ePerolehan Tender: What is ePerolehan Tender & How to Prepare for Tender in Malaysia

What is a Tender? What does Tendering mean? In its simplest form, tendering is a process whereby an organisation which requires goods and services, invites other parties to submit a bid or proposal; to provide these goods and services.

Tendering also includes parties like governments and financial institutions inviting bids for large projects that must be submitted within a defined deadline. 

In Malaysia, some platforms allow suppliers to ask or offer their products and services to the government through online. One of these platforms is none other than the ePerolehan Tender.

ePerolehan is an electronic procurement system which facilitates the government’s procurement activities to create a fair, transparent and accountable governance system. Through ePerolehan Tender, suppliers will be able to showcase their products in worldwide networks, as well as receive payments, manage and process orders from government agencies via the Internet. 

Besides that, ePerolehan Tender also enables the suppliers to send quotations, obtain tender documents and send tender offers. Suppliers are also able to register or renew their registration with the Ministry of Finance online.

With that said, ePerolehan Tender is indeed an alternative paperless medium to help suppliers and government agencies alike in saving cost, time, and energy. 

How Can My Company Apply For This?

To run a business with the Malaysian government, it is important that you first register yourself with the Ministry of Finance (MOF). After registering with MOF, you will be able to acquire the financial license that shows you have registered with the government and are eligible for tenders relating to the government and relevant agencies. 

How Can My Company Apply For This
Malaysian Government eProcurement Official Portal

Which Account Should I Register to Participate ePerolehan Tender?

According to the Official Portal for Malaysian Government eProcurement, there are three accounts to choose from for new supplier registrations.

Suppliers can deal with the Federal Government in the ePerolehan system through the Basic Account, MOF Account and G2G Account.

Which Account Should I Register Participate A Tender
Types of accounts for new supplier registration

However, among these three accounts, the Basic Account and MOF Account are open to the public, whereas G2G is for state governments, statutory bodies or the local authorities. The Basic and MOF account allows you the public to register, be it as an individual, a business entity, a company and more.

Here’s a little note regarding both the Basic and MOF Account :

  • Basic Account: For suppliers to transact with the Federal Government for goods and services up to RM20,000. There is no charge for basic account registration, and only Malaysian citizens with I/C can register for this account.
  • MOF Account: For suppliers to transact with the Federal Government for goods and services up to RM20,000 or more than RM20,000. 

5 Branding Tips To Make You Stand Out And Improve Your Winning Rate at ePerolehan Tender

Often, you may come across marketing experts sharing their views on how to make your brand stand out among the crowd. With all the various branding tips offered online, we found the five most common branding tips suggested by multiple marketing platforms that will help create a winning tender or an overall improvement in your business reputation.

These tips include :

1. Plan Ahead Of Time and Be Timely

Plan Ahead Of Time& Be Timely

It is said that “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. Therefore, one of the key tips to elevate your brand and make it stand out is by planning and preparing ahead of time.

Managing your time well and planning means taking the time to be creative and build an informative and exciting branding or profile. 

Besides that, you can also do some research on your competition, and see how you can differentiate yourself in the market. In this case, being timely and submitting a tender before the deadline will place you in a better position to succeed.

2. Write an Impressive Tender Proposal

Write an Impressive Tender Proposal

An impressive tender proposal could make a big difference when it comes to getting your message across clearly and effectively. The inability to write content engagingly could lead to your proposal being turned down. With that said, a good tender proposal should not only include concise information, but it should also be persuasive, informative and easy-to-read.

Hence, components such as engaging and informative copywriting or content writing, as well as branding and design, can contribute to a well-written tender proposal. If you are not very confident in producing impressive proposals by yourself, you can always get some help from the professional copywriting services agencies.

3. Create A Competitive Company Profile

Create A Competitive Company Profile

A company profile is essential in creating the right corporate image, facilitate understanding and generate confidence towards your company.

A good company profile is also a tool to demonstrate your company’s capability, experience and capacity in doing business. If you would like to increase your chances of winning a tender, your company profile should highlight your unique qualifications and illustrating why you’re the right fit for the job.

Besides including necessary company information, background, mission statements, goals, products and services; a company profile is also an unofficial declaration of your interest in a particular project.

Criteria like establishing your legitimacy, showing your capabilities, and demonstrating how you can get the job done may increase your chances of winning a tender or attracting customers.

You may need some time to prepare a well-written company profile, or you can opt for comprehensive company profile designs from trusted creative agencies.

4. Create A Professional Website

Create A Professional Website

A professional website is another key to elevate your brand. Your website is the face of your brand, and it would be a useful tool to build a strong digital presence as well. In addition to the quality content you produce for your tender, you can also stand out from the competition by having creative and quality design input in your website.

