Co-Branding Malaysia: 3 Examples of Co-Branding Partnership

Co-branding. Everyone has a brand which they dedicate their loyalty to, but what if the brand collaborated with another brand? 

Co-branding manages to attract consumers’ awareness for the brands and loyal customers get to see a new product.

It is a win-win situation.

What is co-branding?

Co-branding is a branding strategy that utilises multiple brand names on goods or services as a part of a strategic alliance. In other words, co-branding is all about partnership between brands as it brings benefits to both parties involved.

This strategy can be effective as it helps to increase brand awareness. For example, when a smaller brand collaborates with a larger brand, naturally the former will be recognised by loyal consumers of the latter. 

Therefore, loyal consumers are able to recognise the smaller brand and will consider purchasing their products or services in the future.

Since co-branding often happens between multiple businesses of different markets, co-branding can also help businesses to break into new markets. Many brands in Malaysia have done this and they have proven to be successful.

Come and join us in discovering some successful co-branding examples in Malaysia!

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1. Walt Disney x CalaQisya

Who does not know Disney? 

It is one of the biggest mass media and entertainment franchises in the world. It has coloured the childhood of many children.

There is no doubt that the brand Disney itself has a huge following from a wide range of ages.

CalaQisya, on the other hand, is one of the famous local fashion brands in Malaysia. With its distinctive aesthetics, the brand is adored by many Malaysians and has secured a loyal following within the market.

In 2021, CalaQisya managed to secure two partnerships with Disney. The brand managed to produce collections inspired from Disney’s animations and characters.

The partnership resulted in the production of Disney Raya and the Last Dragon collection, to celebrate the film’s release. The collection includes kaftans, headscarves, scrunchies as well as pouches. 

The collaboration was shown to be successful. The fashion brand, then, managed to come out with a new collection with Disney, several weeks later. 

The Disney Villainess collection featured 6 designs of kaftan inspired from three Disney villainess. The villainess being the Evil Queen, Cruelle and also Maleficent.

Through co-branding, Disney are able to break into a new market while CalaQisya manages to boost their brand awareness.

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2. Nestle x Starbucks

Malaysians are familiar with the brand Nestle, and in fact the brand has been a household name in the country. With its wide range of products, Nestle is seeked and trusted by many Malaysians of many ages.

Starbucks, on the other hand, is a huge thing in Malaysia, especially for coffee lovers. Starbucks is loved by many people in the country, as consumers are always excited to see the brand come out with new products every time.

Nestle and Starbucks joined forces in 2018, which lead to the launch of Starbucks at Home in Malaysia and Singapore the following year.

This co-branding resulted in the launch of Starbucks’ coffee capsules. Consumers are now able to recreate the taste of the coffee brand at home.

The collaboration is proved to be effective as the brands continue to extend their co-branding contract. Later the years, the brands have produced a line of coffee products which includes premium soluble instant coffee.

3. McDonald’s x BTS 

McDonald’s is also a common household name in Malaysia. The fast food franchise has a solid base of customers throughout the years, and still gaining new customers over time.

At this point of time, who does not know about BTS? The South Korean boy-group achieves immense success with their music by attracting the attention of fans all over the world.

In 2021, McDonald’s announced that they will be collaborating with BTS in offering the boy group’s favourite order. The collaboration aims to provide the experience of feeling a little closer to their idols.

The BTS meal included 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, medium fries and medium Coca Cola. The meal also included two types of dipping sauces; Sweet Chilli and Cajun sauces.

From this co-branding partnership, McDonald’s managed to sell more meal sets than they anticipated. BTS also managed to gain more awareness of their brand, especially from non-fans.

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Based on the examples of successful co-branding, it is clear that co-branding helps businesses to grow further in the market.

Choosing the right partner for your branding will help to boost your brand performance, so make sure to choose wisely.

If you are conflicted in choosing the right partner, consider reaching out to our team of experts. Walk Production is a full-fledged branding agency in Malaysia that provides comprehensive branding services. We are always ready to assist your branding journey.

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