Types Of Infographics: Be The Master Of Infographics From This 5-Minute Read

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Want to stand out and get noticed in today’s competitive digital landscape?

It would be best to leverage infographics as part of your digital marketing strategy. Infographics can be a powerful asset to companies seeking creative ways to communicate information.

Visual information is easier for users to consume, as it helps convey complex messages and concepts more effectively than traditional text-based media.

To create an effective infographic, one must go beyond adding words to pictures. It involves finding clever ways for the audience to interact with content without getting overwhelmed by data.

Businesses should identify an infographic that will optimise communication efforts for desired results by understanding the different types and their functions.

With different varieties of infographics available, there is sure to be one that effectively captures key data with style. So why not make the most of this powerful resource?

3 Simple Benefits of Infographics

Before exploring the options, let’s look at why you should emphasise infographics usage. There are numerous advantages to using infographics, but these three key points are sufficient enough to drive their importance. 

1. Convenient Information Sharing

Capturing an audience’s attention has become more challenging than ever in our fast-paced society.

Fortunately, infographics have quickly emerged as a creative solution for providing users with captivating and digestible content. Information can now be condensed into imagery or data visualisations to accommodate the average 8-second human attention span and digital content distribution.

Social media has graced us with a world of convenient information-sharing, making it easier than ever to spread content that resonates with users.

When people find something they like, they can ensure their friends and family experience the same satisfaction at the click of a button. As such, your infographics should be the perfect blend of entertainment and education your audience will appreciate.

2. Effective Storytelling

Now that we know attention spans are fleeting, lengthy captions and dull visuals are not up to the task of piquing your audience’s interest.

Present your data in a visually engaging way by combining stimulating visuals with condensed facts and figures. It is to facilitate you to cut through the noise and bring attention back to the crux of your content.

Besides, infographics can be an enjoyable way for viewers to quickly absorb information without straining over long blocks of text!

3. Increasing Sales

Infographics are the perfect way to introduce products and services. 

When used effectively as a marketing tool, businesses can be sure of increased customer engagement and reach. This gives companies the potential to gain customers and boost sales through impressionable visual marketing. 

It’s no wonder infographics are the ultimate tool for marketers who desire to maximise creative potential!

4 Types of Infographics & Their Best Uses

Infographics have become increasingly popular in the field of digital marketing. However, there exist different types of infographics, and each serves slightly different purposes.

Let’s have a closer look at the four most common types to gain deeper insight into how infographics can be leveraged in your content strategy!

1. Timeline Infographics

Timeline infographics visually display information in a time progression context.

Timeline infographics are the perfect visual to showcase a sequence of events or a company’s history in an intriguing way. Additionally, they can be used for creative purposes such as chronological storytelling, showing processes of products, and revealing long-term plans for a brand vision.

Through the creative use of icons, colour combinations, and font sizes, graphic designers can make key points stand out so that readers have no trouble spotting them.

Secret Recipe, a beloved Malaysian café chain, features a timeline infographic on its website detailing the company’s achievements since its establishment in 1997.

A company milestone timeline infographic is a great way to highlight its accomplishments and demonstrate what they have to offer potential customers. This gives Secret Recipe credibility and an edge in a competitive landscape by instilling a positive brand image.

2. Informational Infographics

Want to explain a concept or educate on a simple topic?

Informational infographics are the perfect medium. They’re designed for simplicity, making them easy to read and versatile.

From basic overviews of topics to concept introductions, informational infographics can help you convey basic ideas imaginatively.

However, more technical or complex subjects should not be presented with this sort of infographic. Let’s say your company wants to create a guide to using SQL accounting software; informational infographics would be ill-suited due to their limited detail-providing ability.

3. Map Infographics 

Map infographics are self-explanatory because they’re ideal for showing demographic data with qualitative or quantitative facts.

Particularly, trends in specific areas such as countries or cities and the story of a particular location can be communicated through this infographic. Map infographics are also ideal for businesses wanting to emphasise their product’s availability in certain regions or draw focus on results from surveys conducted by them.

Utilise colours and other helpful assets like labels, scale bars, and legends to make the infographic visually appealing and reader-friendly.

4. List Infographics 

List infographics are often used to break down complex topics into easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

They’re an incredibly effective way of clearly and concisely displaying ideas – whether it’s summarising key points or offering helpful pointers on your product/service. However, business owners or any SMEs in Malaysia should refrain from inserting too much information, or the simplicity of list infographics will backfire.

To make the most of list infographics, brevity is key. Use borders and boxes for organisation plus illustrated icons for added appeal!

If you visit Ambank Malaysia’s website or social media accounts, you will likely find an array of infographics, including list infographics. Let’s take a closer look at one instance they incorporated this infographic into their digital marketing!

Notice how simple yet effective the crux of the promotional deal is conveyed?

The company is offering AmBank debit cardholders an RM10 discount when they use the card on Shopee for the first time. This is easily understood through the help of a list infographic with a clean design and concise text.

This not only helps increase readability but also adds visual texture to their platform and increases engagement on social media and websites!

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