Top 10 Content Marketing Benefits For Malaysia SMEs

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Have you tried everything, but your business is still not getting enough recognition?

It is time for you to try content marketing!

Content marketing is the simplest yet most effective way to create valuable, relevant, and engaging content that will attract your audience.

It is the best way to convert your prospects to consumers and consumers into loyal fans.

Benefits of content marketing

1. Establish your company’s authority

To be best friends with and rank higher on Google, you need to be familiar with Google’s E-A-T.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) is derived from Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

Google designed the term to prove your company’s high-quality’s website and content.

How to wrap E-A-T around your fingers?

  • Expertise. Your content must provide a masterly stance to show your knowledge in the field. Google looks at the expertise of each content. So, each of your content needs to highlight your company’s competence in the industry.
  • Authoritativeness. Increasing site traffic will eventually prove the authority of your content and website. Linking to and from other relevant and credible websites can significantly help boost this element.
  • Trustworthiness. As claimed by many, “trust is the foundation to any relationship.” If your content is poor and not trustworthy, you might not get the exposure you hope for. You can gain points for this element by providing room for feedback and responding to them, and this can help Google know the legitimacy of your company.

2. Boost brand awareness

Brand awareness is “a term for measuring the familiarity that consumers have with your company.”

Let’s face the truth; people will only spend their money on a brand they know and trust.

How can you gain prospects’ trust?

Enter quality content. High-quality content can share valuable and relevant information about your business and what you represent.

Apart from that, consistency is also crucial in content marketing. If your content is consistent in quality and frequency, prospects will become familiar with your business strategy.

At the same time, quality content and consistency give them reasons to believe in your expertise in the field.

Thus, eliminating any lingering doubts they originally had when they first saw your content.

How to build brand awareness with content marketing?

  • Research and understand your target audience. Knowing your audience will help you in creating valuable and relevant content. By finding out the current trends, your business will get more exposure.
  • Create a content marketing strategy. This can keep your contents consistent.
  • Choose the most strategic channels. Tailor your content to the platforms.
  • Schedule and track contents. Manage your content effectively by setting goals with your team.
  • Analyze your content. Are your strategies working? Is your business gaining more recognition?

3. More in-house content

The fact is simple: Content marketing will increase your blog’s number of contents.

The more time your company’s marketing team spends producing high-quality content for your blog, the more content you will have.

In turn, more customers will continue browsing your blog.

The excellent content you feed your audience will lead them to gain trust in your company’s credibility.

Thus, leading to higher conversion rates.

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4. Generate more outstanding leads

Leads refer to individuals who show interest in a company’s product or service. Not every person is a lead to all businesses, so it is essential to narrow your target audience.

Accordingly, lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers that will eventually lead to conversion.

Including CTAs (call-to-action) in your content can increase your chance to attract them onto the desired page.

For example, try attaching a link to your product at the end of an article on how the product could solve the prospect’s issues. Smoothly navigating buyers’ journeys will eventually lead to sales.

5. Enhance customer loyalty

Customers place value first and money second. If your content resonates with the consumers’ needs, they will feel heard and understood.

Content marketing is storytelling (with the objective of pulling them to choose your business).

So, the “audience” will be more engaged if your STORY is interesting – even more so if the story is relatable.

The more relevant your content, the longer your customers will stick around.

How to build customer relationships through content marketing?

  • Be authentic and honest. Will you trust someone infamous for always lying? Yeah, the same concept applies.
  • Create relevant and relatable content. If consumers are emotionally attached to your content, they will voluntarily stay for more.
  • Be transparent and accessible. Show existing consumers’ thoughts on your products and service (provide legitimate testimonials). Tying to this, make sure prospects can reach you with ease – engage and address their issues.

6. Content is easily shareable

Content marketing is great to increase your website’s visibility as content is shareable and accessible across channels.

Easy-to-share content can attract many prospects on different social media platforms.

Imagine this: Your prospect sees your content on TikTok and shares it on their Instagram. Just like that, you have gained opportunities from two media!

7. Improve social media presence

According to Datareportal, there are 4.2 billion social media users worldwide, which equals more than 53% of the global population.

Hence, your business needs to be present on social media to remain relevant in the industry.

Your prospects are just scrolling through their social media feed.

The more active you are with sharing and promoting your content, the higher the chance for your prospects to click on your post.

How to improve social media presence with content marketing?

