How to Write a Company Background in Your Company Profile

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Almost all Malaysian companies, incorporated or not, have at least a company profile.

A company profile introduces your business and creates a positive impression on prospective buyers or stakeholders. It often includes information on its ownership and management, mission statement, future goals, products and services, and other relevant details.

However, this article will focus on the company background, one of the most prominent elements in a company profile.

What is a Company Background?

A company background is a powerful tool to help build an inspiring narrative around your business.

Additionally, it gives readers a glimpse into the enterprise’s history and the people involved in establishing it. Understanding the company’s history helps consumers feel more confident in the brand and fosters loyalty.

Although it’s one of the shortest parts of a company profile, how you tell this story will positively impact your brand’s public image and engagement!

Importance of Company Background

Company background is a valuable asset that provides several benefits to a business, including:

  1. Adding Authenticity to the Company’s Message

Consumers often view businesses as impersonal entities solely focused on sales and profit.

However, behind every enterprise, there is a story detailing how it was established from scratch to its present stature. When customers research a company’s background, they can get an insider’s look at how it was founded and developed.

Therefore, it provides a greater sense of connection with the goals and people behind the company, augmenting the brand’s authenticity.

  1. Develop a Company Culture

From its roots to the relationships it builds, a company culture is a powerful tool in conveying an organisation’s essence. It reflects the core values and virtues upon which it was founded. 

Certainly, fostering a positive company culture means preserving history while inspiring growth.

Company culture can be particularly influential when engaging with other businesses by demonstrating one’s principles and practices through their actions.

  1. Build Trust with Customers

For any business to thrive, trust is an essential element between the company and its customers. Branding and marketing are fundamental tools for building confidence.

Your company’s background offers insights into its journey in the industry.

This reputable history, in turn, can provide credibility among potential customers, building trust and familiarity with your brand.

Elements of a Company Background

The company background is an integral part of your company’s profile.

Hence, it should be concise, informative, and interesting enough to keep your readers’ attention. Here is a brief list of a company background’s elements:

  • Company’s Purpose

The reason behind the start of your company is a crucial part of establishing a mission statement and values. Besides, it helps establish an initial perception among audiences about your business.

  • Overview of Founders

Providing a profile of the founders can give your company a human face. Moreover, you can include the timeline of the foundation of your company in the overview.

  • Founding Values and Vision

Establishing founding values for your company helps you define what makes your company unique and distinctive. Besides, it offers insight into your company culture, which will help improve your employer branding.

  • Key Events or Milestones

Include key events and milestones of your company in the company background. 

As such, you can demonstrate how those events and milestones have affected the current establishment of the company. Moreover, they can be the testaments to your company’s legitimacy.

  • Contributions and Achievements

Remember to include your accolades, media coverage, and proofs of community engagements to your company background. This is due to the positive image and reputation you can derive from all these achievements and contributions.

Get a jump-start on your writing task with some preliminary planning.

Gather critical details and ideas so you can easily craft an engaging, comprehensive company background. Having the initial groundwork done allows for a streamlined creative process!

Tips on Writing a Company Background

Now that we have reviewed the basics, here are some tips we gathered to write a compelling company background.

  1. Identify Themes

Uncovering a core theme is the foundation of creating a convincing company background.

Therefore, you should review your draft and identify patterns or commonalities to help define your business’ image. For instance, if perseverance stands out as an essential thread running throughout, ensure this idea comes across clearly in all communication about your firm.

Google’s commitment to ‘innovation’, for example, has been integral in establishing itself as one of the most significant search engines worldwide.

  1. Determining a Tone

Time to set the tone for your company background?

You must consider how this information will be used and ensure it resonates with your target audience. Your chosen voice should align with that of the brand.

Brands like Julie’s Biscuits, for example, opt for a friendly, conversational style due to their playful nature.

  1. Design a Compelling Company Background

These days, visual appeal is paramount to communicating your narrative effectively.

Hence, incorporate imagery and videos – or even a graphic timeline of events – for an engaging read to captivate your audience! Your timeline can do a better job of conveying your company’s key events and milestones than mere words.

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