional web content writing
  • Fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Google Map, Waze and social media integration
  • Stock photo, illustration and icon (subject to availability)
  • Digital photo manipulation and touch-up
  • Contact form/inquiry form
  • Onsite SEO on all web pages
  • Cloud hosting integration
  • Amendment, training and maintenance (3-months)

If you ever need to custom design your website, or redesign your website, our team of experts are here with open arms at your service.

Please contact us to further discuss about the details.

Look For A Good Quality Web Design Rather Than A Cheap Web Design

Web design services with cheaper prices do not guarantee a good quality web design.

Here at our company, we aim to only serve top-notch services for web designing. We believe that quality is the most important thing in web designing.

As mentioned earlier, your website is the reflection of your identity.

Hence, we are keen to design your web as a first-rate website to best represent your company.

Other than web designing, we also provide other high-end services such as branding, copywriting and translation for you.

1. Branding

2. Copywriting

3. Translation

Translation Services In Malaysia
  • General Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Website Translation

If you need these services, reach us immediately. We have everything you need to grow your business; all at an affordable rate.

Improve your website with us today!

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