What is Coffee Table Book and Do You Really Need One?

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Coffee table books are becoming increasingly popular as decorative pieces in many Malaysian offices.

It is an interactive experience that can provide hours of knowledge and entertainment. If you’ve ever enjoyed flipping through a table book, you know how delightful it can be. 

With its invitingly large pages and stunning visuals, a table book is often what many will read while away in their leisure time.

It also serves as an excellent source to explore various cultures, art history, sports culture, travel photography, fashion trends, etc. It’s no wonder why people have collected these valuable reads for generations! 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what exactly is a coffee table book and how it is different from other books.

What Is A Coffee Table Book And What Makes It Unique

A coffee table book, or a ‘conversation piece’, is an artfully designed and often oversized hardcover book replete with visual content. It features beautiful illustrations and images on a specific topic.

These books are usually on a coffee table or used in conversation to showcase stunning visuals.

Their large size and well-crafted design make them stand out from regular books and photos. Hence, they make an ideal home or office decoration.

These table books are typically much thicker than regular ones because each page contains high-quality images.

Along with the visuals, you can spot text snippets serving as contextual information for the visuals.

About Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books have been around since the 17th century. They have become a popular way to showcase interesting and unique content sophisticatedly.

These hardcover volumes are more significant than traditional books yet shorter than encyclopedias.

Topics can range from fashion, art, nature, and culture to more obscure inquiries such as cereal boxes or motorbike mechanics. 

These books typically have colourful hardcovers with large-format pages filled with high-quality photographs, perfect for displaying on a coffee table. They are excellent conversation starters and often contain interesting facts or new knowledge.

You don’t typically read these books cover to cover; you might just browse through them intermittently. 

They provide visitors with something special to look at in your offices, making them aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

Different Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books have become what many Malaysian companies use for space decoration. They feature beautiful pictures, inspiring stories, and informative essays. 

You can fill your space with photography books with stunning shots from worldwide that capture meaningful moments. 

However, there are table books with specific themes or topics.

Art books, for example, contain classic pieces from renowned artists or interesting modern-day works. Travel books have maps, enticing images, and interesting stories about people’s experiences visiting different cities and cultures. 

No matter what type you’re looking for, coffee table books will provide insight and conversation starters.

How To Choose The Right One

Choosing the right coffee table book is what you need to create an inviting atmosphere. 

When deciding which book to use, consider the overall style of your office décor and its colour palette. Additionally, think about what will fit with the theme of your coffee table space.

Try to find a book with quality photography or art that will add interest to the room.

Whether you display one large book or several smaller ones, selecting books based on a central theme and colour palette can unify the table area. Choose a hardcover table book that blends in with other décor pieces nearby for a classic look. 

If you want something more modern and bold, go for a book with vibrant covers or graphics. 

Lastly, pick books with plenty of images.

The Benefits Of Having A Coffee Table Book 

Coffee table books add charisma to any living space and can instantly elevate the look of a room. 

Not only are they attractive as decorative display pieces, but they’re also beneficial as conversation starters. These books often have unique topics, which makes them ideal for small talk or more in-depth conversations.

And who doesn’t like a convivial, animated working space?

For example, table books containing travel photography can spark interesting conversations. They may be used as a guidebook for your next holiday destination.

They’re also great for reading during a coffee break or gathering.

Whether you prefer books with many visuals or just text, they are versatile in their ability. They fit practically any working space, lifestyle, and conversation need.

Tips On Displaying Your Coffee Table Book 

Displaying coffee table books in style is a great way to add character to your living space. 

Start by selecting books that reflect your interests and aesthetics. This ensures that the books not only look visually appealing but are also meaningful. 

Once you have chosen the table books, consider laying them flat or propping them in stacks for dimension. 

To make the most of your coffee table book, keep the display simple and choose one or two elements to emphasize: theme, colour or texture. For example, cluster table books with a common colour palette or feature-related subjects to create a visually pleasing display. 

To highlight it further, be sure to use bookends that draw attention, like titles.

Besides, combine decorative objects with these books to give them a unique touch. 

When styling table books, please keep them simple yet chic for maximum impact.


Now you know what a coffee table is!

Whether you display an art book, photo collection, or travel diary, coffee table books should be eye-catching. There are both aesthetic and conversational benefits to having a table book in the offices.

When selecting one for your space, consider themes, sizes, and the message you’d like conveyed through it.

Additionally, there are many interesting ways of displaying them to add even more charm to your environment. From large shelves to smaller trays, you’ll be able to decide what works best aesthetically and functionally.

Coffee table books can bridge the gap between providing aesthetic pleasure and giving you something fascinating and captivating to discuss with clients, for example.

In short, a coffee table book is worth your investment for what it can provide for the offices’ appearance elevation.

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