Top 5 Brand Awareness Strategies for Malaysia SMEs

Have you realised that we tend to associate items with brands?

These terms are described as proprietary eponym, and it is a huge sign that the brand has achieved the highest point of brand awareness.

Maggi, for example, is the term that we used for instant noodles, despite it being a totally different brand.

Brand awareness is described as how familiar a product’s name is to the target audience. The higher the brand awareness, the more recognizable a product is to the consumers.

Importance of Brand Awareness


  • If you are a business owner, you would want your customers to trust your products or service. With solid trust, it is more likely for the customers to repeat their purchase with your business.
  • Brand awareness provides familiarity that makes it easier for consumers to loan their trust to purchase the product.


  • Just like how Malaysian refers to every instant noodle as Maggi, brand awareness helps to associate common terms with brands.
  • When a brand is associated with common terms, it is very likely for the brand to be ranked first in mind when one were to use or buy a related product.

Brand Equity

  • Brand equity refers to the value of your brand which is determined by the consumer’s experience. 
  • When consumers perceive your business positively, it means that you have a positive brand equity, which equals to a higher brand value.

Now that we understand the importance of brand awareness, it is now time to plan the perfect campaign to increase your brand awareness!

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so is brand awareness. It  might take some time for your brand to become well-known but what is important is to try, right?

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5 Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

1. Social Focus

Many businesses have resorted to various social media platforms as a way to establish online presence.

While it seems like a good strategy, it is better to put more focus on one platform as compared to another.

Depending on your nature of business, it is best to identify the best platform that will help to boost your brand awareness. For example, small businesses in the creative industry can do well on Instagram as the main focus of the platform is photo displays.

Mydin might be one of the local brands with a solid online presence. Their strategy is to focus on building up their reputation on Twitter, by curating posts and tweets in relation to the timeline.

Good social media management also helps a business to grow on an online platform. Mydin has managed to increase its brand awareness by appropriately inserting themselves into the flow of the platform. 

Social focus does not mean that you should abandon other social media platforms. It is a matter of investing a bigger effort on platforms that seem to be worth it.

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2. Referral Program

Sometimes your loyal customers can be your best advocates. 

With the power of word-of-mouth marketing, referral programs can help in building trust among consumers as it comes from people they trust.

Businesses with referral programs aim to attract consumers by providing benefits for both parties. For example, by referring a product to a friend, the customer will manage to secure discount benefits and others.

Referral programs have not only helped business owners to gain more consumers. It also helps to boost the familiarity of the brand in the market, increasing brand awareness.

If you’re looking for ways to multiply consumers, try starting a referral program for your business today!

3. Storytelling

Creating a narrative for your business can help in appealing to the consumer’s emotional side.

With great content, it creates a tangible element for the consumers to latch on, which then will increase brand awareness.

As long as it is a genuine story, the narratives that you create can range from impactful daily occurrences to relatable past backgrounds. 

Many SME owners in Malaysia have proven that creating a narrative in promoting their brands works.

In fact, most social media influencers started out as SME owners, which then manages to boost their brand awareness with the narratives they create.

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4. Infographics

People in general are more drawn to visuals rather than lengthy words.

Therefore, creating shareable infographics can help to attract consumers’ attention to your brand.

Make sure to create attractive yet engaging designs for your infographics. Statistics show that our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text, so you would want to take advantage of it.

What infographic should you make? It can range from recent social issues to information about specific elements related to your business.

The more people sharing your infographics, the more people recognise your brand. Your infographics can also establish your brand’s worldview as expressed in the poster.

5. Local Partnership

If you are an SME owner looking for ways to increase brand awareness, try socialising around your local town and keep an eye out for partnership opportunities.

Try proposing to local events with massive crowds. Offer to give out some freebies or contribute your service for the crowd to try out at the event.

The possibility for your brand to be recognised through the events is endless. Other than that, you might be receiving some new customers in the future!

It is also important to have your brand stand out during the event, as it is very likely for other SME owners to also jump into the opportunity.

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If five strategies are not enough, consider partnering up with our branding team.

Walk Production is a branding agency in Selangor. Here, we are always ready to assist you in deciding the best brand awareness strategy for your business.

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