Another thing to take note of is that people are visual learners. By creating interesting and pleasant-to-the-eye websites, you will be able to invite more customers and visitors to your page and increase web traffic flow.

There are many components to a good website, such as simple navigation, helpful content, and Search Engine Optimization strategies. With that said, let credible creative agencies provide you with an array of website design services to showcase your brand.

5. Get Your Presentation Right

Get Your Presentation Right
Source: Freepik

Last but certainly not least is to get your presentation right. It is essential that we produce a tender document (or any other documents) not only accurately, but also professionally. It would be helpful for your partners and customers alike when your message is conveyed and presented neatly. 

You can do so by creating a set of template designs for your documents or website and social media page to reflect your brands. We should keep in mind that we may want to change or update information regarding our company and services from time to time. Instead of starting over every time, why not have a set of templates to save time?

Hence, consistency is key when it comes to the brand from one tender document to another. By keeping your brand presentation constant across all platforms, partners, and customers alike will have a better chance of remembering you and your brand.

With that said, you don’t have to fret too much about designing templates when you have a professional branding agency, ready to assist you in all your branding and design needs!

Why Are Company Profiles Important?

Why Are Company Profiles Important

Although the ePerolehan system does not require you to submit a company profile, your company profile can be essential in winning a tender as this profile is the best way for Government-Linked Companies to understand your company. It is also a way of knowing whether your company is a capable and good entity to do business with.

When you create a company profile, you are opening a virtual window for your brand. Thus allowing people to take a quick look into your company; along with its goals and missions, products and services, strengths, track records, the values it’s committed to and more.

A well-written company profile serves as a powerful tool to promote your business and attract clients, not to mention winning tenders and getting a project. Because of that, company profiles should go beyond that and be optimised in different platforms such as corporate websites, brochures, social and professional social media networks and more!

Now, to create a good company profile can be tedious and taxing if you’re doing it all by yourself. Imagine the workload you have to bear in making sure there are no typos and grammar mistakes, logo designing, website maintenance, and social media strategising; all while trying to maintain a good and engaging content.

create a good company profile

With that said, let Walk Production help you lift your burdens by doing what we do best! As a full-service creative and digital agency, our team of business consultants, designers, writers and digital marketers are ever-ready to help your company stand out among the crowd.

How Can Walk Production Help Me? 

How Can Walk Production Help

Walk Production has everything you need to grow your businesses with our comprehensive and integrated services. If you’re wondering what creative and digital services we have in store for you, say no more! We offer a wide range of services, such as Branding and Design, Editorial and Copywriting, SEO Services and more!

Walk Productions provides much more services for you and your business. Similarly, we also offer customised business solutions that cater to your business needs and budget.

With the help of our team at WP, let us help you highlight the brand value of your company, and convey your messages through attractive and well-designed graphics, leaving your clients and customers a pleasing impression of your company!

Unlike other agencies, Walk Production offers a full corporate profile service that includes concept development, copywriting and design.

How Has Walk Production Helped Other Companies?

If you’re wondering how Walk Production has helped Malaysians with their business profiles, WP has been assisting all kinds of companies—-from SMEs, MNCs and Corporate companies; in enhancing their public image with well-crafted business profiles and branding.

Take, for example, our SEO Services, Branding and Copywriting for a property management company called Rumah-i

With zero records in Google, Rumah-i needed a website developed to increase brand awareness, reach more customers and compete with big players in the management sector such as PropertyGuru and iProperty.

Hence, with the continued efforts of SEO and blog production, Rumah-i has gained a 100% increase in web traffic within the first three months and over 40 new leads.

Besides that, Rumah-i’s web pages also managed to rank in the 1st page of the Google search result for 50% of the targeted keywords.

The team at Walk Production also provides NDT company profile design and copywriting to various companies involved in testing and certification.

For example, we have worked with XPERT Engineering, a creditable company that specialises in the provision of testing, inspection and quality assurance services in Malaysia.

The results showed that within the first three months, the campaign resulted in an increase in web traffic by 200% and generated more than 20 new leads with an estimated worth of over RM500,000. The SEO strategy by WP has led to XPERT Engineering’s web pages ranking on the 1st Google results page for 50% of the targeted keywords!

How Do I Get In Touch With Walk Production?

With all that said, although the ePerolehan Tender system offers tremendous convenience in the tendering process, a good and well-written company profile may increase the chances of winning a tender and getting your company noticed.

We understand that the process of setting up a good company profile and building a brand can be tedious and confusing for some.

Hence, we welcome you to engage a credible agency who can help do it for you!

Let Walk Production assist you in your business with our comprehensive services. You can always get in touch with us by contacting us here to find out more about the quality services that we provide!

We’re looking forward to having you onboard!

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