Real Estate Marketing Collateral: 7 Property Marketing Collateral Examples

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Everyone aspires to become a leading force to be reckoned with in their respective industries.

To have a breakthrough in the real estate world, you’ll need a powerful marketing strategy.

And what are calculated tactics without its collateral?

Real estate marketing collaterals can inform and form trust among prospective clients while heightening brand awareness.

For those looking to generate more quality leads or augment their commission intake, consider investing in high-grade marketing materials.

A robust real estate campaign should merge new-age digital marketing techniques with a contemporary approach to tried-and-tested strategies of print marketing.

Navigating the miscellaneous options and settings can be quite time-consuming, which is why we’ve gathered 7 brilliant examples for you, as well as a guide on how to create them.

robust real estate campaign

Real Estate Print Marketing Collateral

As revolutionary as our technological advancement is, it doesn’t oust the perks of print advertising.

A study by the U.S. Postal Service illustrates that print marketing collaterals have better review time and higher memory retrieval accuracy, abating trust issues among audiences.

That said, let’s commence with the real estate print materials that will rail in those big bucks.

Incorporate these examples in your strategy to boost brand image and visibility—everything crucial to the tricky waters of real estate.

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1. Brochures

Investing in print collateral like brochures may initially appear as a counterproductive move in this digital-first world, but hear us out.

When you appeal to an individual’s senses, you’re delivering an improved brand experience.

Brochures or property pamphlets are a cost-efficient way of spreading insights about the property market, the services your business provides and its benefits.

They’re especially effective with customers who were on the cusps of making a buying decision, because why would anyone pass up a brochure from a reputable company offering helpful information?

Despite being promotional material, a good brochure shouldn’t feel like an advert. It can be beautifully designed and educational.

There are many brochure templates to choose from, and once they’re printed, you can fold them into leaflets or pamphlets.

Here are a few tips to follow when designing a brochure:

  • Keep the design clear and minimalist. People should be able to read it easily.
  • For the cover, think of how you can grab the reader’s attention and beckon them to read the rest. It should spark an emotional connection, whether it be excitement or curiosity. You can try using eye-catching colours and clear text for the best results.
  • Convey your message and offers in a detailed yet to-the-point fashion, including material that enhances awareness, boosts repeat purchases and drives sales. Arrange them according to the ranking of their importance.

2. Business Cards

These small, visually attractive cards carry central aspects of your agency, including the logo, name, website, social channels and your contact information.

You might think that business cards are irrelevant in 2020, but let’s be honest, we all have them scattered around the place.

Since the cost of production is low, even a 2.5% increase in sales  is undeniably a high ROI.

However, yours must be innovative and unique to get noticed in the flurry of business cards being spread around.

Pay attention to the thickness and texture of the paper, as it’s perceivable as either professional or downright tacky.

You can customise an original design to make your card more memorable, adding finishes and coats for that last bit of dazzle.

You can never go wrong with the classic matte finish.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional graphic designer, there are still tons of accessible tools online as well as real estate business card templates you can customise.

Business Card

3. Flyers

Real estate flyers are also a great way to attract potential buyers.

Agents can use them for many purposes, such as advertising services, listings, exclusive deals and open house viewings.

They’re affordable and easy to distribute in prime locations where passers-by are likely to pick up promotional materials.

Because they offer less space for content than brochures, they’re designed to be more eye-catching and punchy.

Elements like photos, text and colours are imperative for leaving a lasting impression.

Mainly, flyers are for displaying property images, information about upcoming events, price guides, and your contact details.

You can check out some successful flyer styles on the web, or hire a graphic designer to do it for you.

They know a thing or two about captivating audiences.


4. Postcards

Postcard marketing puts a modern spin on traditional direct mail collateral. Plus, it’s a practical method to target buyers in your market.

While it may still seem old-school, you can implement interesting ideas to stand out.

For example, turn your postcards into vouchers, send ‘thank you’ cards with them, or personally distribute them in neighbourhoods to keep buyers updated on current property listings.

A bold and straightforward strategy would be to lead with a simple image of a home and focus on what you’re offering to prospects.

The process has been simplified, thanks to the many tools available online.


Real Estate Digital Marketing Collaterals

Digital marketing revolves heavily around display advertising due to its high potential to drive customers.

Advertisers can use advanced targeting and measuring techniques in online ads, utilising the cost of these strategies.

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5. Website

Having a well-designed website not only generates leads but also establishes a strong brand identity for your business.

It goes without saying that a company site should be the foundation of all your marketing efforts.

To optimise this marketing collateral, you may include the following on your site:

Ensure that the content you put out is relevant to your representing area.

New buyers always do extensive research before contacting an agent; your blog will be beneficial to them, and perhaps they’ll think you are, too.

6. Social Media Marketing Collateral

This is a no-brainer.

How better to do some virtual networking than social media marketing?

Show up where the real party’s at: social media.

Potential buyers spend a better part of their day on these platforms, making them significant lead generators.

Here are some tips to maximise your efficiency online:

  • Hashtags: Research the relevant hashtags to include in your posts so that your content will show up on explore pages or search results, i.e. on Instagram.
  • Infographics: Share visual images whilst displaying useful information. You can create infographics that highlight industry statistics, property information and so on.
  • Facebook Link ads, i.e. Page Like ads and Click to Website ads
  • Twitter posts with summary card image.
  • IGTV/ Stories

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a tedious task, especially if your marketing department is short on staff.

Still, these campaigns receive positive reactions and users might take action from this exposure.

A hack you can use to save time is by designing a multi-purpose email header and newsletter template.

The universal debate of ‘Print vs Digital’ is ever-looming.

Although there aren’t many downsides of using too many (too many? A joke, I presume) marketing materials, a solid strategy aims to strengthen the promotion outlets most suited for your business model and target audience.

Most importantly, ensure that you retain brand consistency by creating a distinct visual identity for your real estate business.

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Email Marketing

If all the marketing collaterals have you waking up in a cold sweat, don’t hyperventilate just yet. There’s plenty of help to go around!

Our proficient team here at Walk Production comprises of talented graphic designers, experienced copywriters and tech-savvy web developers.

Whether you need help designing the perfect brochure and business card, or driving traffic to your site, we are at your disposal.

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