Top 5 Digital Marketing Objectives For Businesses in Malaysia

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The 21st century provides a look into how far technology has come until this day. Digitalisation is now a huge part of everyone’s life, to the point that it is utilised in business, such as digital marketing.

The business world has been surviving with the help of traditional marketing, which mostly consisted of printed ads, billboards, posters and many more. 

Now that the Internet is advanced enough for business marketing, many people have resorted to using digital marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.

If you are reading this article, you must be curious on why people use digital marketing. You are probably also wondering whether you should resort to it, considering that it is the ‘thing’ in marketing.

Worry no more, we will be looking into some of the objectives that business owners have in mind when they opt for digital marketing.

Crafting Your Digital Marketing Objectives

Before we dive into it, it is important to know that one’s objectives can differ from the other. Your digital marketing objectives should be based on your business missions and goals.

This is because your digital marketing objectives function as a guide to achieving your missions and goals. With the right objectives, comes along the right strategy for you to achieve the goals.

Keep in mind, your digital marketing objectives should be based on the acronym SMART, which is short for:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Relevant
  • T – Time-Related

Other than following SMART, your digital marketing objectives should also be benchmarked against your competitors, to ensure effectiveness.

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5 Digital Marketing Objectives

1. Increases Sales

If you are a business owner, you might be depending on the business as a source of income.

Therefore, just like any other marketing strategy, the main goal of digital marketing is to increase sales. More sales lead to the increase of your business’s wealth and profit.

Making sales is all about selling the right products or services to the right consumers. Therefore, business owners need to look into ways of reaching their target market.

Through digital marketing, there is a higher chance for your business to reach your target market. This marketing strategy is complete with multiple tools that can help find your consumers on the world wide web.

For example, many physical businesses have resorted to online markets such as Shopee and Lazada to increase their sales. Along that, they also utilised social media as an ecommerce platform.

2. Building Brand

As a business owner, building your brand can be helpful for your business performance. A brand helps consumers to identify a business, as it is crafted to be distinguishable from others.

Then, how does a brand relate to digital marketing?

Many Malaysian SMEs have chosen to build their brand through digital marketing.

If you are an active social media user, you might notice that a huge majority of social media influencers started out as business owners.

There are also many corporations that have resorted to digital marketing to make their brands recognisable.  They utilise social media marketing to build their brand and increase brand awareness online.

As people start to recognise your brand, their trust for the brand will also increase. There will be a higher chance for potential customer conversion.

3. Building Online Reputation

The Internet has become a huge part of people’s life today. Almost every aspect of life is digitalised, leading to the increased need for people to stay online.

People are also constantly purchasing products and services for daily necessities. Therefore, composing reviews after product purchases has become second nature to the chronically online individual.  

The purpose of online reviews is to provide feedback for the businesses. 

Hence, if you are a business owner, pay extra attention to your business’ online reputation. 

Found a bad review?  Your business can still redeem itself.  

With digital marketing, you are able to receive and respond to the feedback at your convenience. Digital marketing has helped facilitate the connection of businesses with their consumers.

The feedback should be responded accordingly. Your customers want to feel valued so businesses should be professional when dealing with negative feedback.

As consumers acknowledge effort, they will have a good impression of your business which will help build a solid online reputation.

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4. Lead Generation

A marketing lead is defined as a potential sales contact, individual or organisation that is interested in purchasing your products or services.

Lead generation is significant in drawing people to take interest in your business. Once leads are generated, it is likely for them to become a customer of your business.

If your business is struggling to get leads, digital marketing might be the answer for your problem.

With the right tools, you are able to generate more leads for your business, especially online.  Online businesses require a lot of leads as it is difficult to utilise direct sales as a marketing strategy.

Other than that, lead generation can also be a part of your digital marketing objectives if you are planning to start an offline business.

To ensure prosperous business, it is important to know the number of leads you have. Digital marketing can help you in surveying prospective customers for your business.

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5. Improve Qualified Traffic

Many businesses have traffic improvement as their digital marketing objective. The main aim is to increase the number of visitors to their website and landing page.

However, some of the visitors might not actually purchase your products or services. If your visitors are not purchasing your products, it is time to adopt digital marketing strategies.

The inability to gain sales from visitors may indicate that your website is attracting ‘unqualified’ visitors.

In other words, the visitors do not have the intention to purchase anything when they visit the website.

With the right digital marketing strategy, your website should attract the right target market audience or ‘qualified’ traffic for your business.

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