Product Branding: Proven Branding Strategies In Malaysia

It’s time to discard boring ads and emails because you’re about to learn effective product branding strategies right now.

Before your brand becomes well-renowned and reputable, product branding strategies should be utilized as a part of your brand decisions. 

Any business’s branding aspect is essential as part of the business identity.  It might even be your primary focus due to elements such as logo design and brand principles.  

But any brand is just an assembly of elements without proper marketing strategies.  

After all, you’re trying to make your brand recognizable and familiar in a sea of products and services.  

There are various ways to communicate with your audience through something fun, exciting or even serious.  There are plenty of ideas on how you should market your business! 

But, What If It Doesn’t Work?

Don’t worry, we’ve prepared product branding strategies that are proven to work- with local examples!  

Here are 6 proven marketing strategies with examples to get you started: 

1. Propose Collaborations

Collaborating with other brands and companies is an excellent publicity strategy, especially with other reputable companies.  

Partnering up with other businesses can open your mind to limitless potential and ideas for product or service ideas.  You will also introduce your brand to customers of your partnered company.  

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It simply provides a mutual benefit for both collaboration partners. 

A business that often works with other businesses and brands is Collabosaurus. 

Collabosaurus is known for their networking platform, and they’re a growing name for business collaborations.

This platform has collaborated with many businesses ranging from graphic designers to lawyers.

In fact, Collabosaurus has collaborated with over 7120 brands and businesses. Teaming up with fellow B2B is a walk in the park.

For instance, their most memorable collaboration is with Microsoft. They managed to co-host and co-brand a podcast with complete social media promotion and paid advertising.

By co-hosting the podcast, both hosts could reach new potential customers and pool resources.

2. User-Generated Content 

Sometimes the best publicity you can get is from your consumers.  User-generated content can be an excellent way to advocate any business’s services and products. 

User-generated content can range from online posts to comments on a review site.  

It will not only engage with customers but also strengthen the brand’s and consumers’ trust.  In addition, it can be a great introduction to newcomers that have never tried your brand. 

Harrogate Malaysia is a Malaysian branch of a sulphur soap company.  This brand frequently receives online reviews of their sulphur soap and speaks out on the benefits of sulphur soap. 

By doing so, consumers and browsing netizens can see the effectiveness of Harrogate Malaysia’s sulphur soap.  It also ropes in new customers that are curious with the medicinal soap.

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3. Collaborating with Influencers

Many individuals tend to turn their noses at influencers due to digital fame.  However, any smart business owner knows that internet fame can benefit when leveraged correctly. 

A product or service advocated by an influencer also shows a display of trust to their audience.  Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with any reputable influencer.  

It might seem challenging to brainstorm an effective collaboration between B2B and influencers, but the right influencer can be your ingenious solution. 

Jenn Chia is a Malaysian influencer known for content creation and viral commercials. She has collaborated with many businesses and brands such as Nestle, Puma and even The One Academy.

Through witty dialogue and relatable plot, any commercial project with Jenn Chia is likely to succeed due to her amassed following and brilliant advertising.

4. Frequent Customer Engagement 

Active customer engagement on a brand’s social media account or blog is a strategic method, especially in an age where technology is ever-present. 

Engagement with consumers has never been more important till the current age.  After all, society only grows more attached to their phones with every passing day. 

Being active on your brand’s social media accounts also indicates to consumers that you’re listening.

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5. Social work 

Placing your brand in a positive light can be beneficial for the impression of your business.  Consumers tend to be impressed by businesses willing to give back to the community instead of solely focusing on company profit.  

You can do so by engaging the community by providing free meals or service vouchers for hospital frontliners or those in need. 

A1 Chicken Rice is a stellar example because they provided up to thousands of packaged meals to vaccination frontliners on 14th May.  

Borenos Fried Chicken also provided free meals to the first 100 blood donors at Hospital Queen Elizabeth’s blood donor event.  Thus, encouraging customers to donate their blood during the short-term event. 

These actions had led to a good-natured impression that has gained the admiration of their consumers.

6. Being Flexible 

We have listed numerous strategies, but the most important takeaway is to be flexible.  Marketing strategies are as ever-changing as your company.

It is also recommended to try each marketing strategy, so your methods won’t be static.  Thus, your product branding strategies should be adopted when fit.  

Brands should listen to their customers’ needs and adapt to the circumstances they find themselves in for full leverage of these strategies.  

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Walk Production

Walk Production is a Malaysia branding company that specializes in all aspects of branding. 

This company is known for strategies in company profile design, brochure design, publication design and more.

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