Social Media Advantages: 6 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Brand

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Many brands jumped the bandwagon to create social media accounts. However, many Malaysian businesses are still indecisive despite the numerous social media advantages. 

Some brands may even underestimate the benefits that social media can bring. 

Although some brands have yet to form an online presence, there is no doubt that social media is an important business tool. Picture yourself having an increase in reputation, traffic and sales with a platform that requires little to no cost!

In fact, around 89% of marketers agree that social media is a powerful platform for generating exposure, which is only the tip of the iceberg. 

The significance of the internet in the modern world has placed importance on social media branding. One can easily conclude that it’s a necessity for any fiercely competitive brand.

If you’re still unconvinced about establishing an online identity for your business, this list of advantages will surely change your mind. 

6 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Brand

Social media brings many advantages to any brand. But what are these advantages that make social media one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing

The benefits can range from simple exposure to increased conversion rates, the benefits are almost endless!  Without further ado, we’re going to introduce some of the best advantages of social media marketing. 

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1. Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of a brand.  It indicates how familiar your brand is to existing and potential customers.  

Although there are many offline methods to increase brand awareness, social media is equally effective.  Moreover, social media marketing is cost-efficient compared to other methods. 

A simple act such as a share or retweet on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is enough to contribute to brand awareness.  The best part is that it’s free!  

However, earning online engagement is a product of hard work.  Brands must be smart about producing content that will generate engagement. 

2. Convenient Communication

Sometimes, customers have inquiries but would rather not submit an email that could take days or take chances with a clueless employee on call. Although it’s always easier to consult a brand physically, not every individual has the time to do so.  

Therefore, the presence of a social media account makes inquiries faster and easier to resolve. Some brands even employ customer service representatives equipped with solutions to common problems. 

The best brands always have customer service that is easily accessible, prompt and hospitable to any customer.  

Customer service isn’t the only communication made easier on social media. Responses to customers are also great ways to foster brand and customer relationships. 

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3. Creates a Relatable Brand 

Social media is the best platform to connect and speak with your customers. Therefore, creating a humanized brand in the customers’ eyes is easy. 

A brand that doesn’t engage with customers and restricts access will be seen as distanced, incredibly formal and difficult to view as a “personality”.  

In fact, the decision to shop at any brand is a mostly emotional decision rather than logical. Thus, creating a humanized brand identity is a strategic marketing strategy. 

When brands go the extra mile to address issues online or announce an exciting new product, customers start interacting with brands as if they’re conscious and relatable. 

Strong and positive portrayals of your brand can be incredibly long-lasting and ensure a following that is ascertained that they want to support you.  

4. Improved Conversion Rates

Every digital marketer is aware of the importance of conversion rates.  Conversion rates show the percentage of users that complete a website’s purpose, such as purchasing a product or signing a newsletter.

Your conversion rate also depends highly on website traffic.  Your website traffic is the total number of visits that your website receives.  

If you’re unsure about the calculation of conversion rates, it is: 

Conversion rate = n total of achieved actions/n total of website traffic*100 

Why is social media beneficial for website conversion rates?  You might ask…

That’s because social traffic is one of the most frequent sources of website traffic. Many social media users visit brand websites through external links on social media posts or linked websites in social media bios.  

Therefore, cultivating a good relationship between the brand and consumers online is likely to increase website traffic and conversion rates. 

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5. Cost-Effective Marketing 

Do you know that social media marketing is drastically more affordable than traditional ads?  Social media marketing is one of the most cost-efficient aspects of advertising strategies, especially when billboard ads can cost up to RM65,000 in Malaysia for a year.

Social media marketing isn’t exclusive to paid ads and boosted posts either. There are numerous ways to utilize your social media account to the best advantage, and it’s absolutely free. 

Even if a brand publishes an online ad, it is much more affordable than traditional ads. Moreover, the higher amount of engagements entails much more concrete testaments of brand success. 

 By establishing brand identity through ads and active social media activity, your brand becomes more memorable and recognizable to many potential customers. 

6. Content Promotion 

Creating content is easy for any brand, but what about content promotion? Don’t fret because the convenience of social media has made content promotion more effortless than ever. 

Brands don’t have to rely solely on distributing physical fliers that are likely to end up in the trash when there is social media.  

Moreover, social media websites have numerous ways to circulate content online. It can come in the form of shared links, a share button, retweets, stories, likes and many more. 

Your chances of being seen by the public can also increase depending on the digital marketing strategies utilized!  Your post can either be a relatable internet meme or a boosted post guaranteed to be seen by more people. 

You can even rely on illustrated or video content! The choices for social media content promotion are almost endless.

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