7 Strategies for Writing a Great Headline for Your Writing

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Why Only A Certain Headline Work?

Any business or company these days can easily check the box for good content with high-quality SEO strategies, but not all of them manage to get readers to dig into their content due to boring headlines. 

If you’re thinking, “Well, a crummy headline couldn’t be that bad, right?”. The answer is that it could!

Dull and poorly worded headlines plummet your website ranking, resulting in low website traffic. Therefore, headlines are what signal the potential consumers of your content quality. 

While it is true that headlines aren’t always the centrepiece, they are unquestionably your first chance to entice readers to read your writings, whether it is an article, email, advertisement, sales copy, blog entry, or newsletter.

Hence, writing a great headline is the only way to go!

A headline is just a headline if it is not compelling, evocative or catchy enough to drive clicks. In other words, headlines must be captivating and click-worthy. Stick around to get a picture of what a great headline looks like.

7 Strategies for Writing a Great Headline

Writing a great headline may be the best idea for your business as it increases the rate of readability and engagement with consumers. Here are five guidelines that can help you better construct a headline for your publication.

1. Use of Numbers

As quickly as our eyes are drawn to colourful things, they are also naturally drawn to numbers among words.

Digits, numbers, or lists help break up the string of words and offer a precise idea of what readers can expect. For instance, a great headline could look like these:

  • 7 Tips To Reverse Climate Change
  • Secrets To A Successful Job Application

2. Include A Hook Sentence

In writing a nearly irresistible headline, you should give readers a sneak peek of the thrilling bits of your content. This component is better known as a hook and functions as an attention grabber. 

The secret is to reveal just enough information to pique the reader’s curiosity and make your website link clickable. Coming up with a great headline also means you are not afraid to use interesting words to hook your readers’ attention.

3. Keep It Straightforward And Simple

Beating around the bush isn’t always the best option, especially when crafting a headline. Most readers are very likely to click on websites that do not contain guesswork in their titles. 

As it stands, readers often dismiss indirect headlines to avoid spending unnecessary time on content they cannot benefit from. Summarise your content in 60 characters while also utilising clear keywords. Be direct with your title to pull more attention from the targeted readers.

4. Conduct Keyword Research

Keywords are words or phrases web users type into search engines to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings. 

Additionally, you need a keyword-rich headline to reach more people and drive high organic traffic through your website link.

Do some keyword research depending on the subject of your post if you haven’t previously. Ideally, the keyword or phrase should be at the beginning of your headline.

5. Proofread and fact-check

It is challenging to find each typo or grammar error manually. Use proofreading tools like WriterAccess or Grammarly to free yourself of the tedious task.  

Doing so lets you write more deliberately and concentrate on integrating those crucial SEO components when writing a great headline.

6. Use A Headline Formula (For Starters)

Moreover, you’ll be able to create better headlines more rapidly by adhering to a tried-and-true technique. Lenka Istvanova created a technique to assist other writers in writing great headlines based on her research of headlines.  

The formula is as follows: 

Number + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale (why something has to be done) + Promise 

For example, 15 Easy Ways of Writing A Powerful Headline That Leads To Conversion. The formula can, of course, be simplified depending on the individual’s content writing.

7.  Write Powerful Question Headlines

Intriguing headline questions usually raise the reader’s curiosity when you include their problems. However, a pro tip for writing a great headline that ends with a question mark is never to let the question be answered with a single word or phrase like ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Simply put, your headline serves as a gateway to a solution for the reader.


All in all, keep in mind that a catchy headline is only the beginning. Thus, ensure that the quality of content is on par with the expectations obtained by the headline. 

Your credibility will increase, and your audience’s attention will be held as long as you provide worthwhile, well-written material.


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