  • Set SMART goals. Specific: Where do you want to post your content? Measurable: How many visitors and shares can you get? Attainable: Be challenging but realistic. Is your team equipped to reach the expectations? Relevant: Your goals should stay in line with your brand values and objectives. Time-bound: When do you want to create and publish the content? Set deadlines – and make sure to follow them!
  • Research your target audience. Ask yourself these: When are your prospects most active on social media? Which content is suitable for which platform? Who will need my products or services?
  • Be human. Make contents that can relate to your prospects. You want to engage with them as a person, not a brand. This can further attract them to your brand as they will feel more connected and attached.
  • Post content frequently. Posting regularly can keep prospects invested. If your contents are accessible, they will stay updated with your content. This builds customers’ confidence in your business’s credibility. Your social media platform will be more valid if you keep your account updated.

8. Maximize search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of improving your site’s visibility when users search for products or services related to your business on search engines such as Google and Bing.

A crucial point of SEO is its use of relevant keywords in your content to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keywords are important, but without quality content, they would just be a bunch of keywords thrown together that make no sense.

How to maximize SEO with content marketing?

  • High-quality content. Keep SEO in mind while creating your content. Create contents that are as specific as possible. Do not put many different pieces of information in one post.
  • Aid readability. Break the sections with header tags (H1-6) to make your content more organized. This can ease the audience’s thought process.
  • Linking. To increase traffic, make sure to optimize linkback, inbound linking, or link-building in your content. Linking your content with other authorized sites can increase site traffic, which will indirectly improve your SEO.

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9. Convenient for any business

Honestly, no industry could not adopt and adapt content marketing strategy.

It can be used across sectors from technology to retail, entertainment, manufacturing – name any industries, they could all literally benefit from content marketing.

Even so, to place your company at the top of the ladder, it is crucial to find suitable topics and content that could draw your audience’s interest.

10. Cost-effective

Due to its “generally easier” nature, content marketing is more cost-efficient than other traditional marketing strategies.

Conventional marketing highly depends on offline platforms such as print advertising.

Therefore, content marketing can help reduce the amount of money by merely producing high-quality content online.

Build your website, put your creativity caps on, and start creating quality content!

Here’s a fun fact: Content marketing costs 62% less and generates three times as many leads compared to outbound marketing.

So, can content marketing help transform your business?

The short answer is a definite yes! Content marketing can unlock many possibilities for your business.

Let’s recap on why you should try content marketing now.

Content marketing:

  1. Establishes your company’s authority.
  2. Boosts brand awareness
  3. Produces more in-house content
  4. Generates more outstanding leads
  5. Enhances customer loyalty
  6. Easily shares content
  7. Improves social media presence
  8. Maximizes search engine optimization
  9. Works for any business
  10. Is cost-effective

At the end of the day – whether you decide to use content marketing as a technique to grow your business – what matters most is to find a method that could make your customers happy!

Are you going to try content marketing? Check out the Content Marketing Guide For Beginners to start your engine!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Benefits of Content Marketing

1. Why is content creation important?

Content marketing focuses on creating valuable, relevant, and engaging content. If your content incorporates all of these values, you can quickly build trust with your customers.

Educating your customers on your brand’s values at the beginning of your content will make them more confident in your brand.

Subsequently, your brand will get the recognition it deserves! By consistently producing high-quality content, you are nurturing customer satisfaction. If you keep giving them more, they will want more.

And if you are excellent at it, you can effortlessly get them hooked.

Not only that, your brand will be recognized as an expert in your field!

Create compelling content that can ease your prospects’ decision-making process, and show them why your products or service is way better than your competitor.

Further, consistent content can also establish your expertise in your field by proving that you know what you are selling.

Last but not least, content creation helps SEO.

Utilizing relevant keywords in your content can help your prospects find you. How it works: They search for what they are looking for in a search engine, and your website will pop up!

2. Can content marketing help solve customers’ problems?

Content marketing helps in regularly demonstrating your expertise in the field so that your brand stays relevant.

Doing so will solve not only your company’s problems but also your customers’.

Content helps in educating your audience to make smart purchasing decisions.

Hence, high-quality and valuable content can strengthen customers’ decisions in making a purchase.

This is because your content must reflect your company’s efforts in helping them face their obstacles and how to overcome them. When they see that your priority is to help them, it builds trust.

Simultaneously, you become a thought leader.

3. Why is content important in digital marketing?

Content marketing is vital in digital marketing because it can increase site traffic and optimize your SEO strategies.

People go to search engines whenever they want to address their concerns. Without content, you would not be able to insert keywords, and in consequence, you won’t get any site visitors.

The quality of your content is essential in attracting and engaging potential customers.

Your team must set suitable content to be distributed on different platforms: for the company blog, social media, or even email marketing.

Additionally, further encourage your prospects with nurturing campaigns.

Engaging email content motivates subscribers to take the next step.

Naturally, content is the key to initiating a digital marketing campaign as it boosts your SEO that could lift your rank on search engines.

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