Instagram Aesthetic: Why Does It Matter For Your Brand

What is an Instagram aesthetic? Unknown to many business owners, mere subtleties such as an Instagram profile layout plays importance in online marketing. 

The presence of social media has expanded the constructs of branding and identity, especially with the prevalence of the internet.  Whether the business’s social media looks appealing or appalling, it can influence the potential of new customers.  

After all, people are inherently visual.  Visual components such as logos, typefaces and social media appearances are the first cards dealt to customers. 

That’s right, your customer can immediately determine if they’d purchase from you from the get-go.  

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites for brands, businesses and consumers.  It is also a unique platform that only uses graphics and videos to convey information.

Therefore, set Instagram aesthetics are essential to establish solid brand consistency. In fact, brands that can maintain consistent branding find an increase in average revenue by up to 32%! 

If aesthetics are so important, why aren’t they prioritised enough?  

Instagram aesthetics are more complex than they seem to the numerous local and international businesses and SMEs.  It is also common for business owners to underestimate the importance of Instagram aesthetics.     

But conceptualising your brand’s aesthetic can be as easy as pie with the proper guidance.   

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Forming An Instagram Aesthetic

There are numerous ways to create an Instagram aesthetic.  But all guides have the same goal: To inspire the brand’s aesthetic.

By following these steps, business owners can start to envision the brand aesthetics that are the most suitable.

1. Understand The Brand’s Identity 

Brand identity is intertwined with social media aesthetics. That’s because the brand’s Instagram feed should reflect brand identity and image. 

As a business owner, ask yourself: 

  • “What is your brand’s personality?” 
  • “Is there a set brand voice and tone?” 
  • “What are the brand values?” 
  • “What kind of feeling does your brand express to customers?”

An Instagram feed expresses the brand’s identity and adheres to a “uniform” structure and design.  Without a set aesthetic, uploaded content would appear haphazard to customers.  

It would appear unprofessional to upload anything despite the degree of irrelevance.      

For established businesses, you might have an inkling of an idea about the brand’s identity.  Moreover, existing assets such as the business website, logo and audience can be considered.  

But for starting businesses, it can be trickier. After all, starting businesses don’t have the experience and familiarity of established businesses.  

However, new business owners can start by envisioning how they’d like their brand identity to be as a first step.  

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2. Identifying Target Market 

The number one priority for any business social media account is to cater to their primary audience. After all, social media aims to attract newer customers and foster connections with existing consumers. 

Therefore, identifying a target audience is important to understanding content that attracts viewers. Content on social media should be ideally engaging and gathers the right crowd for your brand. 

Once you’ve identified a target audience, understanding them is the next step. Business owners can utilise surveys and questionnaires to understand consumers.

You can start planning content that reflects brand aspects consumers love, such as services, products and hospitality. Moreover, you can also discover content that consumers would like to see.

Let’s say your business offers copywriting and designing services. Content posted on the brand’s Instagram can be informative to appeal to industry professionals.  

The brand Instagram can also showcase designing samples that might earn potential customers. 

3. The Overall “Feeling” Of The Brand 

Many aren’t aware that colour palettes, filters and editing are essential in establishing an Instagram aesthetic.  It becomes a signature of the business when the social media posts content in a specific style.

Establishing a colour palette, filter or editing style contributes to brand consistency and emphasizes brand identity.

Studies have revealed that around 62-90% of first product assessments are judged on colour composition alone. Moreover, colours are one of the primary factors in creating brand identity and personality.

After all, colour compositions and specific filters can impact the overall “feeling” of a brand.  Products packaged in bright colours express an energetic and youthful feeling, and the same logic applies to social media marketing.

For example, you run a professional business that specialises in electrical appliances. You would ideally run an Instagram that utilizes serious colours such as monotone and dull shades.  

This selection of colours expresses a formal and mature feeling that suits the professional business well.

In addition, some businesses also create unique frames to be used consistently on all Instagram posts. Your options for colour palettes, filters and edits are endless!

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4. Content Planning 

Once you’ve established brand colours and content types, the next step is none other than planning.  

“If there’s already a set colour palette and content, why is planning necessary?”.  

That’s because the brand’s Instagram should work in tandem with the brand’s digital marketing.  The brand should have a set schedule on typical uploading hours.

After all, it wouldn’t be ideal to upload compiled content in a go and then proceeding to turn silent for long periods. In fact, it’s encouraged to upkeep healthy activity due to Instagram’s algorithm.

Therefore, businesses should plan ahead without exhausting too much content in a short period or letting the Instagram account grow cold. Posted content should also have a flow in delivering information.  

Mutually relevant content should be ideally posted next to each other. Your Instagram aesthetic will appear composed and well-put together through good scheduling and content delivery. 

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5. Hashtags 

Do you know that hashtags can be a signature to businesses?

That’s right, you can create a hashtag unique to the business and work as a convenient search function. Posts that are under specific hashtags get compiled under the hashtag.

Hashtags are an excellent way to promote upcoming events and campaigns. Consistent use of the hashtags by other users can also measure campaign success.

After all, It is a convenient way for users to search and compartmentalize relevant topics through Instagram’s sea of content.

Using general hashtags for relevant posts can also attract the right customers, even if it’s not an original hashtag.

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