Web Layout Design: Top 3 Tips To Design a Visually Appealing Website

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We’re sure you are more than aware of the importance of websites in today’s digital world.

Undeniably, a solid online presence is significantly pivotal for a business to leave its mark.

Nowadays, excellent website design is indispensable as it will undoubtedly boost your brand for the better.

Although the saying says to not judge a book by its cover, one can’t help themselves.

After all, a creative, engaging, and beautiful website will undoubtedly engage and attract better customer traffic.

Why Do You Need an Aesthetic Layout Design for Your Website?

Before jumping into the ‘how’, let’s discuss why you need to create a visually appealing layout design.

1. First impressions matter!

First impressions are tremendously important as they last well beyond the moment.

In real life, we base our opinions and form judgments of others within minutes, sometimes only seconds. First impressions will then affect our behaviour towards them in the long term.

The same can be said online.

First impressions serve as the very foundation of your business-consumer relationship. They also affect how potential consumers perceive your business.

If your website is not appealing, you are at severe risk of getting a negative first impression.

Essentially, your website design can make or break your business.

Thus, you must take advantage of this by producing a website with high visual appeal to enhance brand affinity with the readers of your website.

2. Gain attention and establish a relationship

Having a visually appealing website will, more than anything, appeals and subsequently retains attention.

The average visitor will only skim through your website, for currently, everyone is time-constrained.

Hence, you must present an attractive website to sustain your visitor’s attention. An appealing design is always more preferable to an unappealing one.

Building trust is essential as trust is the pillar of every relationship, including business relationships.

While you usually gain trust offline by having direct communication, you can also gain trust online via an attractive website.

A visually appealing website will also help build trust.

For example, you can build a relationship-oriented website by focusing on particular aspects, such as the home page.

You can ensure your homepage has good information flow and density by planning out your layout accordingly.

3. Invoke emotion and increase tolerance

Through a visually attractive website, you can arouse visitors’ emotions using specific design elements.

If used correctly, emotional design can be a powerful instrument to boost user experiences.

A great website should be able to elicit an emotional response from your visitors.

Incorporating visual elements that complement your brand message will result in a substantial emotional reaction.

Without any emotional impact, your website will quickly be taken for granted.

While you should aim to produce a perfect website, this goal is nearly impossible as there will always be room for improvement.

Thus, one should try to constantly better the website layout design.

Visitors will be more forgiving of flaws in other areas if your visual design is cutting-edge.

For instance, websites with vibrant colours, amazing graphic design, and entertaining animations can avert visitors’ attention from the websites’ deficiencies.

How to Create a Visually Appealing Website

1. Think simple yet creative

People tend to think that a web layout design must be unique and have never been done before.

This is not true!

If you take your time and explore popular websites, they all have one thing in common: simple layouts.

However, this outcome is not a result of laziness, nor is it a coincidence.

Here are several benefits of having a simple layout design:

  • Easy to navigate: These simple website layouts are typical for a reason. Also, they are easy to work with.
  • Sense of familiarity: As these layouts are standard, they evoke a sense of familiarity with users. Due to the standard features, your website visitors will spend more time engaging your website content instead of merely focusing on the website’s design. Using standard layout features will then contribute to a better user experience.
  • Create a clean look: As the adage goes, simplicity is the best policy. By keeping your design user-friendly and straightforward, you will have a stylish yet easy-on-the-eyes website.

You do not have to forsake your creativity.

Instead, you can create your blend of simplicity and creativity to make your website layout design all the more engaging.

2. Utilise appropriate colours and fonts

The colours used in your website should complement your brand style.

Your choice of colours will tie everything together. To do this, you can acquaint yourself with colour theory, which is the science and art of using colour.

Understanding basic colour theory will help you pull an outstanding website layout design.

Different colours equate to different meanings and symbols.

For example, from the perspective of the digital design realm, colours like blue and green are more likely to evoke sentiments of peace and comfort.

Meanwhile, red and yellow are frequently associated with feelings of joy and excitement.

The aesthetics of a website rely heavily on precise language.

Don’t make your website appear tacky by using poor colour and avoid complex typefaces or effects.

Instead, keep it simple but attractive, and utilise good contrast to make the button wording stand out.

Additionally, you can use clearly defined and consistent header sizes to increase your website’s aesthetic appeal.

3. Usability

Simple information architecture is incredibly crucial for a website. Create descriptive navigation menus to help your visitors search and engage with their desired content.

As a result, this will prolong their time spent on your website.

Next, use clear calls to action. To start, you must plan your calls to action.

Make sure that they are not just noticeable but stand out. You can employ bright buttons to encourage your visitors to act.

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Produce Your Aesthetic Website Today!

Beautiful websites draw in vital traffic and encourage visitors to connect with a company’s website.

To ensure this happen, you must be ready to invest in your website’s design.

Visual appeal is critical in site design, especially when establishing a long-term engagement and brand loyalty with your visitors.

At the same time, it’s vital not to overlook the fundamentals.

Make sure your website is pleasing to the eye and easy to access, use, and navigate.

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