10 Great Tips for Your Real Estate Advertising

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Real estate agents are walking encyclopaedias of Malaysia’s property market sphere, spewing knowledge and valuable insights to buyers and sellers alike in the home buying process.

As symbiotic as the relationship is between all three parties, most buyers prefer to do the leg work online beforehand.

The competition is relentless.

With more people turning to the internet first thing in their house hunting quest, the need for property agents to have an active online presence is unravelling quickly.

If you’re not investing time into networking online, chances are you’re lagging by a step or ten.

Nonetheless, real estate advertising centres around strategy.

How can you do it in a way that not only reaches prospects but attracts them?

A lack of advertising strategy might as well equates to shouting into a dark abyss and expecting a response.

You’ll hear an echo, maybe.

Below, we’ve compiled 10 great tips for your real estate advertising in Malaysia, so that you’ll receive more than a reverberation in your efforts.

1. Set up a website & social

Set up a website & social

Like any product or service, your real estate business should have its own website for prospective clients to comb through.

Show them what you’re offering, and include an updated set of listings regularly. This will keep your site alive as people search for properties.

You may also add a useful tool for your visitors, perhaps a mortgage calculator, distinguishing your site from others.

At the same time, set up your social on all the major networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so that you can interact with users and promote your properties further.

Moreover, you might want to make your main site mobile-friendly, seeing as consumers spend loads of time on their smartphones.

2. Add easy social sharing

Potential homebuyers are very likely to share their favourite housing photos with family and friends. Thus, you should add social sharing features on your pages so that users can easily email or share the different properties they’re eyeing online.

3. Take high-quality photos

Good photography is the spine of all successful real estate in Malaysia.

Bring in professionals who specialise in capturing the essence of houses and architecture, and make sure to highlight the most appealing features for your audiences.

Using one good picture isn’t enough to enthral those on a property hunt; they’re not cruising for a new bedsheet.

Besides getting some shots of the home’s interiors, you can even show off any outdoor space or stunning views to pile on the appeal.

Anything that helps your clients place themselves in the picture, both emotionally and visually.

4. Describe the experience

While images are powerful, words do their part in persuasion as well. We’ve progressed from the silent film age.

Words don’t merely serve as a description for a space; they stir emotion that can change the game on your advertising strategy.

However, you mustn’t dispense rushed descriptions without proofreading, as it reflects negatively on your professionalism.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors, or get a fresh pair of eyes to do it.

You can even start a blog, posting relevant content that’s optimised for SEO.

5. Include functional explanations

Don’t drown a property’s functional explanations in a stream of flowery descriptions.

Instead, give homebuyers what they want—the raw, physical details.

How many units does the development have?

What’s the situation with the security system?

The more detailed your information is, the more your prospects can understand about a property.

You can save precious time and effort from having to talk an uninterested client’s ear off later.

6. Showcase connectivity

Connectivity is a significant selling point when it comes to real estate.

Focus on this aspect in your adverts and let audiences know if the development is accessible.

It can be a visual prompt with a basic map or a blog article portraying the nearest public transport and convenience stores, whatever works.

7. Create virtual tours

Take your home visits to the virtual realm! Virtual tour videos are an efficient way to give potential buyers a comprehensive preview of a property.

This head start can pique their interests and even set you apart from competitors. There are plenty of virtual staging websites to aid the process, too.

8. Outsource an animated video

Anyone recall the ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ animated video?

It was a creative and funny PSA about train safety, in case you didn’t know.

Outsourcing short, quality cartoon videos for your real estate business can give your brand exactly what it needs: personality.

You may also feature local landmarks or other unique selling points in your video to make it hyper-targeted.

9. Amplify your advert

If you’ve established yourself as the go-to real estate agent for younger people, the best place for your property ads may be a market-leading property platform.

On the flip side, advertising via traditional vehicles such as newspapers can also allow you access to a broader market.

The key is to analyse the type of market suited for a particular property and understand the best method to reach out to said market.

10. Don’t forget contact details

What’s the point of great advertising without your contact details?

Ensure you provide clear contact information on every page, guiding consumers on what to do for the next stage.

No matter where your ads are posted, they should contain imperative details on who to contact.

So many tips, so little time.

There are a plethora of runner-ups that didn’t make the list but are equally useful for real estate advertising, such as hosting a webinar, branded freebies, creating the perfect Pinterest board, etc.

Once you’ve set actionable goals for your campaigns, nothing can stand in your way!

Except maybe an economic decline, but we’ll hope for the best.

Don’t forget contact details

In the meantime, seek help with your website and branding with Walk Production.

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Expand your real estate business and achieve new heights today!

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