Top 5 Branding Objectives That Malaysia SMEs Need To Know

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First of all, let us understand the definition of branding objectives.

If you are a business owner, it is no doubt that you have heard the word ‘branding’ before. While you might understand it as an essential part of your business, the main question still remains.

Why is branding so important? What are the objectives behind branding?

Branding objectives are described as the goals that a brand would like to achieve. 

To elaborate, when a business establishes a brand, they aim to achieve a set of outcomes that will affect the brand performance positively.

Now that we are done with the basics, let us look into the five types of branding objectives that you would like to achieve for your business.

5 Objectives of Branding

1. Create Brand Identity

Business is always a competition. For that, you, as a business owner, would always want to stand out from others.

This is why branding is important.

Branding helps to create an identity for your business and hopefully helps it to be distinct in the market.

Brand identity is defined as the brand’s personality. It includes brand name, taglines, brand voice, logo design, color palette, fonts used and many more.

The identity for a brand should be planned accordingly. You would want your brand identity to be consistent, in order to instill interest from consumers.

To provide an example, Dutch Lady has established quite an identity for its brand. 

The logo design is sophisticated and its color palette is consistent throughout the years. For us consumers, it is easy to be immediately reminded of the brand as we see a certain shade of light blue.

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2. Raise Brand Awareness

What is it for business if not to attract consumers to purchase your products or service?

After creating an identity for your brand, you would want to raise awareness for your brand. 

Brand awareness is basically the degree of familiarity of your product to the target audience. You would want to have a high awareness for your brand, so that more people would recognise your brand.

Branding helps to create an image for your brand, which then will attract people’s attention to your brand.

In order to do so, it is important to do intensive research to understand your target market. Then, you would be able to craft the perfect strategy to increase your brand awareness.

One strategy that you could use to increase brand awareness is to create a solid presence online. 

Remember to choose the perfect social media platform according to the nature of your business.

Social focus will help you to put effort into a platform which seems to be worth it, so that your investment would not be wasted.

3. Establish Brand Positioning

As mentioned before, you would want to distinguish your business from other businesses. Only then your business would be able to grow as it fulfills the gap in the market.

Therefore, branding helps your business to establish brand positioning. What is brand positioning, you say?

Brand positioning is the act of designing a company’s image to be distinct in the mind of the target market.

When establishing brand positioning, you would want to consider making sure your brand is comparatively better, unique and able to fulfill needs from different audiences.

With a solid brand positioning, it is difficult for the consumers to ignore your brand as it has all the qualities wanted by them in a product.

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4. Express Brand Story

Branding also helps to add some spice to your business. And by spice, it refers to a compelling story.

You would want to have a genuine and interesting story for your brand, in order to appeal to the emotional side of your consumers.

When you have a solid brand story, your brand will develop some tangible elements for the consumers to latch on. Your brand will have the consumers wanting for more.

For those with a small budget, it is recommended to express your brand story at your chosen social media platform. 

To assure you, many social media influencers in Malaysia started out as SME owners who came to the platforms to promote their brands. It is proven to be quite effective and now their brands have quite a following from the audience.

5. Increase Brand Loyalty

As consumers ourselves, there is no doubt that we have a brand that we repeatedly purchase despite the existence of other brands on the shelves, right?

That is what brand loyalty is.

Brand loyalty depicts the tendency of consumers to continuously purchase one’s brand’s products or services over another.

If you are a business owner, you would want to establish a loyal following for your brand. 

Frequent purchasers would be unlikely to sway to other marketing messages and will stay loyal to purchasing your brand. 

There is also a huge chance that your loyal customers would advocate for your brand, which then increases your customer base.

Therefore, it is important for you to maintain the quality of your products and service so that the consumers remain satisfied.

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