Top 7 SEO Mistakes That Malaysian Website Owners Should Avoid

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps websites to reach higher traction or rankings. Essentially, SEOs are needed by websites for higher keyword rankings. However, inevitable mistakes when using SEO can cause negative effects instead. 

Top 7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

1. Insufficient Keyboard Research

Firstly, website owners make the mistake of simply putting out random content with the assumption that it will gain traffic. Instead, their website gains no search traffic as people are not looking for said content.

Thus, website owners should try focusing on improving keyword research to ensure their content entices users to click on it. 

2. Low-Quality Content

Following that, a website with low-quality content will compromise its SEO which discourages people from clicking on those websites. For example, a website’s content may be too short, unoriginal and overstuffing with keywords.

Instead, website owners should put more effort into releasing valuable, informative and engaging content to attract more attention from users.

3. Over Complex Target Keywords 

At times, website owners will make the mistake of applying competitive keywords while disregarding their competitors. 

For example, keywords with more competition will likely be on more websites with similar content. In comparison, one may find their content pushed back from other high-ranking websites, hence further lowering their traction.

Website owners can avoid this mistake by optimising for the right keywords. Thus, there will be a higher chance for the keywords to achieve higher rankings. 

4. Disregarding SEO Importance

Other than that, some website owners may mistake their one-time success as a long-term thing. 

They assume that because one content is doing well, all the following content would gain high traction too. On the contrary, they may be set back as websites are constantly in competition for the highest ranking. 

The same can be said for disregarding mobile SEOs. Therefore, website owners should work towards creating websites that are both laptop and mobile-friendly. 

5. Ignoring Backlinks

Website owners who choose to ignore or utilise little backlinks will face low search rankings. Hence, limiting the visibility of their websites to users. 

Therefore, website owners should optimise by including link building as they increase the website’s traction.

6. Slow Web Speed

Besides that, websites with slow web speeds could be the reason why people choose not to click on said websites. This includes long page load times and slow interaction times of the site. 

Thus, website owners can fix this problem by compressing items such as images and JavaScript present on the sites. Other than that, website owners could fix the redirects found on the website to increase site speed. 

7. Duplicate Content

Occasionally, website owners may find their website content similar or identical to that of other websites. This may affect the SEO ranking of the websites as search engines refer people to websites which have more relevance. 

Therefore, website owners could fix this issue by releasing unique content that entices people over to their content. Before content is published, the website owners should ensure that their content is not repeated elsewhere. 

All in all, SEOs provide website owners with the benefits of website engagement and high-quality content production. However, owners who lack the knowledge of properly utilising the SEOs may face challenges in their websites getting traction. Thus, by knowing the SEO mistakes to avoid, website owners can make better choices and planning. 

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