Soft Sell Copywriting: Persuasion Through Subtlety

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Within the global scope of marketing and advertising, copywriting performs a vital role in persuading potential customers to buy a product or service. 

Copywriting is the artwork of the usage of written words to influence, inform, or entertain an audience. The purpose of copywriting is to create compelling and persuasive content material that convinces the reader to take action.

What is Soft Sell Copywriting?

Soft sell copywriting is a method utilised by copywriters to persuade customers without being too pushy or competitive. 

It is a more subtle approach to selling that focuses on building relationships with customers and gaining their trust. In Malaysia, soft sell copywriting is becoming more famous as consumers become more concerned and cautious of competitive marketing strategies.

Soft sell copywriting uses a greater conversational tone, with a focus on engaging the reader and building a connection with them. Instead of bombarding the reader with sales pitches, soft sell copywriting targets to offer value to the customer through informative and engaging content material.

Examples of Soft Sell Copywriting in Malaysia

One example of soft sell copywriting in Malaysia is the “Share a Coke” marketing campaign by Coca-Cola. 

The marketing campaign focused on personalisation and engagement, allowing customers to customise their Coke bottles with their names or the names of loved ones. The marketing campaign generated loads of buzz and engagement on social media without overtly trying to sell.

Another example is the “Myvi Lagi Best” campaign by Perodua. The marketing campaign targeted constructing a relationship with potential customers, using a humorous and relatable technique to promote the car’s features and benefits. 

The campaign becomes a hit in convincing customers to consider the Myvi as their next car purchase.

Why is Soft Sell Copywriting Effective?

Soft sell copywriting is effective because it builds trust and credibility with the customer. By providing informative and valuable content material, the customer feels that the brand is, in reality, interested in their needs and wants instead of just trying to make a sale.

But, soft sell copywriting is not without its challenges. It requires a deep understanding of the target audience, as well as the capability to create content that resonates with them. 

It additionally calls for persistence and a long-term view, as building relationships with customers takes time.

Key Elements of Soft Sell Copywriting

One of the key elements of soft sell copywriting is storytelling. Through telling stories, brands can connect with their customers on a deeper stage, creating an emotional bond that goes beyond simply promoting a service or product. 

Storytelling allows brands to exhibit their values, ideals, and personality, which could help to differentiate them from their competitors. Moreover, another key element of soft sell copywriting is the usage of social evidence. 

The concept that people are more likely to agree with and imitate the behaviour of others is known as social proof. Brands can display that their goods or offerings were effectively utilised by others by displaying testimonials, reviews, and case research.

Soft Sell Copywriting in the Malaysian Context

In Malaysia, soft sell copywriting is especially essential within the context of social media. 

With the rise of social media influencers and user-generated content, customers are more and more cautious of overtly sales content. Soft sell copywriting lets brands connect to their customers more properly and attractively without appearing pushy or desperate for sales. 

However, it is far essential to be aware that soft sell copywriting needs to not be visible as a replacement for traditional sales approaches. Soft sell copywriting is best whilst used together with other sales strategies, consisting of email advertising and marketing, direct mail, and advertising and marketing.


In conclusion, soft sell copywriting is a valued technique for brands looking to build relationships with their customers in Malaysia. 

By using a more subtle and conversational method, brands can offer value to their customers and build trust and credibility over time. Soft sell copywriting calls for a deep knowledge of the target audience and the potential to create enticing and informative content material. 

Through the usage of storytelling and social evidence, brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a faithful customer base.


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