eCommerce Website Examples: A 5-Minute Read For Malaysian Companies

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Do you know that the eCommerce industry is one of the most popular markets in Malaysia? That’s right, Malaysian eCommerce only gets stronger each year while struggling business owners remain clueless about eCommerce website examples that work.  

In fact, the nationwide pandemic that hit Malaysia stimulated the need for eCommerce further.  This resulted in the booming growth of the eCommerce industry as more people turned to the convenience of the internet.

And with about 50% of B2B buyers preferring work-oriented purchases on B2C websites, it’s about time that B2B eCommerce tries to adapt.

Although eCommerce isn’t something new in Malaysia, many local B2B owners are still unaware of the essential elements that they should include in their websites.

However, many popular examples can be derived from local and locally frequented international websites. 

These websites come from various brands, but they all achieve one common trait:

An efficient, effective, and easy-to-use platform that caters to any user. Whether you’re new or a veteran in digital marketing, there is always something to learn from successful industry professionals.

4 Effective eCommerce Website Examples

1. Averest 

Averest is a Malaysian B2B marketplace that was established in mid-2018. A team of passionate Malaysians created this website that caters to all industries to stimulate the growth of local SMEs.

In fact, the creation of Averest was inspired by the rise of digital transformation and the perks of online platforms. Traditional SMEs could remain competitive instead of lagging behind modern competition. 

Averest has its customer’s best interests at heart through efficient and simple UIs that are easy to navigate. Thus, making them suitable for any B2B business shifting into digital transformation.

On the landing page, the website features droplists categorized under industrial supplies, machinery & equipment services, etc. They also neatly tuck the droplists above without obstructing the user.

The website also advertises its’ perks and available products in a large scrolling banner that occupies ⅓ of the page. Any promotion will be visibly seen on the conspicuous banner.  

Below the banner are products categorized under new arrivals and trending, so buyers can conveniently overview popular and new products.

2. eBay 

Established in 1995, eBay is internationally renowned as one of the most popular international eCommerce sites.  Although eBay is popular for auctioning, selling, and purchasing collectables and rare items, it markets itself as a platform where you can buy and sell anything.

eBay revolves around the slogan “There is something for everyone.” and they stay true to those words through their diverse selection of items.  Moreover, eBay has incorporated a new section called eBay Business Supply that is purposed for B2B.

eBay Business Supply has a serious layout compared to the typical eBay B2C website.  The website sections are cleanly divided with simple images and a standard list.

The landing page features images that categorize products under different industries such as automotive, construction and healthcare. Below the section are products under shop maintenance, repair, and operation essentials so buyers can purchase anything necessary for the business.

The sidebar contains a list that categorizes products further. Users can browse through categories such as professional industries, MRO essentials and even resources that inform the buyer on rights such as equipment purchase protection and money back guarantee.

eBay’s concept of “There is something for everyone.” is successfully embodied by their B2B eCommerce platform through its versatile options and easy access.

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 3. Alibaba

Alibaba is internationally renowned as one of the best B2B eCommerce websites. It is also the most successful platform, with over 18 million users from over 239 countries.

As one of the most notable eCommerce website examples, Alibaba is a world-class veteran that has been operating since 1999 and still stands strong as the world’s biggest eCommerce platform.

Featuring products from over 40 industries, it is no surprise that Alibaba requires a highly efficient website to cater for millions of international customers.

The landing page compacts various categories to feature most of Alibaba’s products effectively.  Although there are numerous categories, Alibaba selects the most popular choices for their sidebar list with an “all categories” option that unravels selections further.  

The landing page also features a large scrolling banner that summarizes Alibaba website perks without reading lengthy texts. Below the banner is more sections that display customized products, new arrivals, top-ranking products and many more to showcase a little of everything.

Moreover, this website is also available in up to 15 languages despite being a Chinese website.  Through Alibaba’s universal approach, they’ve become the most reliable B2B eCommerce service.

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4. Grainger

Grainger is among the best  B2B eCommerce platforms in terms of convenience and efficiency.  After all, the website aims to make buyer and seller transactions easier through ingenious UIs and features.

Ease of ordering is the key concept of Grainger that has paved the way for becoming the leading provider of industrial equipment.

Grainger has numerous features that ease purchases through: 

Guest checkout options

Transparent product availability

Extended filtering options 

Estimated arrival time 

…And many more!  

The website manages to be concise without being dull through eye-catching colour palettes and easy-to-navigate characteristics. Unlike other eCommerce websites, Grainger doesn’t overwhelm the user with masses of random products.  

Moreover, a notable perk in Grainger is the option for bulk orders without accessing product pages or check-out menus. Business buyers can input product codes in a simple dropdown menu and list their bulk buy amount.  

After all, Grainger’s eCommerce website is highly invested in the best customer interfaces that leverage efficiency, convenience and transparency.  

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