Top 4 Types of Marketing Collateral In Malaysia

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Have you received any promotional flyers while walking around the city? That is what we call marketing collateral. 

Marketing collateral refers to any media material used to promote a company’s products or services. This includes both print and digital materials.

Marketing collateral can not only help to increase sales revenue but also to promote your brand.

Almost every department in a company utilises marketing collateral so why not jump into the train?

If you are confused on what type of marketing collateral to use, check out this list we have prepared.

Types of Marketing Collateral

1. Blogs

These days, many people depend on the Internet to get information.

Therefore, setting up a company website is important to establish your brand’s online presence.

However, appearing in people’s search is not as easy as it sounds. When people are searching online, they tend to put general keywords that would lead to their desired results.

Therefore, keep in mind that you need your website to be consistently maintained. A consistently updated website helps to attract visitors to your website.

One way to do that would be to start blogging on the website. Try writing some articles that would be beneficial for the audiences as well as to your brand.

For example, if your brand is related to health supplements, consider doing research and writing about the benefits of health ingredients. By writing about a field that you are involved in, your brand credibility will increase.

Other than that, when writing your blog, make sure to utilise search engine optimization (SEO) to your best. SEO helps to increase your rank in the search results based on certain keywords entered by the consumers.

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2. Corporate Brochures

Brochures tend to be physically foldable, especially if you are meeting a client in person to explain about your products or services. 

It usually contains information about the brand, products, and contacts including some graphic design elements that helps in the briefing.

Corporate brochures work the same way as physical brochures, except it is displayed online. It is arguably more efficient as compared to a physical brochure as it is less of a hassle to share it around.

When creating your corporate brochures, make sure to keep your texts short and brief.

Try utilising bullet points when presenting your information, and include graphics elements that could help with the information.

Other than that, you can also try separating the information into different subtopics, in different pages. It will help your consumers from feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information displayed.

3. Products Catalogues

Product catalogue is a book version for brochures. It is typically longer, and traditionally binded in a booklet for people to skim before making a purchase.

A product catalogue should contain a list of products and services that you offer to the market. 

Other than that, since it has no limitations in length, some people also include feature stories about the products or services offered.

By having a product catalogue for your brand, it offers consumers have ample time to decide on your services. 

Based on your copy and feature story, the customers are able to judge your services objectively without the pressure of anyone.

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4. Newsletter

Another effective way to promote your brand, products and service would be through  newsletters.

Newsletter can help you to keep in touch with your consumers on new features or updates about your brand.

However, newsletters can be annoying at times. When newsletters are sent a little too regularly, it can get quite intrusive for the consumers.

Therefore, when setting up your newsletter, try to make your newsletters interactive rather than just informational. With that, there is a higher chance that the consumer will engage with your newsletters.

Among the advantages of newsletters is the encouragement for people to engage with your brand.

It could also be the key to boosting your sales, as the newsletters play an important role in building trust in your consumers.

Make sure to do some research in identifying the suitable target audience for your campaigns. This is to make sure that the campaign will be more effective for your brand.

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If you find yourself struggling with marketing collateral, try contacting our team of experts at Walk Production.

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