Co-Branding in Malaysia: 3 Examples of Successful Co-Branding Partnership

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Co-branding is an innovative and exciting way for customers to experience something new. 

By combining two different brands, both loyal followers benefit from the collaboration, creating a positive feedback loop of improved awareness and satisfaction! So if you’re looking for a collaboration and the benefits it will generate, co-branding may be just what you need.

Additionally, co-branding is an invaluable strategy for brands to leverage strategic partnerships and bolster mutual success. 

While both partners benefit greatly from increased brand recognition, co-branding works especially well when companies of different sizes collaborate. This allows the smaller brand to gain access to a larger audience while expanding its own established portfolio in return.

Consumers who are passionate about the smaller brands will form strong loyalties, leading to a higher likelihood of showing support with their purchasing decisions. 

Co-branding is an effective strategy for companies to expand their horizons and explore new markets. Malaysia’s well-known brands have successfully harnessed this approach, launching themselves into the limelight with powerful results!

1. Walt Disney x CalaQisya

From Mickey Mouse to Frozen and many iconic characters in between, Disney has been enchanting generations of people for over nine decades.

From animated classics like Bambi to Hollywood blockbuster productions today, their stories have resonated with us from childhood into adulthood. On the other hand, CalaQisya is a beloved Malaysian fashion brand known for its distinct, stylish designs.  

It has become synonymous with local culture and continues to draw dedicated fans from around the country who value its unique aesthetic. 

In 2021, CalaQisya struck a strong collaboration with the creative powerhouse Disney. This partnership saw them produce exclusive collections inspired by beloved animated films and characters, including Raya and the Last Dragon! 

Featuring beautiful kaftans, vibrant headscarves, eye-catching scrunchies, and stylish pouches sure to take your style game up a notch!

With this exciting collaboration, Disney and CalaQisya collaboration proved to be incredibly successful, as they were able to launch a stunning new collection just weeks after joining forces. Capturing the essence of iconic villainesses, including Evil Queen, Cruella and Maleficent, six beautiful kaftan designs showcased their infusion of style in this classic look.

Disney and CalaQisya’s brilliant co-branding partnership allowed Disney to reach uncharted markets while boosting Malaysia-based brand recognition.

2. Nestle x Starbucks

Malaysians have long relied on Nestle for their daily needs — from the young to the elderly. The brand has become a staple in households providing them with quality products across Malaysia.

On the other hand, Starbucks has become an iconic presence in Malaysia, especially among coffee connoisseurs. With new and exciting products on offer every season, it’s no surprise that Starbucks’ popularity continues to surge within the country!

Nestle and Starbucks’ partnership revolutionised coffee culture in Malaysia and Singapore, enabling consumers to enjoy the full experience of a premium cafe-grade cup at home.

The results? Engaging customers with locally crafted capsules infused with renowned flavours from Starbucks!

After a successful collaborative partnership, the two brands have extended their contract and continue to deliver superior results. Together, they’ve launched an impressive line of coffee products featuring premium soluble instant varieties, showing that combining forces is beneficial for all involved!

3. McDonald’s x BTS

With a decades-long presence in Malaysia, McDonald’s has grown to be an iconic household name with both a permanent and continuously expanding customer base. It serves as a testament to the brand’s staying power and its growing appeal.

BTS, however,  has become a worldwide phenomenon, winning over fans from every corner of the globe, including Malaysia. This South Korean boy group’s music resonates with people everywhere, and their success continues to grow daily.

In 2021, McDonald’s and BTS joined forces to bring fans a taste of the K-pop superstars’ favourite orders. 

The BTS meal is the perfect combination of tasty snacks. It consists of 10 savoury, crunchy chicken nuggets paired with medium fries and a refreshing Coca-Cola, all complemented by Sweet Chilli or Cajun dipping sauces for an extra kick!

By collaborating with McDonald’s, BTS experienced extraordinary success in their brand awareness amongst non-fans. 

This ultimately allowed their partnership to exceed all expectations, mainly as a result of strong demand for specially created meal sets by both companies!

Co-branding has proven to be a successful way for businesses to expand and strengthen their presence in the market. When considering this option, you must choose your partners wisely, as they can make or break your brand performance!

Making the right decision about a potential partner can be difficult. If you are looking for reliable advice, turn to our team of dedicated professionals and experts for help!

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