Top 5 Digital Branding Strategies For Malaysia’s Companies

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When a brand is built and designed online through websites, apps, social media, videos and many more, it is called digital branding.

Business is all about opportunities, right?

With the power of the Internet, many business owners have jumped to the Internet to take a chance to promote their business.

The term digital branding is a combination of digital marketing as well as internet branding. It is done to develop a brand online.

Considering that the Internet is a huge thing in our lives, digital branding aims to engage consumers.

It is to create an online presence as well as positive feelings for the brand, instead of a shop for people to buy products.

If you are interested in developing your brand online, let us look into some digital branding strategies that you could apply to your business!

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5 Digital Branding Strategies

1. Logo

People are always drawn to visuals first as compared to plain text. That is why your brand’s logo should be as eye-catching as possible.

The first step to a perfect logo would be to understand the nature of your business well. From there, you can start deciding on a theme that you would want your brand to have.

The logo design should always be well-thought-out. Try looking into interesting graphic elements, colour palettes, as well as fonts and sizes for your logo.

Adding symbolic elements and colours related to your brand would also be a nice touch to deliver your vision of the brand.

Remember, your logo should be distinctive from other brands. If you’re going to do digital branding, you would want to have your logo included at every step of your digital journey.

2. Website

Another best digital branding strategy you can implement in your business is creating a website.

We are used to having physical stores in real life to purchase products. In digital branding, websites would be the equivalent of physical stores online.

Websites help to store every information needed for your brand, as no one uses the phone book anymore. Therefore, your website should be as engaging and easy to navigate as possible.

When creating a website, you should always consider that the website is safe for people to browse. The downside of the Internet is that you are always at risk of getting hacked by irresponsible people.

The website should always be maintained in order to ensure a good impression on the consumers. One mistake and your reputation as an online brand might be tarnished easily.

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3. Social Media

One of the most cost-friendly digital branding strategies would be to utilise social media platforms.

These days, almost everyone, regardless of age, has social media accounts. With the variety of platforms to choose from, it is important for you to invest in the best platforms according to your business.

Engaging in social media marketing activities helps to increase your engagement rate.

Your brand’s message should be conveyed according to the voice and tonality of the platform. For example, you should not use the same voice on Twitter and Facebook as they have different target audiences.

If you are posting media files such as photos and videos, make sure to be up-to-date with the trend. Curate the perfect filters, photo angles, music used and many more.

With social media, what is important is to be trendy! Keep up with trends, and your digital branding journey will sail smoothly,

4. SEO

It is impossible to talk about digital branding strategies without search engine optimization (SEO).

The term refers to the process of improving the visibility of your site when people search for related keywords on the search bar. The higher the visibility of your site or platforms, the higher the engagement rate it is likely to garner.

When crafting your sites and posts on social media, it is important to include SEO into consideration. You would not want your brand to be unknown by the target market.

To help your brand rank high in the search results, try including as many keywords to the topic as possible. Make sure the SEO content sounds natural, too; you would not want your content to sound off-putting when consumed by other people.

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5. Content Marketing

As mentioned before, digital branding aims to engage with consumers. Therefore, the process of digital branding should not only focus on advertising but also on creating bonds with consumers.

Just like social media, it is important to understand the nature of your brand in order to craft the perfect content. Researching your target audience’s preferences can also help in curating the best content for your consumers.

Content marketing can range from blogs, photos, videos and even music playlists. The possibility for content marketing is endless, as long as you are willing to try.

How do you determine successful content marketing, you might ask? 

Remember, the main point of content marketing is to establish trust between the brand and the audience. 

Therefore, once your audiences are invested in your brand to the point that they gain interest in your products and service, it is considered successful.

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