Definition of Web Design

    Web design is a technical process of creating a website where it includes the layout, content production and graphic design. The process requires patience and creativity. Web design helps to facilitate a positive experience and image of your company to audiences. Graphic design reflects your business style and identity. A good web design is one that allows your audience to scroll and browse through your website easily.

    Your Unique Website

    Your website is your identity. An outstanding website gives the impression that you and your business provide top-rate services. Showcase your brand story and personality by hiring a web designer to craft the perfect site for your needs.

    Before hiring a web designer, you need to consider the needs and priorities of your company or organisation. By providing a more coherent idea of your vision, a web designer will have a more definite sense of your requirements.

    Tips on Hiring the Best Web Design Company

    Hiring a great web designer helps to improve and enhance your web design. Good web design plays a leading role as it helps you to gain potential customers and business opportunities.

    Not just that, a website makes a first impression of your company and requires great skill to design and execute. Here are a few tips on hiring a great web designer:

    1. Besides experience, personality and character are essential. Knowing what drives and motivates them is an excellent way to gauge their fit with your company.
    2. Pick an adaptable designer, with multiple skill sets. Since skills and design change every two years, you should choose a designer who can learn new technologies quickly.
    3. Never ask trivia questions about programming because it is an inaccurate way to judge someone’s ability.
    4. A great tip is to hire slow and fire fast. Take your time looking for designers and dismiss them if they aren’t a good fit for your business.

    Things to Consider Before Asking For A Web Design Price IN MALAYSIA

    The cost of web designing varies. It may cost you less, or more depending on how many problems you encounter in running your business.

    Before asking about the cost of web design malaysia, there are a few things you need to consider first. They are:

    1. How many web pages are required?
    2. Is the selected design template-based or a custom design?
    3. Do you possess a logo?
    4. Do you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Malaysia)?
    5. What is your expectation of monthly traffic on your site?
    6. Do you require a fast website?
    7. Do you need a dashboard system?
    8. Do you need any other exclusive functionality?

    Ask these questions to yourself first. If you have the answers ready, now you can proceed with the next move; DEALING WITH THE WEB DESIGN COMPANY.

    How to Calculate the Cost of Web Design

    Web designing consists of a few components. The sum of each element is the total cost of the web design. The details are calculated based on the period; whether yearly or monthly or even hourly.

    Below is the list of the components along with the standard suggested Malaysia web design price:

    1. Domain name [RM30-RM80/year]
    2. Website hosting [RM180-RM1,500/year]
    3. Content management system [RM0-RM60,000+/year]
    4. Website design or theme creation [RM0-RM80,000+]
    5. Website content writing [RM1,500-RM20,000+]
    6. SEO [RM1,000-RM5,000+/month]
    7. Multimedia design [RM1,000-RM40,000+]
    8. Database integration [RM20,000-RM100,000/integration]
    9. On-going website maintenance [RM300-RM500+/month]
    10. Staff per hour [RM80-RM300/hour]

    Generally Acceptable WEB DESIGN Price in Malaysia

    There are several types of websites in Malaysia. With each type costing differently depending on the company. However, in Malaysia, there is a standard of acceptable pricing for different types of website. Listed below is the fair price for each website:

    One-page website [From RM2,500]

    • a one-page website with several sections
    • landing page
    • suitable for small business

    Multiple-page website [From RM3,500]

    • multiple-web pages with structural organisation
    • SEO-friendly
    • scalable solution

    Custom-made website [Up to RM100,000]

    • specially designed for you, complete with unique functionality

    Why Some Web Designers Offer a Cheaper Price

    Some companies play with numbers. Do not be easily fooled into thinking that their price is a bargain.

    In a situation of RM150 per month vs RM1,500 per year. Which one is cheaper?

    RM150 is definitely lower than RM1500. However, RM150 per month is equivalent to RM1,800 per year. While RM1,500 per year is equivalent to RM125 per month. The crucial difference here is the period. Do not be fooled by the lower price offered. Instead, read the conditions carefully and think wisely before making any decision.


    Affordable MALAYSIA Web Design Price

    Looking for a great web design service with affordable pricing? With unique and top-notch service, we in Walk Production provide the best web design service for our customers. Following the standard web design price, be awed with our high-end web design and that will make waves in the industry.

    Available Web Design Packages here in Walk Production

    Catered to the needs of every client, we offer three different service packages. We provide ONE-PAGE WEBSITE PACKAGEBUSINESS WEBSITE PACKAGE and CORPORATE WEBSITE PACKAGE for our customers. Every service package comes with reasonable pricing.


    • 1 Scrolling Web Page
    • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile-Responsive
    • 1 Enquiry Form
    • Social Media Integration
    • Up to 3 revisions


    • 5 – 15 Web Pages
    • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile-Responsive
    • 1 Enquiry Form
    • Social Media Integration
    • Up to 6 revisions
    • WhatsApp & Call Integration
    • Waze & Google Map
    • Pull & Drag System


    • 5 – 15 Web Pages
    • Customised Web Design
    • 2 Enquiry Forms
    • Social Media Integration
    • 6 Revisions
    • WhatsApp & Call Integration
    • Waze & Google Map
    • Pull & Drag System
    • Copywriting (1,500 words)
    • Firewall Security
    • On-Page SEO (5 Pages)

    If you ever need a custom-made website or redesign of your current website, we are at your service. Please contact us to discuss the details further.

    Look For Quality Web Designs Rather Than Cheap Web Designs

    Saving cost does not mean that you should compromise on quality. This is because low-cost web designs do not guarantee you quality and good web design. Here at our company, we only offer top-notch service for web design. We believe that quality is essential in all our web designs.

    Your website is your identity. Hence, we are keen to design a website that you can proudly use to represent your company.

    Besides web design, we also provide other high-end services like brandingcopywriting and translation for you.




    • General translation
    • Technical translation
    • Business translation
    • Website translation

    If you need these services, give us a call now. We have everything you need to grow your business; all at an affordable rate. Improve your website now by contacting us!

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