Instagram Aesthetic: Why Does It Matter For Your Brand

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Creating a positive visual first impression is integral to any business’s success. 

A strong Instagram aesthetic can be the building block for appealingly projecting your brand. From logos and typefaces to layout designs, visual elements on social media play a key role in drawing your audience in.

After all, people do respond favourably towards aesthetically pleasing visuals!

Make sure yours stands out through strategic design choices that accurately reflect who you are as a company or individual. The success of your branding efforts pivots on your visual conception.

Instagram is a powerful tool for brands, businesses, and consumers to share their stories visually.

Studies estimate that brand consistency could lead to a 32% rise in average revenue, underlining the importance of a cohesive aesthetic. While aesthetics are vital, many business owners may be unaware of or underestimate the importance of having one.

Achieving strong visuals doesn’t need to be difficult. However, it’s as simple as having the right guidance and expertise at hand.

Forming An Instagram Aesthetic

By exploring colour palette options and carefully sourcing visuals to highlight their products or services, entrepreneurs have the power to bring their vision to life in true Instagram fashion.

With a few simple steps, business owners can create an Instagram aesthetic that perfectly captures their brand’s identity.

1. Understand The Brand’s Identity 

Brand identity and social media aesthetics are interwoven.

The look of an Instagram feed should represent the core identity behind the company for customers to form meaningful connections with its products or services.

Businesses should pose key questions about their brand identity to represent the company’s image and engage customers aptly. Doing so helps create an easily identifiable tone of voice while establishing values that speak to your business model.

An Instagram feed reflects these aspects with a uniform structure for each post uploaded, making it easier for followers to recognise you in today’s increasingly digital age!

Established businesses may have an understanding of how they want to represent their brand with existing assets such as a specific website design and logo design. However, it is evidently trickier for new entrepreneurs who are just starting.

Fret not! It all begins with envisioning the identity you’d like your business to take on first.

You can then create the assets that will help tell your brand story to ensure customers know who your brand is from the get-go.

2. Identifying Target Market 

A successful social media account is critical for any growing business in today’s market.

Connecting with old and new customers requires first understanding who these consumers and your target audience are. From there, you can curate content relevant to them that is gripping and draws the right crowd towards your brand.

Going one step further in truly understanding this specific demographic?

Utilise surveys or questionnaires to gain insight into what your target market looks for regarding Instagram content. It’s a great opportunity to get feedback from followers to plan and personalise content based on the topics they’d love for you to discuss.

3. The Overall “Feel” Of The Brand 

Crafting an aesthetically pleasing Instagram presence is more than just taking a beautiful picture. 

An effective colour palette, filter, or editing style is essential in creating your brand’s signature aesthetic and reinforcing its identity. Research shows that up to 90% of product assessments depend solely upon their colour composition.

When selecting a colour palette to represent the “feel” of your brand, it is important to consider the nature of your business.

For example, if you run a legal firm, you would ideally use monotone or dull shades to exude professionalism and solemnity. Vibrant colours can better communicate your brand message over Instagram if you are marketing youth-focused products instead. 

The Chicken Rice Shop, true to its logo’s colours, features a predominantly yellow and red colour scheme across its Instagram feed.

According to colour psychology, the fast food industry perceives red as an eye-catching, appetite stimulant while yellow is associated with affability. The company is strategic in its use of colour, as colours can communicate information more quickly than words or shapes.

Therefore, using colours strategically helps strengthen visibility for any business online!

4. Content Planning 

Establishing brand colours and content types are essential steps for any business’s Instagram success, but why is planning important?

Your Instagram account needs to work in tandem with your digital marketing strategy. A strong Instagram presence requires having an established schedule that isn’t too hectic or dormant.

It helps you maintain high levels of engagement while avoiding being overly reliant on one type of post.

Careful content planning can lend depth, continuity, and a sense of cohesion to an immersive virtual story-telling journey. It helps your audience draw parallels between existing themes and new ideas across your Instagram profile.

To stand out from other businesses in your field, don’t hesitate to share informative posts and start discourses revolving around your brand.

Turn your Instagram into an online portfolio by featuring people using your work or displaying product samples ready for potential customers’ approval. It is a surefire way to reach your target niche., for example, collaborates with renowned Malaysian social media influencers to create content for their Instagram feed.

These influencers typically document their experience interacting with products at a myNEWS outlet via Instagram reels or posts. The brand’s aim here is to inform new and existing customers of the brand’s promotional deals and product launches effectively.

Influencers can drive more people toward your products or services because consumers trust the recommendations made by their favourite influencers.

5. Hashtags

Hashtags are an indispensable tool for businesses to reach their target audience on Instagram. 

By creating an original hashtag and religiously using it, companies can promote events or campaigns conveniently while also measuring the success of their efforts. This can be coupled with the use of general hashtags for relevant posts to attract your target audience infallibly.

Generic hashtags promise increased digital visibility, giving you better chances of being seen amidst Instagram’s sea of content!

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