Top 4 Types of Infographics For Digital Marketing Use

Businesses and brands should use numerous types of infographics to convey information on social media.

Although it is easier to upload a wall of text as a caption, not every user has the patience to read word for word. After all, people are inherently visual creatures. 

Visual information is always the easiest information to digest due to convenience and appeal.  Modern times are fast-moving, information-filled and competitive, so users are more receptive to easier ways to intake information in the shortest time.

Therefore, infographics should be included in digital marketing materials and utilized more often.  All the best marketers are aware of the importance of effective infographics.  

However, infographics aren’t as simple as typing words on an image. Infographics are as versatile as the many kinds of brand voices and styles.  

Different infographics have different respective purposes that they’re suitable for.  If you choose the wrong infographic to convey information, the benefits of infographics will backfire. 

In fact, there are more than 10 types of infographics to choose from!  One can conclude that there is an infographic meant for any information delivery.  

Before we proceed with various infographic types, every business owner should be informed about the benefits of infographics and why they should be used.  

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Three Simple Benefits of Infographics

There are numerous advantages to using infographics, but these three key points are sufficient enough to drive their importance.  

1. Convenient Information Sharing 

Many business owners aren’t aware that the average human attention span lasts up to 8 seconds.  Fortunately, engaging and exciting content such as infographics can maintain longer attention.  

The use of infographics frames information in an entertaining yet informative manner to the reader. Thus, it makes it an effective method for relaying information.  

Users who find likeable and informative content are likely to share it with friends and family.  After all, social media has made information sharing as convenient as a click of a button.

2. Effective Storytelling 

As aforementioned, people are unlikely to have long attention spans. Therefore, monotonous content such as extended captions and dull visuals fail to deliver information effectively. 

Internet users can also immediately gauge if the information is worth reading from a single glance. Therefore, the key is to capture the audience’s attention with the most appealing methods.  

Infographics can present data in a livelier and more entertaining manner. Moreover, it is also easier for readers to digest information without reading walls of text. 

3. Increasing Sales

There is no doubt that infographics are more effective in delivering information. Therefore, businesses can expect a higher reach and engagement on the respective content. 

When there is a higher reach, there is also a higher potential for new customers. After all, information on a new or existing product is reframed more appealingly. 

Infographic is one of the best marketing tools to introduce products to the audience effectively.  

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Four Types of Infographics & Their Best Uses

There are over 10 types of infographics that can be used to your advantage. However, we will introduce 4 of the most commonly used infographics in digital marketing.

Although we won’t cover every infographic in existence, you will be able to grasp the use of infographics through this handful.

1. Timeline Infographics

This infographic commonly features a scale with dates on them. Timeline infographics are also long visuals suitable for illustrating events in a timeline.  

Timeline infographics are the most suitable if the business is interested in sharing information such as the company’s history or a sequence of events. 

Illustrating company history or sequenced events aren’t the only uses either, you can use them for: 

  • Revealing future plans 
  • Storytelling in a chronological order
  • Sharing the processes of a product

…and many more! 

Moreover, effective timeline infographics aren’t just simplistic numbers on a scale. Graphic designers often utilise icons to symbolize significant points on the timeline. 

The use of contrasting font sizes and colours also emphasises important events that readers can take note of.

2. Informational Infographics 

This infographic is the bare minimum of infographics because it only features text in an easy-to-read manner.  It is also an infographic that does not have a set composition. 

Informational infographics are the most popular infographic type due to their simplicity.  

Almost anything can be shared through simple informational infographics. But the most commonly shared information is: 

  • An overview of a topic 
  • Introduction of a concept 
  • Educating information 

However, informational infographics are unsuitable for technical topics or complex subjects.  

Let’s say your business introduces a guide to using SQL accounting software. The simplistic style of informational infographics is ill-suited to present the program effectively.  

Although informational infographics are simplistic, your content delivery can be enhanced further through the use of illustrated icons. Marketers can also use borders and numbers to organize text information in a succinct manner.

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3. Map Infographics 

Map infographics are self-explanatory because they’re ideal for showing demographic data. This kind of infographic often features a map with factual information that is either qualitative or quantitative. 

Map infographics are commonly used to illustrate: 

  • Trends in a specific area (For example, countries, cities, towns, villages) 
  • Introduce the story of a particular location 
  • Showcase survey data 

Whether your business reveals results from a survey or emphasises the need for a product in a specific region, map infographics are the best for conveying geographical information. 

However, a map isn’t the only asset for content delivery in map infographics. Effective map infographics utilise colours to highlight areas.  

Labels, scale bars and legends are also helpful in making appealing map infographics. The best part is that these features ease information intake for readers tenfold! 

4. List Infographics 

Nothing is more organised than a simple list infographic. List infographics typically feature bullet points or numbers to showcase information tidily. 

If your business wants to show step-by-step instructions for a complex product, list infographics are the best option. 

But step-by-step instructions aren’t the only uses of list infographics.  List infographics are also used for: 

  • Listing tips and advice 
  • Emphasising ideas through bullet points 
  • Summarizing a topic 

List infographics are one of the most organised and simple infographics. But business owners should refrain from inserting too much information, or else the simplicity of list infographics will backfire.

List infographics should always be concise. Elements such as borders, boxes and numbers should also be used to organize information further.

Some graphic designers also use illustrated icons to make the infographic more appealing!

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