Top 3 Minimalist Branding Designs Examples

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Minimalist branding is the simplification of a design, as they use simple shapes, colour palettes as well as fonts. While it can look plain, it can also provide a sleek image to the brand.

It is a trend that is loved by many people as it is pleasant-looking, simple and easy to comprehend.

As the saying goes, “Less is better.”

One of the reasons for minimalist branding is to provide the brand’s genuineness to the consumers. Some might perceive overly complicated design as ‘trying too hard’ which will then affect the consumer’s perception of the brand.

Other than that, minimalism is often associated with the “future”. 

Design wise, Minimalism is described as “efficient” because the design still manages to serve its purpose despite the simplicity.

In fact, there are many brands that use minimalist branding in presenting their brand. Their minimal design becomes a huge part of the brand, indicating a good sign of their brand awareness.

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Minimalist Branding Design Examples

1. Nike

At the mention of the brand, it is easy for us to imagine the logo in our mind- Exactly how minimalist branding should work.

Fun fact, the iconic ‘swoosh’ logo has been established since the early days of the company, with minor tweaks done. Which brings us to the logo that we are familiar with now.

The logo invokes a sense of determination from the simplicity down to the confident sharp lines. 

While the tagline “Just do it!” certainly influences the sentiment, it is believed that the overall geometrical logo plays a huge role in exuding those sentiments. 

The ‘swoosh’ or tick shape is full of confidence, aided by the monochrome colour palette used by the brand. The font used by the brand also provides a fierce aura to the brand’s image that emphasizes elegance and regality.

As a result of careful designing, Nike has now one of the most iconic logo designs in the world. 

2. Rizman Ruzaini

If you are a fan of Malaysia’s fashion industry, you should be familiar with the brand.

Rizman Ruzaini is one of the leading fashion brands in Malaysia. Co-owned by two local fashion designers, the brand has collaborated with a number of local A-List celebrities including Dato Seri Siti Nurhaliza.

Their logo is also the staple of their brand, as it is used widely as a part of the design of their fashion collections, including headscarves and footwears.

The logo is a combination of two ‘R’, forming an image of a crown. The colour palette chosen by the brand is monochrome, highlighting the brand’s approach in fashion; elegance.

The font, on the other hand, is classy and sophisticated.

In short, the logo manages to convey the brand identity as a leading local fashion brain; a symbol of class and opulence.

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3. Buku Fixi

Bookworms of Malaysia, are you familiar with Buku Fixi?

Buku Fixi is a local publishing company in Malaysia, specialising in fiction novels. The brand is famous for its thriller novels and has been a fan-favourite since its establishment.

When speaking of minimalist branding, it is impossible to leave out the brand from the list.

Their whole establishment is based on minimalism, from the logos to book titles.

The monochrome palette fashioned by the logo highlights their identity as a publisher of thriller novels; dark and mysterious. The font used is rather casual, portraying its boundless themes in their works.

Buku Fixi has a strict rule of maintaining one-word titles for its novels. The simplicity of the title has attracted many readers as it exudes a sense of mystery to the title.

Now that we have looked into some examples of minimalist brand design, it is time to craft the perfect minimalist look for your brand!

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