Top 8 Social Media Branding Strategies For Malaysia’s SMEs

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Social media branding has become necessary in a modern world dominated by technology. 

It is a staple, especially for local brands that wants to compete with any international brand in the market.

However, too many local brands only engage with social media out of necessity. In fact, these businesses have little to no understanding of social media branding despite their participation.  

It is common to find businesses handing over their social media accounts to younger employees simply on the basis of tech-savviness!    

However, social media branding is not as simple as being apt with technology. Proper social media branding requires well-thought social media marketing strategies.   

Brands can no longer ignore the importance of social media engagement, but what are the best social media branding strategies to get you started?  

Whether you’re new to social media or looking to fine-tune your strategies, this article has all the necessities you need to be reminded of!

8 Social Media Branding Strategies in Malaysia for Your Business

1. Deciding on Realistic Goals 

“Why are you on Social Media?” 

Before any brand starts engaging with social media audiences, realistic goals should be established first. In fact, many inexperienced businesses are clueless on why they’re on social media other than the bare need! 

Every business should spend time deciding on relevant and realistic goals for their social media accounts. Setting strategic goals as milestones for your brand’s progress is ideal. 

Moreover, these social media goals have to complement your overarching business goals.  

These goals can be simple, such as: increasing your social media audience or achieving consistent engagement between the account and consumers.  As long as it is achievable for your brand!

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2. Focusing on Relevant Metrics 

“Which analytics show you’re on the right track?” 

Creating a social media account is a piece of cake, but managing is not. 

Although brands can toss their social media accounts to tech-savvy employees, indicators of success might end up ignored. 

Social metrics such as followers and views can be an incredibly neutral area due to paid followers or a social media website’s algorithm. But the right metrics can offer an appropriate review of your account’s performance.  

You can consult statistics such as post reach and engagement to assess your reach.  These statistics can also show post trends that are either failing, increasing or remaining consistent.  

You will start to understand what resonates with your audience or discover shortcomings such as content or posting hours that don’t work in your favour. 

 3. Your Targeted Social Media Audience 

“Who are you appealing to?”

Establishing your targeted audience on social media is key to understanding how to appeal to them.  

Although “more the merrier” sounds like a surefire way to grow a brand, it is not the case for social media branding. Tempting incentives such as buying followers only result in dishonest metric results and engagement.  

Thus, it would be ideal to establish a primary target audience to work around brand content and marketing strategies.  

4. Understanding The Target Audience 

“Do you understand your consumers?” 

Understanding the consumers is an extension of establishing your target audience.  Once you’ve decided on a target audience, you can conduct appropriate research on resonating content. 

For example, younger audiences are receptive to vibrant and trendy content and brand voices, while older women prefer elegance and maturity. 

After all, the products or services offered by a company always has a target consumer in mind.  

Let’s say you’re running a Malaysian-based business offering locally made products! A brand voice that communicates in a local dialect would easily resonate with the local market.  

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5. The Right Social Media Network 

“Do you know where your target audience frequents?” 

There are many social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and many more.  It might even be tempting to engage on every social media site possible! 

Fortunately, it is not necessary to go the extra mile because, chances are, your audience has a preferred social media network.

To put into perspective, Twitter is a popular international website, but it’s still a platform that is not commonly used in Malaysia.  

Even if you’d like to establish an identity on every possible platform, your audience’s preferred website is always the best starting point.

6. Observing Market Competitors 

“What are your competitors doing right or wrong?” 

Whether you’re new or a veteran in the social media game, it’s always beneficial to observe your competitors. 

You can assess aspects such as your competitor’s target audience or keywords that gain them more traction than your own. 

This method of observation can also work in reverse by understanding what your competitors are doing wrong, so you can steer clear!  

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7. The Ideal Posting Hours

“When is the best time to post?”

Even if a brand produced the best social media content, the upload time greatly influences the engagement the post can garner. 

For example, if the target audience is industry professionals such as older men, it wouldn’t be beneficial to post during typical working hours.  

After all, social media algorithms filter only trending or recent results to social media users.  Therefore, it is necessary to understand the ideal hours where engagement can peak.  

Moreover, scheduling tools on websites such as Facebook and Twitter can help ease scheduled posting.  

8. The Big Picture 

“What is the Big Picture?” 

Social media marketing is highly taxing due to its subjective nature. You might even be highly engrossed solely in posting or engaging with online consumers.  

However, you shouldn’t forget about the big picture of your business and social media goals. 

Nobody should post content just for the sake of it, but keep in mind how it’s supposed to contribute to your brand. 

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