5 Email Marketing Strategies for Malaysia’s Business Owners

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While the term might not be familiar to many, email marketing is a marketing strategy utilised by many businesses internationally.

If you own an email account, you may already be involved in a business’s email marketing strategy.

Email marketing is convenient for business owners to keep in touch with their consumers, aside from sending follow-up emails regarding purchases.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing uses emails to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or existing clients. 

While it sounds similar to direct mail, email marketing is sent digitally rather than postal service. After all, email marketing is a form of digital marketing.

Although businesses compose emails to follow-up purchases, send order confirmations or return inquiries, email marketing is more than that.

The usage of emailing as a form of marketing can range from order confirmation emails to newsletters.  The options are seemingly endless!

While email marketing entails many opportunities, the wrong gestures can result in negative perceptions from customers.

Therefore, it is important to craft the right strategies for email marketing, so that it does not backfire your business.

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Why Do You Need a Strategy for Email Marketing?

Email marketing needs to be strategised carefully. A proper strategy will help you foresee your email marketing map as well as how you would achieve your goals.

To consider email marketing as a success, your strategy should be able to:

  • Generate traffic to your business
  • Convert subscribers to leads
  • Convert leads into paying customers

By having a clear set of goals, you can customise your strategy based on your needs. It will also help you filter specific target markets.

For example, you would want to notify promotions or sales notice to your consumers in order to generate traffic. If interested, your consumers will redirecting themselves to your business in order to redeem offers.

However, too many emails from your business can be invasive to the consumers so email marketing should be exercised with moderation.

5 Email Marketing Strategies for Effective Outcome

The key point of email marketing is to encourage consumers to pick your email over others. Here are some tips to make your email stand out in a sea of emails.

1. Design Your Email

Unlike normal emails, emails used for marketing should be graphically attractive. A HTML email has more appeal to consumers compared to plain emails.

Before you start designing, the first step is to plan a layout of the key elements that you want to include in your email. 

An ideal marketing email includes subject lines, body text, graphics, call-to-action (CTA) and also a footer.

Your email should be attractive enough to urge people to open it but it should also be readable.

Digital marketers should opt for simple readible fonts instead of fancier alternatives that can influence the brand’s professionalism.

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2. Personalising the Email

Personalising your marketing email to the consumer is a great way to attract attention.  After all, customers are more likely to check emails that directly address them.

Try tailoring your email to the consumer and their needs. You can also provide offers based on the customer’s interest for a higher lead conversions.

However, personalised emails can get easily intrusive. It is important to keep your emails from overstepping boundaries as it may affect the reputation of your business.

There are many ways to personalise an email to your consumers. 

For example, Birthday emails are proven to have higher click-rates as it is relevantly personalised to the receiver. 

3. Short and Catchy Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first thing that the consumers see when they receive an email. To secure clicks, subject lines should be as short and catchy as possible.

After all, people are fast-thinking and lack the attention span for lengthy wording. Hence, you should stick to 6-10 words when creating subject lines.

While it seems easy, crafting effective subject lines require effort and careful consideration. 

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4. Optimising for Mobile

Out of convenience, customers tend to check their emails on mobile. Therefore, written emails should be ideally optimised for mobile-reading.

After all, composed emails appear different on desktop view compared to mobile. Oftentimes, the email design that you have created on desktop will look off on mobile.

This may deter consumers and lead to reduced engagement.

However, we have some tips that you can follow to ensure your emails are optimised for mobile:

Make it Short

  • Try to keep the email as short as possible! Compared to desktop users, emails in mobile tend to feel longer due to its minimal space.
  • By keeping your email short, it maintains your consumer’s attention to the email.

Responsive Designs

  • Your email should be designed with responsiveness in mind. The email should be contained in one column with effective CTAs and clear fonts. 
  • Your email should also be straight to the point to ensure a higher chance of consumers responding to your emails.

5. Finding the Right Time

Digital marketing is all about timing. You would not want to send your emails at midnight  everyone is in deep slumber.

Studies show that it is recommended to send emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. People are more likely to be available to engage with your emails on those days.

You can also utilise email automation tools to send out emails. The automation tool incorporates AI delivery that sends out emails based on the user’s actions.

Therefore, your emails will be delivered at the right timing. 

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