Real Estate Leads: 10 Simple Marketing Ideas that Generate Leads

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As a real estate agent, you want to maintain a sturdy conduit of leads.

During dismal times of market fluctuation, your momentum might get impeded, accompanied by your commission checks; or lack thereof.

Sufficed to say that we’re currently living through one of those dismal times due to the global pandemic.

Welcome to the world of real estate.

Still, it’s not as bleak as it sounds. You can gird yourself with an arsenal of lead generating strategies to spar the capricious nature of the market.

Many an agent who had come before us managed to build blooming businesses; leaving a wealth of knowledge to be explored.

Lead generation specifically can be a challenge in the endlessly evolving and competitive real estate environment.

That’s why it’s good to take a step back every once in a while and look at the bigger picture, which is the core tactics holding your game plan together.

In this article, we’ll share 10 simple marketing ideas that will generate leads and keep you ahead of the curve.

The game is always changing.

What gathered great leads at an affordable rate might not work as well as it did a year ago.

With Facebook advertising and various innovative lead generation strategies emerging, real estate agents are clambering to keep the phones ringing.

Welcome to the world of real estate

1. Build partnerships

Isn’t real estate all about building relationships and forming alliances?

An important detail you need to understand about leads is that the best ones come from people you’ve developed meaningful relationships with.

Nurture those connections, and you will generate repeat and referral business.

Simultaneously, you can also network with local business and form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Co-host happy hours, events, and send gifts to your clients or leads. A few industries that can help real estate agents go the extra mile are:

  • Insurance companies—Homeowners insurance is a guarantee, and some homebuyers may be turning their new property into flip homes, rentals, or even businesses.
  • Commercial lenders—Most buyers don’t have their loan officers on speed dial, but the latter is an integral part of the home buying process.
  • Cleaning services—Buyers rarely walk into a dingy house and rush to sign their name on it. By partnering with cleaning services, you can also offer discounted home cleaning to your clients.

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2. Advertise everywhere

Since many buyers nowadays start their property hunt online, it would be a smart move to invest in paid advertising.

Here are some effective ways to market your real estate business:

  • Post billboards
  • Run Facebook ads
  • Run LinkedIn ads
  • Run Google ads
  • Advertise in local newspapers
  • Blog for real estate websites

3. Facebook Messenger ads

Increase response rates through Facebook Messenger ads!

The traditional ways of lead generation are lengthy; risking leads to lose interest.

However, with Facebook Messenger ads, people have the option to start a live conversation after clicking on an ad, eliminating several obsolete steps in the conversion process.

They can talk to you without having to reveal precious contact information, resulting in better response rates and more leads at a lower cost.

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4. Use landing pages

One underrated content marketing tip only a sparse amount of experienced bloggers use to their advantage is landing pages.

Buyers tend to do extensive research about a new area they might potentially call home, so by setting up local community pages on your website; users will view you as the local go-to expert.

Community pages comprise ample information that buyers would veer towards, such as prestigious schools, shopping centres and other area attractions.

These pages must be optimised to show up in search results, making it easier for you to relocate leads.

5. Build a real estate brand

A common misconception with online marketing is that you should continuously push your ‘personal’ brand.

Unfortunately, people aren’t looking for you.

There’s a possibility they won’t employ an agent altogether.

Build and market a real estate brand that offers buyers and sellers in your local area what they really want.

6. Use social media to increase traffic

Social media marketing is an indispensable component in modern marketing.

Of course, we weren’t going to leave it off the list.

Other than Facebook ads, a couple of worthy mentions are Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is perfect for more professional networking, but you can attract traffic and enhance awareness with Instagram.

Stunning visuals and short, sweet posts are enough to keep you relevant and accessible in the daily life of any prospect.

7. Answer real estate questions on Quora

Quora is an untapped online community that holds immense power for generating leads.

The interactive forum garners over 200 million visitors monthly, with its Q&A entries often showing up on Google’s first page.

Plus, it’s free!

You can begin your quest by searching for questions that are repeatedly asked because chances are the available answers don’t hit the spot.

Get your name, face and treasured knowledge out to thousands of online buyers.

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8.  Create content to engage existing leads

Don’t neglect your subscribed leads.

Come up with regular content to keep them engaged and let them share useful information with loved ones who need it.

Three ways you can convey different types of information to your leads include:

  • Newsletter: The most straightforward channel for real estate reading material. Newsletters are an excellent way to regularly share information with subscribed leads, providing insight on mortgage and interest rates as well as your best listings.
  • Community Magazine: Community magazines can be fun, keeping people updated on upcoming events alongside helpful information and industry statistics.
  • Content Marketing: As we’ve discussed, again and again, content marketing is a low-cost lead generating unicorn. It also adds a personal touch to your insights on real estate for buyers and sellers alike.

9. Sponsor a good cause

Sponsoring humanity events is a great opportunity to generate new leads.

For example, you can approach a local animal shelter and sponsor an adoption event.

You can donate a sum to pay for rent, canopy shelters and whatnot, then be there to work the crowd.

Animal lovers will appreciate your service in finding homes for abandoned pets, viewing you as a kindred spirit.

Obviously, you need to be a pet lover yourself to form these bonds.

10. Say “thank you”

Who doesn’t like receiving presents or a small token of gratitude?

Rewarding your referral sources with small gifts and handwritten ‘thank you’ cards can go a long way in maintaining a steady stream of referrals.

It’s one of the best lead generation tools that will leave a lasting impression, prompting clients to refer your services to others.

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Over to you!

At the end of the day, you got to think smart about the tools under your belt.

Focus on these lead gen ideas and integrate them into your current lead management system.

From there, all you need is a consistent brand image and a market that fluctuates upwards. 

If you ever need help with developing the perfect real estate brand for your business, you know where to find us!

At Walk Production, we are passionate about forging dreams and generating leads.

Our remarkably skilled team offers numerous services that could be of good use, including corporate branding, website development, copywriting, blog writing and SEO implementation. 

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