Landing Page Testing: What is the Best Way to Test your Landing Page?

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What’s a Landing Page?

In the digital marketing world, a landing page is where you “land” after you click on a link. It’s typically a standalone web page specifically created to receive and convert traffic from a marketing or advertising campaign.

However, if you ask a non-marketer, their answer for what a landing page is might be different. 

Many people confuse landing pages for a homepage. While homepages present dozens of links and distractions, landing pages are hyper-focused. They are specially designed with a single goal, also dubbed a call to action, to increase the conversion rates of marketing campaigns and lower the cost of obtaining leads. 

For this article, we’ll be referring to landing pages through an online marketer’s mouth. 

Some of the call to action examples you could include on your landing page are:

  • Place an order
  • Submit a form of personal information (and become a lead)
  • Reach out to you
  • Subscribe to a newsletter 
  • Register for an event

These conversion actions share the same goal of progressing viewers toward becoming a paying customer. Ultimately, that’s the goal prevalent in any landing page—whether it’s the marketing definition or an entry point for a website. 

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What’s the best way to test your landing page?

More often than not, businesses design landing pages and then neglect them, making assumptions about what will prompt a response from audiences instead. But why use intuition when you can use factual data? 

Experimentation is a crucial part of any marketing scheme. Your landing page is the first stage in your campaign funnel that’s most vulnerable to abandonment—you either capture viewers’ attention, or you don’t.

Having a comprehensive testing method lets you analyse the results across multiple segments and divulge the variations that garner better conversions. This way, you can ensure maximum return on marketing investments. 

One type of landing page testing is A/B Testing, which is the most direct and sturdy approach to compare two versions of a landing page. This way, you can see which variant results in more clicks and reduced bounce rate. You may also continue perfecting your landing page throughout multiple tests. 

The changes between the two adaptations can be small (incremental) or big (radical) revolving the objective of the test.

Essentially, A/B tests help to pinpoint the elements that impact a user’s behaviour, fitting the right pieces together to form the most effective landing page puzzle to produce more leads. 

How does A/B testing work?

When A/B testing your landing pages, you typically create a variation of the existing one and make specific tweaks. An example would be changing the headline or replacing web forms with chatbots. Most web forms are merely virtual versions of old paper forms.

New-age companies frequently swap them out for chatbots to determine which of the two generate more engagement and increase conversion rates. 

A/B testing can make a significant difference in your bottom line. However, you shouldn’t just conduct one A/B test and call it a day. You should continuously test your landing pages to make sure you’re doling out the best content for your visitors. 

Why should you A/B test your landing page?

Why should you AB test your landing page

A/B testing your landing pages sound like an exhausting and repetitive process, and maybe that’s why some businesses couldn’t be bothered.

Fortunately, there are useful tools available to simplify the process for you. The advantages of running these tests are indeed worth it. 

Let’s explore some reasons why landing page testing with A/B is the best way to go: 

I. Higher conversion rates

If you’re not hitting the target conversions, don’t pout! A/B testing your landing pages gives you the opportunity to switch up your call to action, messaging, images and other culprits. Many marketers assume they know their audience once they’ve done their research. On the contrary, you can’t understand your audience unless you observe their behaviour on your site. 

Although you may offer the same product or service as another brand, your corporate culture, beliefs and even target audience are different. Small differences as such are often detected in conversion rates. 

By A/B testing your landing pages, you can figure out why visitors aren’t converting, and work through the incompetent elements. 

II. Increase sales

Landing page testing not only boosts conversions but increases sales. Once you’ve refined the best creative landing page, your message will connect better with viewers and prompt a faster buying decision.

Any tiny adjustment that accelerates your audience through the funnel will bode well for your business. Rather than having prospects make contact with you several times, they might buy from you after two breezy touchpoints. 

III. Understand your customers

Allow us to reiterate the misconception of using intuition as opposed to collecting data points from your target audience. To truly learn about your visitors, you must construct an environment where you can gather data. A/B testing shows you the elements that click with visitors as well as those that don’t.

Even tweaking one word in your call to action may reveal subtleties about consumers that otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed. 

IV. More engagement with your brand

Your landing pages don’t exist just for conversions. As a business owner, you want audiences to carry through with your call to action. In case they don’t, your landing page still serves as a critical vehicle for communicating your brand’s message. 

If your landing page resonates with a visitor who’s still hesitant on converting or buying, they might follow you on social media or check out your latest posts. Who knows? They might become a buyer in the future. 

Landing page testing helps you identify the best language and imagery that speaks to your target audience. It can get aggravating testing one thing at a time to obtain actionable results, but you can always run multiple tests concurrently. 

In summation, you should test one element for each test, for example, the layout or headline, so you are sure what influenced the outcome and change it accordingly. 

More engagement with your brand

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