3 Hard Sell Copywriting Phrases to Effectively Sell Your Products

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Common phrases more accurately describe hard sell copywriting advertising than instantly recognisable advertising illustrations. 

Via a call-to-action that exudes a sense of urgency, this marketing tactic is utilised to compel people to make a purchase. 

This strategy is frequently criticised for being overused and having inadequate innovation in communicating.

What Is Hard Sell Copywriting?

A hard sell in marketing is an overt, direct attempt that demands a certain extent of response from the target.

Assertive and directness are two words that best describe hard sell copywriting. 

It is designed to allow businesses to complete transactions quickly rather than leaving consumers time to uncover alternatives and lose the opportunity to earn a sale.

The next move should be immediate and obvious: sign up for a promo code, share our account on socials for a free drink, or order this and get 50% off on your next purchase. 

The concept of hard selling is to motivate the market to do the requested action by outlining the benefit they will receive if they do so.

How Hard Sell Copywriting Go About

Hard sell copywriting frequently offers facts with extreme zeal while attempting to entice the consumer’s rationality into buying products they don’t need.

For instance, a hard sell in a retail industry setting can vary from emphasising the limited availability of a product, the fact that other people are waiting to buy it, the rare sales the store has for the product and the possibility that prices would rise if the customer waits for another time. 

Effective Hard Sell Copies Using These 3 Phrases!

It’s crucial to keep in mind that a hard sell strategy doesn’t just apply to negotiations.  

A hard sell copywriting can relate to emails, an offer, or bargaining just as much as it might be a commercial or brochure.  

Although hard selling is more conventional and does have an unfavourable stigma in some marketing industries, it is nevertheless a very effective tactic.

For them to be effective, hard sell copywriting must be straightforward and resilient. 

Work with these three phrases in your next piece of hard sell copywriting to experience for yourself the impact they have on conversion rates:

1. ‘Limited-Time Offer!’

This phrase works well in situations where you are selling affordable goods. 

A huge number of consumers tend to have a natural desire to save money. This is due to the fact that it’s easier to agree to buy anything one can afford. 

Plus, the cheap price tag makes it simple to demand a prompt transaction from your potential consumers.

Given that the offers are only valid for a limited time, most discounts run on the idea of urgency. 

People are likely going to miss out on the opportunity to save money if they don’t purchase the product immediately while the offer lasts. 

Discounts are effective for just this reason—the dread of missing out.

2. ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free!’

Well-known brands and companies from various industries across the globe have witnessed major success with this particular phrase. 

Needless to say that consumers love getting free products.  Even when compared to higher-quality products at a lower price, consumers typically overvalue the perks of “free.”

This sort of promotion, “Buy 1, Free 1”, hardly costs anything to the business. As a matter of fact, including those words in your copywriting brings back revenue to your business

Every business has top-selling items that constantly sell out, as well as things that are the exact opposite. 

This is your opportunity to boost your profit and bury your concerns about the unsold inventory going to waste. 

Simply make it a policy for your customers to purchase the desired product and get the other unsold product as a free item.

Of course, we don’t inform them that the free product is the one that never sells.

3. Cash or Percentage Off  

 ‘RM20 Off! or ‘50% Off!’

The most popular and often used type of discount is one that provides a straightforward reduction from the original price. 

These discounts could be granted to certain goods or particular product bundles.

Whether you point out the RM or % off depends on how valuable the difference is thought to be. Writing content on your virtual posters “Save 20%” is not nearly as intriguing as saying “Save RM20” of a minimum purchase.

It can be more appealing to save RM20 as opposed to taking 20% off a skincare product that costs RM100 because RM20 represents a far more notable discount.

Final Thoughts

Hard sell copywriting could be one of the most fruitful forms of marketing. Greater revenue, more requests, and a bigger rate of conversion are all possible when hard sell copywriting is done correctly. 

It is clear why a number of businesses have joined the hard sell bandwagon. Excellent copywriting is favourable to both your company and your customers.

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