Copywriting For Business: 3 Examples of Effective Copywriting

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Copywriting is undoubtedly an important part of advertising and marketing. 

With a good copy, businesses can foresee high turnover for long-lasting periods.  

The copywriter plays a pivotal role in embodying the company’s story in words.

Hence, copywriting is an essential element of content marketing as it is highly incorporated in digital marketing strategies.  

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of written promotional materials in advertising and marketing. The product of copywriting is called a copy and it is in the ads that we encounter in daily life.

In short, copies are the texts in brochures, billboards, catalogues and many more. It is the text that completes your marketing collateral and promotional materials.

Copywriting can also be considered a bigger scale of call-to-action

The only difference is that CTA functions to directly encourage action while copywriting requires more time and effort to persuade readers.

A good copy should drive responses from people whether it’s customer engagement or an increases in sales.

Hence, your copy should be impactful in order to generate attention to your business or company.

How to Write an Effective Copy

Here are some tips to create an effective copy:


The main goal of a copy is to deliver your promotional messages. Hence, copywriters should create copies with a clear message.

Other than that, the copy should also pique curiosity. After all, promotional content appeals to curious customers best.  

Remember to be clear with promotional points. Try to creatively persuade people why your brand or company is worth their attention.

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Less Jargons

It is important to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes when writing a copy.

After all, consumers are unlikely to posess specialised knowledge regarding specific topics. Therefore, the copy should be translated into an easy-to-read piece for easier consumption.  

For example, conversational language is easier to attract people into understanding copies on complicated subjects.  

Identifying The Audiences’ Pain Points

As an established marketer, the consumer’s pain points is your greatest advantage.  Any marketing strategy leverages on consumer pain points to market products.  

A copy should ideally include a pain point and how your business can resolve it. Hence, it is important to conduct the appropriate market research to identify effective solutions.  

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Examples of Effective Copywriting

Need some inspiration for your marketing copy? Here are some examples of effective copywriting.

1. Rolls Royce

A great example of effective copywriting is a copy written for Rolls Royce in 1958.

Rolls Royce

The copy was written to promote their new model, with the headlines attempting to offer sensory experience to the readers. 

Instead of typically describing the car specs, the copy focussed on metaphorically introducing the vehicle.

The car was pictured with a humanistic appeal. In fact, humanisation psychologically influenced consumers to feel “closer” to the car by sharing realistic and sentient point-of-views.

The copy also gave insight through conversational language. While there are still jargons used in the ad, the jargons were later explained with simple explanations.

2. Go-Pro

The typical camera lacks the ability to capture fast-moving objects. Oftentimes, the photos and videos turn out blurred and low-quality.  

However, the creation of the Go-Pro has drastically changed that reality for the many sports enthusiasts. Founded by Nick Woodman in 2002, the Go-Pro is internationally renowned to produce action cameras.

Here is a copy for one of their cameras, the LiveBurst mode:


Go-Pro has identified that blurry photos and videos are a problem among extreme sports enthusiasts. The copy is written to appeal to the specific audiences.

The clear explanation in the copy provides an insight on how the feature resolves the target audiences’ pain point. 

The copy reflects the brand’s knowledge of the audience, as it appeals with a relatable problem.

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3. Hiut Denim

David and Clare Hieatt founded Hiut Denim in order to revive denim manufacturing jobs after the town’s denim factory closed down in 2002. 

The brand focuses on quality over quantity, only producing a limited number of jeans per week.

The brand provides an excellent example of effective copywriting by staying true to its identity. Without fancy jargons nor complicated writing style, the copy was written in a straightforward manner.

The sincerity and transparency in the copy reinforced brand loyalty between the consumer and brand.   

Moreover, Hiut Denim is acclaimed to be one of the most luxurious jeans manufacturers internationally.  The brand is often worn by Hollywood celebrities, cementing its eliteness in the market.

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