What is Brand Vision? 7 Key Ingredients to Create an Inspiring Brand Vision

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When you start up a business brand, you will create a company profile that appeals to your target consumers or potential shareholders.

One of the critical components in branding is the company’s vision, which comes right after the company’s introduction. 

You might be curious about why it is essential to create a brand vision and how it relates to the branding process.

Fear no more.

We will share some basic knowledge on brand vision and tips to mould your vision statement.

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What is Brand Vision and Why It Is Important?

What is Brand Vision and Why It Is Important

Brand vision explains your company’s direction and your method of reaching that target as brief as possible.

You can create a strong connection with your customers, shareholders, and team members. 

Developing an excellent brand vision can efficiently communicate the company’s purpose and achievements.

It also envisions what future the company can bring through their product or service. 

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The Recipe to Build an Impactful Vision

The Recipe to Build an Impactful Vision

We entrust you with a list of crucial elements to create your business vision.

Along with the list comes some examples from worldwide-recognised brands that have shaped astonishing brand visions.

1. Short Statements Speaks Louder  

Any good brand vision should stay within one sentence.

It would be best if you focused on memorability and easy comprehension for your loyal consumers and shareholders.

Hence, leave out the jargon and technical terms from your vision statement, and use everyday words instead. 

Look at the brand vision by the most prominent Swedish furniture store IKEA, ‘To create a better everyday life for the many people’.

The vision statement stays within one sentence and comprises only ten words. Yet, it speaks a lot about what IKEA offers and how the brand benefits the public.

2. Ambitious, but Modest

Your brand vision can sound ambitious, portraying your business as goal-oriented, and your company will go for any challenges.  

Simultaneously, boasting too much and setting unrealistic goals can negatively affect your potential consumers or shareholders.

With the right words and tonality, people will appreciate the company’s modest attitude. 

Here is LinkedIn’s vision statement, ‘Create an economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce’. Notice that the company does not brag about their worldwide fame.

Instead, they focus on their goal of providing working opportunities for their global customers. 

3. Stay Relevant 

Relating your vision statement to the industry strengthens your brand. It will be odd if a brand vision mentions any other product than what they offer.  

Worldwide bestseller ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s created their brand vision ‘Making the best ice cream in the nicest possible way’.

The phrase ‘ice cream’ already reflects what the brand offers and stays relevant to the frozen dessert industry. 

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4. Concept of Quality

Understanding which direction your business is going will benefit how you shape your brand vision.  

For companies with high ambitions and clear objectives, concept-based vision statement works best. It amplifies what the company hopes to achieve in the future.

It works like a simplified map that envisions what kind of change your business can bring to the world. 

Tesla’s brand vision ‘To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy’ shows this electric car company’s long-term plan to manufacture eco-friendly vehicles.

The brand also provides visualisation of a world without relying on fuel combustion. 

As for quality-based vision statement, it shows the company’s internal goals and core values. A direct message that informs what the company offers to the public.

It shows how much the company places their confidence in their product or service. 

Zoom, a renowned teleconferencing company, describes ‘Video communications empowering people to accomplish more’ as their vision statement.

It shows the developers’ pride in Zoom’s video-conference features and how their product benefits the public. 

5. The Flow of Consistency 

You can align your brand vision with your company strategy, core values, and services. This method will strengthen your brand as the vision statement guarantees what you offer.

Thus, your customers will show their trust. 

If you visit the Malaysian McDonald’s webpage, notice the statement under the Brand Promise section that states, ‘To provide Simple Easy Enjoyment to every customer at every visit.

McDonald’s has become a household name where consumers of all ages can have the simplest form of enjoyment.

For a fast-food restaurant, they offer an instant service where you can receive your meal without the long wait. 

6. Know Thy Target

You can address who your target customers are through your vision statement.

Building a connection between your product or service to a specific group of consumers reflects your knowledge of your demographic. 

Nike’s brand vision is ‘To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world’. Athletes are Nike’s primary consumer, with the company manufactures sportswear and sports equipment. 

7. Shows Personality

By using the correct tonality, brand vision can feature the company’s unusual personality.

This type of vision statement allows the public to get in touch with the company’s culture.

It also displays the company’s individuality that stands out among its competitors.

‘Spread ideas’ is TED Talk’s brand vision. This two-word vision statement shows a distinction from the previous brand visions examples.

Besides, TED Talk’s culture gathers unusual individuals who share their experiences and knowledge with their audience. 

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With these seven key ingredients, you can cook up a compelling brand vision.

A powerful foundation in your company’s branding will ensure your company receives the attention it deserves. 

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