Real Estate Landing Page: How to Create Landing Page that generate Leads

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In this internet-obsessed world, how can real estate marketers make their brand stand out against the rivalrous flood online?

A real estate landing page is a free-standing page dedicated to a single goal—convert traffic to leads.

It’s typically separate from the rest of your website, and potential clients access it by clicking on an advert or email link.

Similar to how agents need to understand individual clients to find them the ideal property, real estate marketing demands the right digital content for viable leads online.

That might sound like an arduous undertaking, especially since you don’t know who visits your site and browses your listings.

Nevertheless, the beauty of landing pages lies in creating targeted ones for a specific audience so that you display the right message to the right people at the right time!

When people happen upon your landing page, they should be heartened to share their contact information for valuable content, i.e. property searches, home valuation or market trends.

It’s an indication that they’re interested in what you’re offering.

But are your landing pages optimised to convert to their full potential?

In this article, we’ll be walking you through how to create them and the critical elements that increase conversion rates.

How to Create a Real Estate Landing Page

How to Create a Real Estate Landing Page

Attention spans are short-lived, and people probably only stay on your website for two minutes, max.

The window to convert visitors into leads is a small one, which is why you need to direct them to page uniquely designed for that purpose.

While each landing page should be specific to the campaign driving that traffic to it, there are several basic things effective real estate landing pages share:

#1 A single call-to-action

The most crucial component of any landing page is its call-to-action (CTA). You’ve piqued a user’s interest; now you need to tell them what to do next.

Firstly, think about what you hope to achieve with this particular campaign, as the crafted CTA should support your conversion goal. 

For instance, if you want to generate new leads within a particular property hunting budget, your CTA could ask users to answer questions regarding their down payment as well as contact information.

Whatever your goal is, align your single call-to-action with it. 

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#2 High-impact imagery

When people think of real estate, deadpan words never come to mind.

Instead, you’d envision a stunning home surrounded by luscious landscapes, and maybe even a private pool if you’re on the privileged side.

Although such extravagance isn’t always realistic, you’re still selling a vision. 

Give your audiences something to feast their eyes on by using appealing imagery to bring their dreams to life. Include professional pictures of houses, videos and virtual walkthroughs. 

Beautiful visuals are the key to designing high-converting landing pages.

Not only will quality images intrigue your visitors, but they will also incite emotion which might lead to action. 

#3 Be transparent

Sure, you may want to hype clients up about a property.

However, you need to be transparent in your offer. Marketers know how much trust matters, especially in real estate.

The industry is filled with consumers who have their guards up as high as the Berlin Wall, which is understandable considering the significance of this buying decision.

How can you establish that trust when they hit your landing page, you ask? For starters, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Withholding important details like cost and square footage is another easy way to lose trust.

Try using clear, consider language to describe listings so that you set the right expectations and earn trust from your leads.

Refrain from using industry-speak or fancy words, and ensure that your beautiful visuals are accurate as well.

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#4 Instil trust with social proof

Over the years, you’ve probably collected various testimonials and positive reviews.

Let your happy customers do the talking for you! Many real estate websites feature pages dedicated to customer testimonials, so why not insert some of them into your landing pages?

It’s a marvellous way to reinforce your reputation and build credibility in the long run.

Of course, those reviews must be genuine. Having awards and social proof on centre stage can be a powerful conversion tool, allowing visitors to learn about your expertise before connecting with your brokers.

Instil trust with social proof

#5 Personalise the experience

You can enhance user experience of your landing page by asking the right questions in the right order, addressing the needs of a prospect.

If someone is looking to rent but you’re speaking solely towards buyers, your landing page will not convert that user. Rather, they might leave and search elsewhere.

To personalise the experience and speak directly to an individual’s needs, you can generate a survey where the following questions are based on previous answers.

For example, the first question asked may be “How would you like to find your next home (Rent or Buy)?”

Then lead with other specifications such as budget, location and so forth.

After a searcher has taken the time to go through your questions, they’re likely to take the final step and fill out a contact form.

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The Takeaway

Great landing pages are remarkable tools to drive interest in advance, letting you nurture leads before the development even rises.

If it’s a pre-construction project and you don’t have beautiful photos to flaunt, you can still utilise other types of visuals to hint at what’s to come.

Over to you!

The Takeaway

Walk Production is a creative agency that can help you create the best designs for your landing pages.

We also offer unmatched expertise on landing page copywriting and SEO content marketing.

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