How To Create A Landing Page: An Easy Guide

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If Internet browsing is your hobby, you would notice that you may be redirected to a specific page with little navigation.

That is called a landing page.

It is used as a marketing collateral in businesses. 

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is described as a standalone web page with a specific objective. For example, a commonly shared objective is the conversion of leads.

Oftentimes, users are redirected to a landing page after accessing a link from an email or ads online. The page usually consists of a form requesting contact information in exchange for an offer.

The landing page is typically designed with little distractions, which helps guide consumers in page navigation. Moreover, common landing pages often exclude extra navigation, competing links and alternate options.

The purpose of the design is to divert the consumers’ attention solely to the content of the page. Thus, leading into a higher generation of leads.

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What does a Good Landing Page Consist of?

Planning on creating your own landing page? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Clear Copy

  • Your landing page should have a clear copy with a message that is clear and concise. Your consumers should be able to capture the intended messages in a short span of time.

Minimal design

  • Although the landing page should be ideally attractive, designing should be minimal. An exaggerated design would only distract your consumers from important messages.

Solid CTA

  • The landing page functions as a lead conversion tool and it seals the deal for your call-to-action. Your CTA should be an impactful effective consumer response.


  • Showcasing testimonials on the landing page and increasing brand credibility. It will also convince consumers to opt for your products.


  • While your landing page is purposed for lead conversion, it is important to express authenticity in the business. Consumers resonate better with brands that are genuine and authentic.

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An Easy Guide to Creating a Landing Page

Now that we have covered the basics for a good landing page, it is now to create one! 

Follow these tips in order to create a landing page for your business.

1. Identify the Key Elements of a Landing Page

A landing page should consist of seven elements. The elements include:

  • Main headline
  • Supporting Copy
  • Hero Image or Video (Web Banner)
  • Benefits/ Features of Offers
  • Social Proof
  • CTA

Understanding the elements can guide you in creating your landing page.

There are also many platforms that provide templates for landing pages.  These templates are suitable guidelines for starting businesses.

2. Establish Your Campaign Goals

Everything has a purpose. Therefore, business owners should be familiar with the purpose of the business.

Setting a clear and measurable goal can help you decide key elements of the landing page. 

A landing page is meant to be created with a specific objective. Hence, sticking to just one purpose can eliminate distractions and redundant features.

Your goals for a landing page can range from having consumers signing up for offers to appealing consumers to subscribe to newsletters. 

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3. Craft a Catchy Headline

Landing pages can be easily dismissed by consumers, so businesses should use catchy headlines that capture the essence of your landing page.

Your headline should also be clear in delivering the brand’s message to the consumers. Tip, users have short attention spans that only last up to 8 seconds.

4. Write Compelling Copy

Your copy should be written clearly for your messages to be delivered to the consumers successfully. 

The copy should also be consistent throughout the page. Copies that are confusing will only deter consumers from the website.

5. Include Social Proof

Including social proof, such as testimonials, reviews, case studies and many more can strengthen customer appeal. Social proof functions as a tool for your consumers to trust your business or brand.

For best results, placing social proof near CTA can boost the strength of your message. Other than that, social proof should be brief as it has a better appeal to the audience.

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6. Create Appealing CTA

Call-to-action is undoubtedly the most important part of your landing page. 

Your CTA should stand out from other elements in your landing page. Try using a color that is distinct from the others to make it noticeable to your consumers.

When crafting your CTA, use action verbs that show specific and descriptive details for the next step. Creating an effective CTA can guide visitors onto the next step.  

7. Insert Visual Content

Last but not least, you should include relevant visual content for the landing page.

Statistics have shown that people are more receptive to visuals as compared to texts. Moreover, our brains are wired to retain information better when it is paired with visuals.

To conclude, visual information is easier to comprehend than text. 

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